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Don't take my waffles.

I will keep this brief to avoid boring you, and also because whenever this site reloads, which has happened several times now, I have to type this story all over again.

Back in high school, I HAD to leave for school really early in order to avoid being late. I may seem obsessive to you, but believe me, you would be too if you were in my situation. I had physics as the first class of the day, and the professor was REALLY strict. How strict, you might ask? Very strict.

Because of this, I had to make my breakfasts the day before I would eat them so that I could arrive at school on time. One of the things I preferred to make was waffles.

In the first half of the semester, my best friend’s cousin, who we shall call Phil, moved in with me. At first, I thought he was a great guy. We shared a lot of interests, like gaming and sports.

Two months later, everything changed. I woke up one morning, smiling at the thought of waffles with maple syrup, and hummed a tune as I completed my morning routine (the part before breakfast). I twirled downstairs and opened the fridge and gracefully lifted the container of waffles off the refrigerator racks only to find it…empty. My heart sank as I realized I would not have time to make anything else.

I grabbed a few granola bars (which I fortunately had bought the day before) and thought about the disappearance of my waffles. Sure, this may seem tiny and unimportant, but I needed my waffles in the mornings. They were my breakfast, and gave me the energy I needed to start the day. Sure, I had other foods, but granola bars and crackers just weren’t enough.

Just then, Phil walked in. “Do you know what could have happened to my waffles?” I asked him, holding up the empty container.
“Oh, sorry,” he said, “I ate those because I ran out of cereal and had nothing else to eat.”

“Nothing else?” I said, raising my voice, “Nothing else? Did it occur to you that we had, let’s see, granola bars? And that the waffles were MY breakfast that I make EVERY DAY?

“Sorry.” He said. “At least they were delicious.” I finished my granola bars and stomped off, deciding to let it slide because this had never happened before.

Until it happened the next day. And the next. When I confronted Phil about this, as he obviously had bought cereal at the store, he apologized, saying that the waffles were just really delicious and he couldn’t resist them. This happened for weeks, and no matter how hard I tried, he wouldn’t stop. He would wake up earlier than I did if I was planning to do the same to him. Even if I hid my waffles, he would find them.

Then one day, I decided I had had enough. When I baked my waffles, I added…vinegar. And hot sauce. Lots of vinegar and hot sauce. I woke up to Phil’s angry shouts. He ran into my room, shouting, “What the did you put in those ing waffles?”

I tried not to smirk as I calmly replied, “Oh, just some stuff that I like.”

“Why the would you put that in there?” He screamed.

I couldn’t hide my smile as I said, “Because last time I checked, I was making these waffles for my breakfast, not yours, and I can put whatever I want in my breakfast. Let this be a lesson to you, Phil (This isn’t his real name, as you already know, so I didn’t call him Phil). My waffles, my rules. Don’t mess with me or my waffles ever. Again. Because you won’t like me when I don’t have my waffles, as you found out today.”

He never stole my waffles again.

Adulting tips from an adult who doesn’t adult good:

Keep two separate dirty clothes bins. One for clothes. One for towels. That way you won’t have to dig out towels from a mountain of clothes you can just wash a load when you are desperate.

Anything with “pet deodorizer” in the cleaning label can be poured down the sink to kill bad odors kill gnats.

Try to change your sheets twice a month. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t.

Start a decent first aid/OTC pharmacy when you have some money left over. Disinfectant, aspirin, allergy meds, Etc. You never know when A) you can’t afford a doc atm or B) you can’t get yourself to go to the doc or C) both or D) your idiot friend just decided to snowboard off your roof. This doesn’t have to be a priority.

At some point you’ll have to buy a thermometer. Don’t buy the cheapest one, it won’t last past the second cold of the year.

Get a clock that runs on batteries because lol you will lose power at some point.

On that note, if you have room, get some kind of ice chest/cooler because you will lose power at some point, and while your freezer will remain nice and cold for a day or so, your fridge will not so the ice chest will come in handy because you can always replace the ice but your milk will go sour.

