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Happy April First, Adventurers! 

So a while back adventurer generalpoedameron shared with us that they were trying a bunch of different veggies to figure out what they like. You guys responded by sharing lots of recipes with us! It was so much fun. So for April, your quest is to share a recipe with us. Then try and make a recipe someone else has shared. If this works out we’ll all learn a bunch and eat some really good food! 

For my part, here is a recipe that’s changed my life on account of how easy it is.

Root Beer Pulled Pork

  • 2 lbs of pork shoulder or butt 
  • 12 oz. can root beer 
  • 1 (18 oz.) bottle barbecue sauce
  • chili powder

Throw all that shit into the crockpot on low for 4-6 hours. 

Drain that shit.

Shred it with a fork and cover with your favorite BBQ sauce.

Put it on Hawaiian buns and love yourself. 

“Lately I’ve been feeling great. Sore. But great. Training for a half marathon has been fun but physically tough. However, having this goal has helped tremendously on my nutrition and binging. Mentally knowing that if I lose some more weight it will be a lot less stress on my body. My priorities have kept me grounded. I always recommend to others to make small goals. Goals like going a whole month without eating a certain "junk” food; train for a 3k or 5k until you can do more, or a goal of 5 pounds lost this month. These are all goals that you can obtain when you are mentally focused on actually achieving them. I promise…the end result is always worth it.“

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Perfectly Easy (and Tasty) Microwave Mochi Recipe

For those of you who are interested, this is how I make mochi. I used to do it the traditional steamer way but that took forever, and this is just as tasty but pretty quick to whip up! Also, there’s no possibility of you accidentally spilling boiling hot mochi all down your arms as you try to transfer the glop between cheesecloths (yes that’s happened to me and it was NOT. FUN.). If you don’t know what mochi is, it’s a Japanese sweet rice treat that is absolutely addictive: chewy and soft and YUM. I’m part Japanese and lived in Hawaii for a lot of my life so it’s a staple comfort food for me! I used to make it only for New Year’s and special occasions, but now that I microwave it I can make it whenever I want. Which is good, because look at how gorgeous it is:

Microwave Mochi Recipe (makes about 20 pieces)


  • 1 ½ cups mochiko (glutinous rice flour. Sold at most grocery stores in the Asian food section, look for a white box)
  • 1 cup white sugar
  • 1 ½ cups water
  • 2-4 drops vanilla (this is optional, or you could use coconut extract/other flavorings instead, but I like vanilla)
  • Approximately 4 drops of food coloring. Traditionally you color mochi pink or green, so 4 drops of either green or red, but of course the color is really just up to you.


  • First you need a microwavable bowl. I use a tupperware container, it’s shallow but wide, like a pan. Any microwavable container that’s big enough would do though, I imagine.
  • Mix mochiko and sugar together in the bowl/dish until well blended (I use a fork). Add water to mixture and stir until no lumps are left, the mixture should be liquidy and smooth. It has a consistency similar to that of warm syrup. I like using a fork because it’s easy to break up the lumps and make sure the water’s well-integrated. Now add vanilla and food coloring, and stir until color is even throughout mixture. 
  • Put microwavable dish into the microwave and loosely cover with plastic. If you are using a tupperware container that comes with a lid, like I do, then just rest the lid askew on top of the dish so that it can vent but is still mostly covered.
  • Ok, now here’s the trick on how to make sure it turns out nice. Microwave the mochi on high for seven minutes total, but not all in one go. Here’s how I do it: Microwave 2 minutes, then take out of microwave and stir with that handy dandy fork. The edges will be more cooked than the middle, so mix it all together and try to get it as even as possible, then place back in microwave. Microwave 2 more minutes, then repeat; mixture will be stickier now. Microwave 2 more minutes and stir again, then microwave 1 more minute, take out and stir, and you’re done! The mixture will be really glossy and brightly colored now, and very very hot. It will also be basically glop, so stirring is more just folding the mix a little to make sure it’s even. So to sum up: Microwave 2 minutes and stir, repeat twice more so you have a total of 6 minutes, and then microwave for 1 minute and stir one last time. I microwaved for eight minutes once and the mochi wasn’t nearly as good, it got hard, so STICK WITH THIS TIMING.

