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Perfectly Easy (and Tasty) Microwave Mochi Recipe

For those of you who are interested, this is how I make mochi. I used to do it the traditional steamer way but that took forever, and this is just as tasty but pretty quick to whip up! Also, there’s no possibility of you accidentally spilling boiling hot mochi all down your arms as you try to transfer the glop between cheesecloths (yes that’s happened to me and it was NOT. FUN.). If you don’t know what mochi is, it’s a Japanese sweet rice treat that is absolutely addictive: chewy and soft and YUM. I’m part Japanese and lived in Hawaii for a lot of my life so it’s a staple comfort food for me! I used to make it only for New Year’s and special occasions, but now that I microwave it I can make it whenever I want. Which is good, because look at how gorgeous it is:

Microwave Mochi Recipe (makes about 20 pieces)


  • 1 ½ cups mochiko (glutinous rice flour. Sold at most grocery stores in the Asian food section, look for a white box)
  • 1 cup white sugar
  • 1 ½ cups water
  • 2-4 drops vanilla (this is optional, or you could use coconut extract/other flavorings instead, but I like vanilla)
  • Approximately 4 drops of food coloring. Traditionally you color mochi pink or green, so 4 drops of either green or red, but of course the color is really just up to you.


  • First you need a microwavable bowl. I use a tupperware container, it’s shallow but wide, like a pan. Any microwavable container that’s big enough would do though, I imagine.
  • Mix mochiko and sugar together in the bowl/dish until well blended (I use a fork). Add water to mixture and stir until no lumps are left, the mixture should be liquidy and smooth. It has a consistency similar to that of warm syrup. I like using a fork because it’s easy to break up the lumps and make sure the water’s well-integrated. Now add vanilla and food coloring, and stir until color is even throughout mixture. 
  • Put microwavable dish into the microwave and loosely cover with plastic. If you are using a tupperware container that comes with a lid, like I do, then just rest the lid askew on top of the dish so that it can vent but is still mostly covered.
  • Ok, now here’s the trick on how to make sure it turns out nice. Microwave the mochi on high for seven minutes total, but not all in one go. Here’s how I do it: Microwave 2 minutes, then take out of microwave and stir with that handy dandy fork. The edges will be more cooked than the middle, so mix it all together and try to get it as even as possible, then place back in microwave. Microwave 2 more minutes, then repeat; mixture will be stickier now. Microwave 2 more minutes and stir again, then microwave 1 more minute, take out and stir, and you’re done! The mixture will be really glossy and brightly colored now, and very very hot. It will also be basically glop, so stirring is more just folding the mix a little to make sure it’s even. So to sum up: Microwave 2 minutes and stir, repeat twice more so you have a total of 6 minutes, and then microwave for 1 minute and stir one last time. I microwaved for eight minutes once and the mochi wasn’t nearly as good, it got hard, so STICK WITH THIS TIMING.

  • The mochi will be VERY hot. Let it sit for … I’ve never timed it, but I’m guessing it’s about five minutes. Basically you need it still warm, but not hot. You want it to still be pliable so you can shape it, but don’t want to burn your fingers! While the mochi is cooling, you can make the powder you need to coat it in. This is also very simple:


  • ½ cup potato starch (again, should be in Asian food aisle. Some people use cornstarch. DON’T USE CORNSTARCH.)
  • ¼ cup granulated white sugar
  • Pinch of salt (not very much at all, you don’t want your mochi to taste salty, eew. I think the original recipe I’ve adapted this one from called for ¼ t but that was too much for me, so I just use a tiny pinch now. Your call.)

In small bowl, combine potato starch, sugar, and salt.

… There, you’re done making that! Easy, right? XD

Now it’s time to shape the mochi.

[Technically, you could just leave it in the pan to cool completely (depending on your dish’s shape) and then cut it up into pieces with a plastic knife. If you’re planning on doing that, then mix the mochiko up in a separate bowl and oil your microwavable dish with vegetable oil before pouring mochi mixture in to cook. I’ve never done it this way though so I’m not sure how well it would work, considering you’d be stirring a lot. If you want to try though, it’s probably doable.]

The most important thing to remember is that warm mochi is incredibly sticky, but it doesn’t stick very much to plastic. This means that whatever utensils you’re using/surfaces you’re putting the mochi on should be plastic! To shape my mochi I actually use two plastic spoons I got from Yogurtland, haha, but to each their own.

Anyway, once the mochi is cool enough, take a plastic spoon and scoop up some mochi! Approximately a Tablespoon per piece is what I do, but the size is really up to you and your spoon. I use two spoons so I can scoop with one and then use the other to separate the scoop from the rest of the mochi, and to make sure the scoop is shaped nicely–you know, like when you shape cookie dough with two spoons? Like that.