Also on this note: buy a flash light and slowly and surely never throw away a candle. Ever. Ever. Ever. Unless it’s done and then you have my permission. The first time you have to take a shower without power in the dark you’ll thank me.

Also bic lighters are cheap and easy and jfc you have to light candles somehow.

Be on the look out for: cheap blankets, fans, and space heaters. Buy whenever possible. They will save your life.

Bananas go bad quick. Eat them. They are good for you.

If you have a car, keep the following things in it: a towel, a blanket, a change of socks, some cash, a flashlight, and some kind of food like a granola bar. If you have an old cell phone, keep it in there too. While old cell phones won’t have service providers, most (newer) cell phones still allow you to dial 911 despite not being connected to a service.

If you have the space (I have a garage that’s too small for my truck so I use that) and you have a in-home washer/dryer, hang clothes to dry. A) easier on clothes so clothes last longer B) less electricity = less money & less energy usage.

Dryer sheets + rugs = getting out pet hair

Dryer sheets + hair = gets rid of fly-a-ways. (Scented dryer sheets = makes ur hair smell good.)

Towel on a cookie baking sheet = ironing board (I’ve also heated up a skillet and used it as an iron in a frantic last minute freak out)

Keep extra toilet paper within arms reach of the toilet


it’s that time of year again: finals. as one of the poor souls who stays up to study and finish projects, i figured it’s time to give this topic its own post.

i’ve been pulling all nighters (to my chagrin) since grade 10 and have yet to learn my lesson, so below the cut are some tips on how i’m able to stay up~

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"sick day" ♡ ethan

requested: yes

anon: Hiii can I please have an Ethan imagine where he’s super clingy and dosent want to leave y/be side and Grayson makes fun of him for it please!

anon: please please please make an Ethan/Grayson doesn’t matter which boy, imagine where she has to go to work but he wants her to stay? thank you so much!

word count: 1110

You lay in bed with a small smile on your face as you trace Ethan’s jaw as he slept. You loved the boy laying next to you and you were not looking forward to what you had to do today.

You sigh and close your eyes for a moment, getting up carefully lifting Ethan’s arm to his side off of your hip so you could escape. You managed not to wake Ethan up, and It seemed you did a good job because he didn’t move from the position he was in, besides for his arm which you moved manually.

You tip toe to your closet and being to pick out your outfit for work, rubbing your eyes tiredly. You groan quietly and take off your shorts, turning around to grab the pants only for your hand to run into someones chest.

“Holy sh- Ethan you scared me!” You hold your hand to your heart and take a deep breath, “You’re so creepy. What are you doing awake?” You ask and he laughs, his voice still deep since he had just been sleeping.

“Uh,” he starts, “I don’t want you to leave.” He admits and you roll your eyes and sigh,

“Ethan, we already talked about this. I have to go to work, you tried to convince me last time and the answer is still the same.” You tell him and reach around him to grab the pants hanging on the hanger.

“Yeah, but you didn’t stay!” He whines, “One day won’t get you fired Y/N…” He begs and you were very close to giving in but you didn’t, and instead you shook your head.

“I’m sorry baby, but no.” You reply and he groans,

“Just call in sick, please?” He pleads and grabs you by the hips, pulling you closer to him so that he could wrap his arms around you and put his head in the crook of your neck.

“Ethan…” This time you whine, but you already knew you were going to call in sick. He was right, you wouldn’t get fired. Plus, you hadn’t missed a day yet, so there wasn’t a reason to worry. You did feel bad for calling in short notice, but you really wanted to stay with Ethan.

You start to walk out of the room and to the kitchen, where you left your phone last night.

“Is that a yes?” He asks from behind you and you sigh in response, grabbing your phone and dialing your boss’s number.

“Hello?” You hear your boss say through the phone, feeling Ethan hug you from behind and place small kisses on your neck, making you tilt your head to give him more access.

“Oh,” You cough a couple times which makes Ethan bite back a laugh, pulling away to watch you as you made the phone call, “Sir, I’m so sorry. I’m very sick and I just don’t want to get everyone else sick, I might be contagious.” You tell your boss and you hear silence on the other end.