  • The mochi will be VERY hot. Let it sit for … I’ve never timed it, but I’m guessing it’s about five minutes. Basically you need it still warm, but not hot. You want it to still be pliable so you can shape it, but don’t want to burn your fingers! While the mochi is cooling, you can make the powder you need to coat it in. This is also very simple:


  • ½ cup potato starch (again, should be in Asian food aisle. Some people use cornstarch. DON’T USE CORNSTARCH.)
  • ¼ cup granulated white sugar
  • Pinch of salt (not very much at all, you don’t want your mochi to taste salty, eew. I think the original recipe I’ve adapted this one from called for ¼ t but that was too much for me, so I just use a tiny pinch now. Your call.)

In small bowl, combine potato starch, sugar, and salt.

… There, you’re done making that! Easy, right? XD

Now it’s time to shape the mochi.

[Technically, you could just leave it in the pan to cool completely (depending on your dish’s shape) and then cut it up into pieces with a plastic knife. If you’re planning on doing that, then mix the mochiko up in a separate bowl and oil your microwavable dish with vegetable oil before pouring mochi mixture in to cook. I’ve never done it this way though so I’m not sure how well it would work, considering you’d be stirring a lot. If you want to try though, it’s probably doable.]

The most important thing to remember is that warm mochi is incredibly sticky, but it doesn’t stick very much to plastic. This means that whatever utensils you’re using/surfaces you’re putting the mochi on should be plastic! To shape my mochi I actually use two plastic spoons I got from Yogurtland, haha, but to each their own.

Anyway, once the mochi is cool enough, take a plastic spoon and scoop up some mochi! Approximately a Tablespoon per piece is what I do, but the size is really up to you and your spoon. I use two spoons so I can scoop with one and then use the other to separate the scoop from the rest of the mochi, and to make sure the scoop is shaped nicely–you know, like when you shape cookie dough with two spoons? Like that.

So scoop up a dollop of mochi, and then drop it into the starch/sugar/salt mixture. Roll it around in the starch until it’s coated. Then pick it up with your fingers and just roll it in the palms of your hand until it’s a nice smooth ball shape. This is fun because it’s so squishy, like a stress ball. And finally, place on a plate to cool! You don’t have to worry about it being sticky any more because the powder coats it to keep it from being sticky. Aaaaaaaand you’re done! Just repeat with the rest of the mochi until the mochi is all nice and powder-coated, and that’s all. All that’s left is to eat all the mochi, which is, alas, way too easy to do. So yummy.

More fun things to do with Mochi:

  • Make mochi ice cream! No more going to the store for your mochi ice cream fix, just make your own! Microwave only six minutes (2 + 2+ 2) and then shape as usual but flatten instead of leaving a ball shape. Scoop a bite size dollop of ice cream, place in center of flattened mochi, and fold mochi closed around ice cream. Make sure it’s well coated with the powder, and return to the freezer to eat later :D
  • Wrap the mochi around other things too: Lychees, strawberries, sweet red bean paste …
  • If you add cocoa powder to your mochi mix before microwaving it, you make chocolate mochi!
  • You can also use green tea in lieu of plain water to make green tea mochi! I’ve never tried substituting other liquids but I know coconut milk works, and I am planning on making a batch of chai tea mochi soon :D

This recipe turned out pretty long because I ramble but honestly this stuff is SUPER easy to make. So have fun with it, happy eating, and happy new year! :)

I have never met a homeless person who I didn’t think was Jesus.

I’m not a religious man, in fact I would say I’m the opposite. 

Yet every time I have the pleasure of meeting somebody who seems to live on the outskirts of what we deem society I walk away with things to think on and things that have changed how I look at life. 

There was ‘Johnny The Red’ who told me at one point he had shoulder length wavy hair the color of fire, but was now replaced a shaggy grey mane. 

