food good food makes my life

I’m intolerant to gluten and casein, and it makes my life suck sometimes (especially when I pretend I can eat those things, but especially when I don’t eat them and feel really sad about it). But I just bought a dairy-free gluten-free ice cream (sorry, frozen dessert): SO Delicious Cashew Milk Snickerdoodle, which is cinnamon-y cashew milk ice cream with chunks of gluten free snickerdoodle, and it’s the best thing I’ve ever had

and I just thought the internet needed to know about it. 

things i love

My little dog that is so clumsy and fat i love him, i also love good food, rammstein, midnight cardrives, all my friends and people who make me feel not that lonely, azuki from nekopara, nice people, money, saturdays because i can sleep as long as i want, nice butts and tiddies, every fucking animal i have ever seen, ps. babyfrogs are my life, memes, rainy nights, cheesecake

> gonna continue

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Hey. Would you recommend going on a 21 day cleanse without sugar if someone has a sugar addiction?

Hey! So I am 100% against cleanses because they promote unhealthy weight loss and bad lifestyle habits! In my opinion, you would be better off striving for some balance/flexibility in your everyday life! I completely know where you’re coming from–I absolutely love sugar (froyo, ice cream, and cookies are my weak spots), so I just make sure to incorporate those foods in moderation into my everyday diet! That way I don’t feel restricted and I can satisfy my sweet tooth without going overboard (even though I definitely occasionally do :) So maybe start there. Start each day with the intention of getting in good, whole, unprocessed foods, and then treat yourself to something you’re craving after dinner or lunch or whenever your sweet tooth hits! Hope this helps! xx

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When you get this, respond with five things that make you happy. Then send this to the last ten people in your notifications anonymously. :)

Let’s see five things that makes me happy
1. Food: food is love. Food is life. Taco Bell and Wendy’s could make this bih cry. Oh yea and Italian food. Italian food is good shid despite the fact it’s not authentic but yea you get what I mean
2. Mt dew: I have snapchats dedicated to this drink. I really love mt dew and my irl tumblr friends would tell you that
3. Progression: it’s a wonderful feeling seeing that myself or someone else is getting better at their work. It shows that everything paid off
4. Positivity: we live in a world filled with such pessimistic views because of what happens in society that we take for granted the positive mierda. Despite the negative things that happen, you have to always be optimistic because your whole life will be set differently.
5. Breaking boundaries: anon you don’t understand how proud I am to see POC and women breaking boundaries/winning incessantly at the Olympics. I love it because even though they may have one strike or two strikes against them because they are a female and/or of color, they won’t let the negativity bring them down. Those people are setting examples for our younger generation and that is amazing. It’s like with Obama, yeah you may not agree that he’s the best president but hey he was the first black president and as a African American 10 year old, when I saw that, it was truly inspiring because that never happened. It was basically ingrained in my head or for any POC that someone of color would never be our nation’s leader. Breaking boundaries is what’s needed in this world today so we can break the stereotypes and barriers.

I get carried away but oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Thanks anon!

I’m too lazy to send this to people and it’s not gonna be the people from my notifications so yah
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32, 51, 62? Btw I love your blog :)

Thanks!!! 😙

32: What is your favourite color? Fuchsia

51: Favourite food? Anything Mexican. I loooooove Mexican food.

62: What makes you happy? My family. My pupper. Flowerkru. My friends. Flowers. Hugs/cuddles. Going on crazy adventures with my real life otp. Photography. Playing with my nephews. The little cutie pie who stole my heart from day one; my niece Marayah. Good food!! Fifth Harmony. Google Hangouts with my girls @margretthatcher @soullesschildofthenight @keepcalmandclexaon. Going go the movies randomly especially the drive in. Taking mini adventures in my city. Traveling. My business family and anything that has to do with the business really. Sleeping in late! Going to this beautiful place I call “the quiet place” which is a little pond a good 5 minutes away from campus. Warm drinks on a winter day. “Chocolate Abuelita” warms my soul and my body. Rain. I love the rain and thunder stoms. Tacos. Tacos make me very happy. Mexican candy. I loooooove Mexican candy so much. Like it’s a real problem. 😂 This is all I could think of right now but a lot of things make me happy as you can see. 😊

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When did u decide to be vegan? Are there any pros and cons?

august of last year (subjectively- whenever i was in a social setting, i would eat whatever around my friends) so really i became vegan officially and decided to cut all the bullshitting in november.

things ive noticed about going vegan that i love is that i always have soooo much energy. i eat very natural food based (little/no “junk food”) because it makes me feel good yknow? holy shit you never feel bad about what you eat and its a good feeling knowing u aint killing animals and my hair grows so fast and my nails NEVER break omg its the life

cons- i poop a lot. and my farts smell so bad

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What is your most favorite game in the world and food?

Hmmm, thats a good question!

I think my favorite game is pokemon, just because it has so many games and influenced not only my life but a whoooooole lot of people’s lives too. It’s just awesome!! My favorite food is chocolate cuz of the many ways you can make it and all of them are delicious!!