“I see, What do you have?” He asks, sounding concerned which makes you feel bad because you weren’t actually sick.

“Stomach flu, I think.” You say the first thing that pops into your mind and look at Ethan only to see his face tomato red from holding in laughter, which make you roll your eyes.

“That’s fine I’m sure I can find someone to take over your shift. I hope you feel better soon, Y/N.” He answers and you sigh in relief,

“Thank you! Have a nice day,” You reply, trying not to sound too enthusiastic and more sleepy and sick.

“You too,” He says and you say goodbye, hanging up the phone and turning to your laughing boyfriend.

“Ethan it wasn’t that funny!” You laugh at his stupidity and he just continues to laugh hysterically,

“B-but I don’t think you cough when you have the stomach flu, Y/N!” He says through fits of laughter.

“Well, he seemed to believe it.” You shrug with a smile and go into the kitchen to eat something.

You grab an apple and jump up on the counter so that you’re sitting on it, and Ethan steps in between your legs.

You take a bite of your apple, “You don’t even have to try to look cute. You just wake up cute.” You say and he grins,

“You don’t have to try either princess,” He tells you making a small smile make its way onto your face as you lean in to kiss your sweet boyfriend, only to be interrupted by his twin brother.

“Gross. Not on the kitchen counter, guys. We make food on there, not babies.” He says in disgust and you roll your eyes while Ethan laughs.

“We weren’t making babies Grayson, we were going to kiss.” You tell him and he groans,

“Couple stuff, gross.” he repeats and Ethan punches his arm playfully,

“You’ll understand when you get a girl as beautiful as Y/N,” Ethan tells his brother and you blush while Grayson ‘aw’s,

“That was adorable. and cheesy.” He adds and reaches into the cabinet for food, grabbing a granola bar, “But seriously, if you’re going to make-out, at lease do it in your room.” You hear him whisper in Ethan ear and you shake your head,

“Grayson! I heard you!” You laugh and he runs away,

“You were supposed to!” He yells to you as he returns to his room.

“Idiot,” Ethan mumbles under his breath then looks back up at you, “Now where were we?” he asks and you giggle, leaning in and placing your lips on Ethan’s.

The perfect start for your “sick day.”

a/n – LOOK an actual sort of clever title. proud of myself. the ending was still trash tho. whatevs lol! grayson imagine tomorrow for those of you waiting for one btw (: ALSO i sorta combined the requests so like he was sorta being clingy & it was something cute ya know? idk you can request again if it wasn’t exactly what you wanted though ((:: love the requests, their creative & really cute lmao. there are so many in my inbox like I want to write them all at once!!!! sorry i’m rambling, hope you liked this xx

Prompt: In His Arms

> anonymous asked: could i request onho cuddling after their concert pretty please
> ship: onho
> words: 558
> note: no taemin’s were hurt in the making of this prompt. can’t say the same for key’s gucci though.

Jinki scrolled through his phone tiredly. His head was pounding angrily against his skull. It wasn’t often he had migraines after concerts. Generally, he was feeling great and went to all the after parties.

Today, everything in him ached and all he wanted was his bed.

“Hyung!” Minho shouted from across the room. He pushed his way through the sea of people until he reached the couch. “Come on, we’re going to a sushi restaurant!”

“I’m not,” Jinki said, “I’m going to the hotel.”

Minho’s smile faltered, “Why? Is everything okay?”

Jinki shook his head, “Migraine. All I want is to go to sleep.”

“Have you taken anything for it?” All of Minho’s excitement about the after party vanished and was replaced by his need to help. “I’ll go get you some Tylenol.”

Jinki didn’t even try to stop him. He rested his head back on the wall behind him and shut his eyes. There was so much shouting and popping bottles. He could hear Kibum screaming about his Gucci—whatever that meant. He had no idea how much time passed before he felt the couch dip beside him and Minho’s presence had returned.

“I got you something to eat, too,” Minho kept his voice low. Jinki took the pills with the bottle of water Minho had. The food he brought was a granola bar and Jinki’s stomach churned at the sight of it. “Okay… No food,” Minho threw the granola bar somewhere, probably at Taemin, and then said, “You need sleep.”