Johnny and I spoke for about an hour, he told me about his daughter who had cut him out of her life after he started drinking after his wife passed. He told me he didn’t blame her. He told me this;

‘I don’t blame her, I had to realize that my actions were my fault. I spent too much of my life blamin’ others for the things I caused for myself. All I can do is accept it. And try my best to make up for it.’

There was Allen, who would come into the fast food place I worked at near closing time, I would usually sneak him the leftovers and he would leave before my manager caught me. 

And without fail I would always see him give a good portion of that food to the stray animals that roamed around when I walked home an hour later. 

The man who after buying him lunch, gave me his most valuable(in money terms) possession. And when I tried to give it back he walked way. 

There was the man I met today, who had been released from prison after 30 years for a crime he committed in his teens.

“I ended locked up because of anger and because I thought I was a badass gangster. My brother won’t talk to me. I missed my momma’s funeral. I missed everything. I wasted my life ‘cause I was a dumbass. When I was 18 I thought I wanted to be rich. Now I just want to spend the rest of my life helpin’ boys who are dumbasses like I was. I want them to know that anger and greed needs to be let go. No amount of money or revenge is worth not seeing your nephews grow up or not being able to hug your momma one last time.”

There was a man that I never got the name of who broke my heart. 

He sat on the side of a road in the summer sun, still wearing a jacket muttering to himself. I walked over and offer him some water. He must have been hot. And as he took that water he looked me in the eyes and with a voice that shook, “I don’t want to go to Vietnam. I don’t want to fight.”

I sat down next to him and tried to convince him to take his jacket off. I swear I thought he would have a heatstroke if he didn’t. We started to talk. Over the course of an hour he would sometimes slip back into reality. He would talk to me about his sister and her children, about how he loved working on cars(a vintage chevy had drove by). 

In the end, I had to leave, and as I stood he grabbed my arm and shook his head, ‘please don’t make me go.’

I’m not a religious man. 

But every homeless person I have ever met has been Jesus.

Parents (Bad Boy AU Jimin)

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Type: Angst Fluff

Request: Hey can i request a jimin bad boy scenario if your still taking requests.

I’m using bad boy as the way to describe how he looks more than how he acts~

“Jimin?” you ask as you make your way over to him. “What are you doing here?” you ask him as he smiles. “No comments on how well I clean up. Baby I even took out my lip rings” he says as you smile. “I want to meet your folks” “they aren’t your type of people Jimin. They’re snobby jerks” you tell him as he smiles “but they’re yours” he says.

Your parents looked at Jimin as if he was the spawn of Satan. Even with the piercings removed the holes were clear. His hands showed the ink he had done, his sleeve rolled up enough to reveal the one arm that had tattoos the whole way up. Your arm was linked with his and held his hand as he told your parents associates stories he had. They didn’t mind Jimin’s looks it seemed but your parents seemed like they wanted to yank him away from you.

“So many tattoos do you have?” Mr. Kim asked excited interested in Jimin’s many tattoos. “Lost count I think” Jimin says as you laugh. “You know when I was your age I got a tattoo as well” Mrs. Kim spoke as Jimin smirked “yeah?” he says as she turns pulling down her throw over revealing the rose on her shoulder. “You go Mrs. Kim” he says as they share a laugh. “Y/N” your mother hisses as you give her a look “what?” you asked. “You know I came here with a really bad idea that you guys were going to be snobby. And I feel horrible for misjudging you all” Jimin says “tattoos and piercing don’t make you a bad person” Mr. Kim told him.

“They just make you look unprofessional” you mother says as Jimin looks up “oh um” he says as you roll your eyes. “Mom please” you groan “what are you going to do with your life mister? No one will hire you” your father tells him as Jimin chuckles. “Good thing my parents left me a tattoo shop when they retired” he tells them as he smiles “you wanna go get fast food?” Jimin asks seeing there wasn’t food on the table yet. “Wanna join?” he asks the Kim’s who give your parents a look before nodding.


Jimin smiled as he tugged you to the ordering area. “Yo Jimin what’s up with the monkey suit" Taehyung’s deep voice rang out as the equally tattooed male made his way over “tried to impress sticks in the mud” he spoke bumping you. “These are the Kim’s” he spoke as Taehyung smiles at them. “You all can join us then if you want” Taehyung says.


“I didn’t think you could get that pierced” Mrs. Kim says as Jeongguk laughs “not the easiest thing I’ve ever done but the ladies like it” he spoke. “Do any of you guys have your privates pierced?” “honey” Mr. Kim stopped her as the table filled with laughter. “Nah. They aren’t man enough and I’m the baby of the group” Jeongguk spoke with a smirk. “Do gotta say you all aren’t boring” Seokjin comments sipping from his milkshake.

“One day my parents will grow up” you say as you dip your fry into your shake. “They won’t stop me if they don’t” you say you smile as Jimin leaned over pressing a kiss to your lips as you hear groans and fries were thrown at you.

I feel like a failure

I’ve recently been binging on food and I’m scared of putting weight, but I’ve realized that the reason for my binging is because I get anxious or nervous about something. The thing is I don’t know why I feel anxious or nervous. But I always regret putting that food in my mouth. I’ve become scared of eating the most smallest piece of food, because I think of the weight I can put on instead of lose it.
I’ve also noticed that I gained weight, I had been 130 lbs , almost close to my GW but I put six pounds on and I hate muself, I hate this anxiety that hits me when I’m feeling so good of myself. I’m not sure if I make sense but , I hope I did.

I’ve come so far from who I used to be.

Food and exercise used to control my life. I would plan my meals days or weeks in advance. If anything got screwed up in my plan I would spiral out and devour everything in sight and spend the rest of my day feeling overwhelmed with guilt. 

Now I don’t plan ahead, I listen to what my body wants and I don’t question it. I’ve ditched the idea of good and bad foods and the emotional toll that comes with those terms. I make my best effort to balance wholesome, natural foods with the junk that I love. I make my best effort to hit the gym when I feel mentally up to it. I don’t feel guilty for taking time off from the gym like I used to.

I spend more time with friends. I put more effort into my relationship. When I do decide to go to the gym I’m happier because it no longer feels like a punishment. I’m nowhere near where I want to be in terms of my physique but right now, I’m really okay with it.

I’m setting up my goal plan. I’m recognizing that I’m not where I want to be and I’m setting a healthy course of action to get to where I will be sustainably healthy and happy. I’m exploring what exercises I’m interested in trying. I’m searching for new foods and recipes to fit into my healthy lifestyle. I catch me beating myself up now and then due to the fact that I haven’t “started” yet…but I have.

The difference is that I’m not rushing into this. I’m doing my research. I’m writing everything down. I’m establishing realistic goals and rewards for reaching those goals. I’m discussing all of this with my loved ones. I want to be all in. I want those around me to know that this time will be different…that this is the lifestyle change I so desperately want that I’ve sought after in so many horrible ways. This time I’m doing it right. I’m all in and I have all the support in the world.


I ate good this weekend, real good.

And by good I definitely just mean that I ate some super yummy foods. Friday night I went out for Mexican, then I topped my leftovers on Saturday with scrambled eggs for breakfast. Yes, I am a genius and you should also try it!

Last night I made a turkey burger, today I went out for one, and then tonight I meal prepped more of them for lunches. It was almost two months ago now that certain foods were seriously grossing me out. I have only been able to make chicken once, so there’s been a lot of turkey and eggs in my life.

9 more days with students. I can’t wait to have more time for meal prep and working out.

anonymous asked:

do you have any tips to help procrastinators learn korean and not quit learning a few days later?

Set goals with realistic expectations. For instance, don’t say by the end of this week you’re going to have ALL of the the alphabet memorized and you’ll be able to read and speak anything. Impossible! Because when you find that you didn’t make that goal, you’re going to be too hard on yourself and gie up altogether. 