“We’ll have to wait until the others leave so we don’t raise suspicion. Fans are still outside the venue,” Minho reached up and rubbed his forehead gently. “I can try to find a quiet place for you to sit while we wait.”

“No,” Jinki’s eyes fell shut once more, “just keep…” he pointed to Minho’s fingers rubbing his head.

“Of course,” Minho applied some more pressure and Jinki let out a hiss, “What’s wrong?”

“Hurts,” Jinki gulped.

“Oh hyung,” Minho sighed and pulled him against his chest. Jinki could hear Minho’s heart beating softly against his ear. The sound was soothing amongst the clanging everywhere else. “Here, stand up for a second,” Minho instructed him. Jinki’s body rejected the idea but Jinki would do whatever Minho wanted him to do right now. Minho laid down on the couch and opened his arms, “Come here.”

“Minho… People are here,” Jinki said matter-of-factly just as people clinked champagne glasses together.

“They’re friends. They already know,” Minho reach out his hands and pulled Jinki down on top of him, “You’ve got a migraine and I want to help you feel better.” Whatever argument Jinki had was out the window when Minho linked his arms around his back. Jinki rested his head on Minho’s chest, listening to the soft thump of his heart and his breathing. Minho kissed his hair softly and said, “Try and sleep.”

In the minutes that passed, Jinki could hear a few people come over and ask what was wrong. Minho kept his answers short to not disturb him, and it made Jinki’s heart fill with love. He held onto Minho tight to wordlessly let him know how thankful he was. His head hurt. His stomach was flipping and flopping. And yet, he felt more comfortable than he had the whole tour.

In his arms.  

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Let’s get one thing straight: store bought granola bars are an insult to their homemade counterparts.

Homemade granola bars are soft, packed full of flavor and texture, and when they’re warm right after being taken out of the oven? Don’t even get me started.

I’ve been scrambling to clear out my pantry and granola bars are great for that, so here I am with a tray of deliciousness 😍

If you’re deciding between a candy bar and a fruit-and-nut bar, and health is top of mind, the best choice seems obvious.

But when it comes to companies actually labeling their products “healthy,” the Food and Drug Administration is showing it won’t pull any punches. In a letter dated March 17 that was released this week, the agency called out the snack food company Kind for violating labeling rules by putting the word “healthy” on the packaging for some of its bars.

Nut So Fast, Kind Bars: FDA Smacks Snacks On Health Claims

Photo credit: Ryan Kellman/NPR


Homemade Chewy Granola Bars (vegan)


  • 3 1/3 cups rolled oats
  • 2/3 cup oat flour (can pulse 2/3 cups of rolled oats in a blender)
  • ¾ – 1 cup sugar, depending on desired sweetness
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • ½ teaspoon cinnamon
  • 4 – 6 cups nuts/seeds/dried fruit/chocolate of choice
  • ¾ cup melted butter or vegetable oil
  • 2/3 cup peanut butter (almond butter is also good!)
  • ¾ cup liquid sweetener (such as agave or maple syrup)
  • 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract
  • 2 tablespoons of water


  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Line a 9 x 12 inch pan with parchment paper or foil, including the sides, and grease.
  • Combine all dry ingredients in a bowl. Mix all wet ingredients in a separate bowl, and then combine wet and dry ingredients thoroughly.
  • Press mixture into the pan with a rubber spatula, being sure to spread it to the edges. Press down on the mixture so you’re left with a smooth, even surface.
  • Bake for roughly 30 minutes. The edges should be golden brown.
  • Let pan cool on a drying rack until the bars reach room temperature. From here, you can either cut them, or put them in the fridge and cut cold (this will give you a cleaner cut).
  • Lift the foil/parchment from the pan and cut 18 bars (3 x 6) or 36 smaller bars (6 x 6).
  • Eat warm, at room temperature, or even cold!

I always make mine with dried cranberries/cherries and chocolate chips/chunks + whatever nuts/seeds I’m in the mood for!