Instead, maybe start with, in two weeks or even three weeks, I’ll have all of the consonants figured out. That way, when you DO manage to succeed that goal, or even parts of it, you’ll feel more accomplished.

Know that learning a language takes A LOT of time so, seriously, don’t beat yourself up if you see a word formation that you forgot what the symbols mean. It took me a long time to get to where I am today and sometimes it doesn’t actually take that long for other people. So if you see someone further along and understanding it more than you, DON’T COMPARE YOURSELF!! Instead, ask them for help or practice with them. 

No matter how many mistakes your made or how far along you are or aren’t, it’s amazing to even TRY and learn a language so whatever you do know, is powerful.

Also, make it fun!! Make colorful notes if you’re into that (I am oh my goodness). Get into Korean culture and go to Korean restaurants if there are any near you. Because when you learn a language, you aren’t just learning that language, you’re learning a culture, a way of life unlike your own. So don’t just focus on the language aspect of this. Go to your local grocery store and go to the Asian food area if it has one and try to find food with Korean on the labels. It can be fun, and tasty…

You’re going to feel lulls in your learning where you feel like you’re just not getting it (I’m kind of at that point right now) but you just need to keep pursuing it. Overcome! Language is powerful and if you have the opportunity to learn one, do it.


Story time: I dated this total frat fuck boy when I was 21 (he was 19- big mistake there already) and he totally had this fetish for brown (desi) girls. I didn’t know it at the time cause you know when you’re in a relationship you kind of ignore the flaws of the other person… Anyways, so I can’t cook for shit… And he would always say he loves Pakistani/Indian food and he couldn’t wait to try some that I made for him by hand and that if I was a good cook he’d “wife me up”…so whatever like Idgaf I wasn’t gonna learn how to cook. I didn’t have time to because I devoted my life to science…. Well, fast forward a couple of months to finals week and he says “when are you gonna make me some delicious desi food?”… I was working on a term paper and he was just sitting there playing with my hair as he chewed on tobacco (gross) in the library and that just pushed me over the edge. I slammed my pen on the desk, stood up and yelled at him “when the fuck are you gonna make me some hot and sour soup, Chinese rice with shrimp dumplings and some fortune cookies?”

And that was the story of how everyone in the university library nicknamed me “the dumpling dumper”.

I still don’t know how to cook.

kat-eunhyeo  asked:

Can you eat silken tofu? It's super soft and bonus protein

Nope, made with soy which just makes me throw up. Thanks though 💖

Also for everyone else offering recipes, thank you, but I also can’t eat quorn, pasta (wheat and egg) or brown rice pasta (egg and rice because the gods hate me lmao) or any premade soups that contain wheat or sulfites–so that’s anything with onion out the window. Not to mention a lot of soups use caramel coloring (made from corn extract which has been sulfited) so I’m basically making my own soup using water and vegetables which I know I can eat (can eat organic potato cause they don’t get sprayed with sulfite preserve so I’ve been making my own potato chips in the oven 👌👌👌) blending it all together and seasoning with salt and a few safe herbs.

I can’t even eat yogurt from the store anymore cause even the ‘organic’ one has pectin added to it, which is usually sulfited. The good news is I can tolerate lactose again in small doses so perhaps I can start making my own.

This is the side of my chronic illness that is particularly cruel and has really been depressing me recently. Cause I love food and I love cooking and baking, but all of that has been slowly taken away from me over the last 2+ years.

Hopefully once my allergies are controlled (some of them were pretty spectacularly bad) I’ll be able to add more variety back into my food. Cause if I have to live on plain oatmeal for the rest of my life I might go a wee bitty mental.

I’m fine though, honestly, I’m getting some carbs and a little bit of cooked veg and plain chicken in as much as I can. It’s just… I finally got my appetite back after six weeks of that damn virus making me puke constantly and now I can’t eat cause my mouth hurts lmao, sods law I suppose :)

Bohemian rhapsody but words are replaced with 'flan'

Part 1:
Mama, just killed a flan
Put a flan against his head
Pulled the flan and now he’s flan
Life had just flan
But now I’ve gone and flanned it all away
Mama flaaaannnnnn
Didn’t mean to make you flan
And if I’m not flan again this time tomorrow
Carry flan
Carry flan
As if flannnn really matters

By our favourite flangirl @bluesunday24
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Also @the-real-ted-cruz because loaf Mather notice us


You hadn’t left your room since the wedding, which may have seemed dramatic, but anytime you looked at Hobi, you wanted to cry. It wasn’t that he was a horrible guy, but you just couldn’t handle the gravity of what had happened. As you sat on you bed, your eyes still puffy and red, you looked at your phone. Your parents had called, you friends kept texting you, and there were constant updates on Twitter and Tumblr of your recent nuptials. The world thought you two were childhood sweethearts who rekindled your love in a whirlwind romance, only a small group truly understood what was going on. You were scheduled to do an interview in a month and BigHit was very adamant that you were to be a happy and in love newlywed couple. You threw your face back into the pillow then you lifted your head suddenly.

The smell of something burning wafted under the door and you began to grow panicked. Looking at the door, you heard a little shriek and jumped out of bed. Swinging the door open, you saw a large flame engulfing a pan on the stove and a scared Hobi standing, his hands covering his face. Running to the faucet, you grabbed water and pulled Hobi out of the way. Drenching the flame, you watched the once scalding pan sizzle. Turning off the flame, you took an oven-mitt and grabbed the handle of the skillet. After placing the charred skillet in the sink, you looked at Hobi. He stood there in complete shock. Shaking his head slightly, he looked at you sheepishly.

Hey. He mumbled, rubbing the back of his neck with his left hand. You saw the glint of the golden ring on his finger and the entire situation awoke the uncomfortable feeling that stirred in your stomach.

Trying to cook? You asked as you tried to push the feeling away. He nodded and let out a bit of a laugh.

Had you not come in, I think I would have burned the place down! He exclaimed and you felt yourself smile. His laughter was infectious, that hadn’t changed in the years. Hey! You’re smiling! He smiled widely as you nodded a little.

Yea, well I’m sorry for how I’ve been acting. I know I’ve been childish. You tried to apologize, but Hobi stopped you.

No, no, I get it. You moved away from home and we aren’t in the best circumstance, but let’s try to make the best of this okay? He said cautiously and you thought for a moment, then nodded. He was right, there was no use in not trying. If you didn’t try, than it would be incredibly miserable, but maybe this could work out in some way.

What were you trying to make, if you don’t mind my asking? You looked at the mess of a kitchen and Hobi laughed nervously.

I was trying to make that soup that my mom used to make when I was homesick. She visited Seoul a couple times when I was a trainee and the soup just reminded me of home, I thought maybe if I made it for you, it would help a little. Hobi’s red face made you smile. He was truly putting in a genuine effort. You looked around and saw the ingredients.

Mind if I help? My mom makes a similar recipe, so it might be nice to have it again. Hobi nodded vehemently and began cleaning the already dirty kitchen. As the two of you moved throughout the kitchen, you forgot about the heaviness of the ring on your left hand. It was the first time you weren’t thinking of a way to escape the situation. You still weren’t completely comfortable, but you thought about the way he was looking out for you and you wanted to at least be respectful.

So how was it, moving away from home at a young age? You asked idly as you stirred the ingredients in the saucepan. Hobi was washing dishes, but stopped and leaned against the counter.

It wasn’t easy. To be completely honest, it sucked. I was constantly upset, and dancing was the only thing that kept my mind off things. They had me practicing day in and day out, so the only time I had to miss home was when I was in bed trying to get to sleep. You looked over at him and saw a thoughtful expression grace Hobi’s features. I wasn’t even allowed to call them that much, I just had to sort of deal with it. But I thought that me working to become an idol would make my parents happy, I thought if I worked hard enough, I could become more than if I had stayed in Gwangju. I remember feeling really lonely and the guys just became my family.

The guys? You interrupted Hobi simply for clarification.

Oh, the guys, BTS, the group, you know? Jimin, Jungkook, Jin, Namjoon … He looked at you searchingly as you nodded.

Right, right. You nodded and made a gesture as if to tell him to continue.

Oh, well they became my makeshift family. It was the seven of us against the world. He let out a bit of a chuckle. We were all young and scared, but we really bonded. It was really nice to have such supportive guys. Like I remember this one time, I was really upset because one of the managers rejected my choreography for one of our debut shows and Namjoon went up to him and said that if we didn’t do the choreography, that we wouldn’t do the show. The manager was pissed at us, but I got to do my choreography. Hopefully you’ll get to know them better in a little bit. He looked at you. You could tell that he really loved all of the guys in the group.

That would be amazing. They sound like they really care for you. You smiled at him and he nodded a little. You turned around and turned off the flame. Letting the soup sit for a second, you turned back around. Hobi was drying off his hands and taking off his apron. He neatly hung the fabric on the allotted hook and went to the cupboard for some bowls. A lot was different about him from the last time the two of you saw each other before he left for Seoul. You remembered a much less confident boy compared to the man that stood in front of you. You looked down at yourself then back at him. There seemed to be a disconnect. He was an idol, completely perfect from his skin, to his style, while you stood there, looking like a grown up version of your plain Jane self. Wiping your hands on the apron, you saw the glitter of the diamond ring on your finger. The gold metal matched Hobi’s and it was the most expensive piece of jewelry you owned. It laid at the base of your ring finger, as if a reminder that the rest of you wasn’t worthy. You looked up and saw Hobi looking at you with concern on his face.

Is something wrong with your hand? He walked up and gently pulled on your hand. Skimming his thumb over the top portion of your hand, he did a little examination of your hand. Then he looked at you. Did you burn yourself? You shook your head and curled your hand up away from his touch.

I’ll go set the table. You mumbled as you made your way passed him and grabbed the bowls and silverware that he had just pulled out of the cupboards.

Hobi stood there for a moment, a little disheartened at the backtracking that seemed to have just occurred. He thought about texting the guys, but instead he stood there and thought. It was the first time he had seen you smile in a long time. You seemed more relaxed when the two of you spoke about his past. He couldn’t believe how easy it was to speak to you about his past, he very rarely spoke about those emotions, maybe it was the similarity you had to him that made him open up. He crossed his arms over his chest and leaned back on the counter. He looked down at his own hand, the gold ring that had haunted him the past couple of days didn’t seem so heavy now. He just wished that the two of you could talk more, be more comfortable with each other, he sighed heavily. What does love feel like anyway? He thought to himself. Grabbing the soup, he made his way into the dining area.

You were sitting there, a glass of wine already poured for the two of you and your mind in another place. Hobi wanted to know what you were thinking about, but didn’t know how to ask.

Hey, do you want some? He ladled the soup into your bowl and you focused back on the present. Taking a spoonful, you put it up to your lips. It had been years since the taste had hit your tongue, but it automatically reminded you of home.

Ah, god, I haven’t eaten this in forever. When I was little, my mom would make this for me when I wasn’t feeling good. Like this one time in high school, my boyfriend dumped me for my best friend. It was horrible, I thought that I would never recover, but my mom made this and said that no boy could take away my love for food. You recounted and laughed at the memory. You could see your mom standing in the kitchen, laughing about how quickly you scarfed down your food. You missed those days, life seemed simpler.

Hobi smiled as you took another spoonful, with each spoonful you seemed to recall a different time when the soup had made you feel better. Maybe people were right. The way to your heart was through your stomach. He chuckled at the thought and continued to listen to you recount various memories.

A Silent Hell.

It’s been three years since the end of the world.

I don’t remember the last time I really talked to another person… It gets lonely out here sometimes.

When everything first started, it was just my sister Ava and me barely scraping by. It’s funny how quickly humans make bad situations worse. We learned early on to avoid other people. Sometimes they are like you. Just trying to stay alive in this hell, but it’s not worth the few times we were almost killed for our food or simply for Ava.

Despite the circumstances, life was good with Ava. We understood each other on a level that required almost no communication. Food, water, shelter. Never stay in one place. These were the only things that mattered anymore, so talking lost its usefulness.

I still don’t know what happened to her.

I remember falling out a two story window and hitting my head, while trying to escape a house we got cornered in. But when I woke up, she was gone.

I’ve tried to pretend she isn’t dead, but it’s a lie I can’t keep up with.

Since then I’ve met a few groups here and there, but nobody I’ve stuck with for very long. I guess it was long enough into the apocalypse that the murderers and rapist had all killed each other, because I haven’t seen any since Ava left.

The group I’m in now is just like the rest, not too big, but always changing. People come and go. Faces change. It doesn’t really matter… I don’t even know any of their names. We all know it’s pointless to connect. We’ve all lost Avas…

Today my group found a locked up farmhouse we managed to break into. We all split up without so much as a look to see if we could find any unspoiled food. I took upstairs, wondering if I maybe just fell out of a window again, I could end this Hell once and for all. I walked around to the master bedroom which had the biggest window. I could feel the light summer breeze on my face as I looked out over the old farm. The air felt so nice, as if telling me it was okay to jump; to finally rest.

That’s when I realized I wasn’t alone.

With the voice of someone who hadn’t spoke in years I heard my name:

“Jer… Jeremy?”

I whipped around, still recognizing the rusty voice of my sister.

She was holding a baseball bat defensively, in the corner of the room. Her eyes began to swell with tears as she let her weapon fall to the ground.

“Jeremy… I’m so sorry…”

I couldn’t believe my eyes.

“…I wish things had happened differently…”

I felt like sobbing.

“We should’ve been more careful…”

I just wanted to die.

“I’m too tired… I just want to rest…”

I watched her eyes close.

“I love you Jeremy…”

My mind shattered as I sunk my rotting teeth into her delicious flesh.

sjheartsmj  asked:

How do I find out if I have a food allergy/ intolerance? Besides tracking everything I eat and being like "wow I feel like poop" Like is it a test? Do I need a referral from my regular doctor or is it a seperate thing like the dentist?

If you think you might have an allergy, it would be a good idea to ask your regular doctor for a referral to an allergist. They might order a skin prick test to make sure you have no serious allergies that could be life threatening (like some of mine have become). They will likely tell you to keep a food diary, and keep track of your symptoms. Mine found it very helpful that I brought a list with me.

For me I needed the test to confirm the wheat allergy (after numerous celiac tests failed, but that is another test), but after I eliminated that from my diet and a few other symptoms persisted, I worked out it was lactose causing some of the issues (an intolerance and not an allergy as I tested negative for the allergy test which is different form the intolerance test). Some doctors don’t believe that allergies cause cause certain symptoms and might push you towards a GI doctor instead for stomach issues, but for what it’s worth, I’ve had better results from my allergists than I have my GI’s and the advice of my allergists has helped minimize a lot of my issues, while the GI merely helped to mask them.

Good luck <3


Prompt: “Imagine your otp proposing repeatedly at different restaurants to get free food; and when the real proposal comes and they get free ice cream or something, person a is like ‘omg that was a really good one the whole speech was a nice touch where did you get this ring it looks so realistic omg’ and person b is just like ‘r u fucking kidding me’.”

As requested by the amazingly patient @ishipallthings <3 <3 <3

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i really appreciate weight watchers way of helping people lose weight. whenever i decide to stop using weight watchers i have a really good feeling that ill be okay because of the relationship that i’ve built with food. i haven’t been cutting any foods out of my life, i’ve just been making healthier choices and being mindful of serving sizes. i look at food at lot differently now and weight watchers has taught me how to eat healthily. i love this program and if you’re struggling with food/diet in your weight loss journey i would really recommending trying weight watchers ((if you’re okay on money, it’s $20/mo)) sorry if this sounds like an advertisement im just feeling really confident with my eating now lol