So scoop up a dollop of mochi, and then drop it into the starch/sugar/salt mixture. Roll it around in the starch until it’s coated. Then pick it up with your fingers and just roll it in the palms of your hand until it’s a nice smooth ball shape. This is fun because it’s so squishy, like a stress ball. And finally, place on a plate to cool! You don’t have to worry about it being sticky any more because the powder coats it to keep it from being sticky. Aaaaaaaand you’re done! Just repeat with the rest of the mochi until the mochi is all nice and powder-coated, and that’s all. All that’s left is to eat all the mochi, which is, alas, way too easy to do. So yummy.

More fun things to do with Mochi:

  • Make mochi ice cream! No more going to the store for your mochi ice cream fix, just make your own! Microwave only six minutes (2 + 2+ 2) and then shape as usual but flatten instead of leaving a ball shape. Scoop a bite size dollop of ice cream, place in center of flattened mochi, and fold mochi closed around ice cream. Make sure it’s well coated with the powder, and return to the freezer to eat later :D
  • Wrap the mochi around other things too: Lychees, strawberries, sweet red bean paste …
  • If you add cocoa powder to your mochi mix before microwaving it, you make chocolate mochi!
  • You can also use green tea in lieu of plain water to make green tea mochi! I’ve never tried substituting other liquids but I know coconut milk works, and I am planning on making a batch of chai tea mochi soon :D

This recipe turned out pretty long because I ramble but honestly this stuff is SUPER easy to make. So have fun with it, happy eating, and happy new year! :)

anonymous asked:

How can caring about animal abuse/welfare/compassion "not be you anymore" man that's fucked up. How do you go 10 years vegan and then suddenly not give a shit anymore? The reasons you went vegan are still very much thriving, if not worse due to mass demand. "Privilege" is a cop out excuse. Lost a lot of respect for you. Animals suffer daily and you're contributing to and paying for that. How is your conscience okay with that?

1. i never said that compassion wasn’t for me anymore. you made that up in some weird attempt to convince yourself that my harmless decision was rooted in some kind of evil. why? because you’re a terrible, boring person who takes such little interest in your own life that you have to look at mine through a magnifying glass.

2. my diet is basically the same as it was. no meat, no cheese, no milk. i’m still making myself the same meals i would make for years. the only major difference is that i’ll maybe eat eggs for breakfast a couple times a week now. that’s what you’re getting so emotional about? good job.

3. privilege isn’t a cop out excuse, it’s an important thing that i consider through almost every aspect of my life. in a world full of food deserts, or where 36 million people a year die of hunger, you really don’t ever think about how fucking lucky you are to even have a selective diet? every ten seconds someone dies because they didn’t have access to food. suddenly, the idea of turning down a vegetarian dinner someone made for me just because they added a little butter to the potatoes felt unimportant and insignificant. it was like i was throwing punches in the wrong fight.

4. i love how you didn’t bring up the eating disorder that i struggled with for years of my life, because i definitely mentioned that multiple times. was that a cop out excuse too? you’re trash.

5. you’re a shitty vegan and you as an individual are having no impact. have you discovered that yet? that veganism isn’t a game with a scoring system that you’re trying to win at? it’s about us, as humans, as a whole. nobody has to be perfect. if everyone (who had the privilege of choosing) just collectively ate LESS meat it would have such an immensely positive impact on the planet. i still remind my meat eating friends of this all the time. you know, in an informative and helpful way so that they will actually consider it. but no, you carry on anonymously shaming dairy free vegetarians online for not having as high of a score as you. good use of your time and resources, homie. you’re really waking up the masses.

you know those insufferable vegans that everyone hates? the ones that turn other people off to veganism in the first place? you’re one of them. i don’t care at all that you lost respect for me. you’re obnoxious. the idea of you not wanting to talk to/associate with me sounds like a dream.

mars headcnaonns

ok shows over thanks 4 playin

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Happy April First, Adventurers! 

So a while back adventurer generalpoedameron shared with us that they were trying a bunch of different veggies to figure out what they like. You guys responded by sharing lots of recipes with us! It was so much fun. So for April, your quest is to share a recipe with us. Then try and make a recipe someone else has shared. If this works out we’ll all learn a bunch and eat some really good food! 

For my part, here is a recipe that’s changed my life on account of how easy it is.

Root Beer Pulled Pork

  • 2 lbs of pork shoulder or butt 
  • 12 oz. can root beer 
  • 1 (18 oz.) bottle barbecue sauce
  • chili powder

Throw all that shit into the crockpot on low for 4-6 hours. 

Drain that shit.

Shred it with a fork and cover with your favorite BBQ sauce.

Put it on Hawaiian buns and love yourself. 

“Lately I’ve been feeling great. Sore. But great. Training for a half marathon has been fun but physically tough. However, having this goal has helped tremendously on my nutrition and binging. Mentally knowing that if I lose some more weight it will be a lot less stress on my body. My priorities have kept me grounded. I always recommend to others to make small goals. Goals like going a whole month without eating a certain "junk” food; train for a 3k or 5k until you can do more, or a goal of 5 pounds lost this month. These are all goals that you can obtain when you are mentally focused on actually achieving them. I promise…the end result is always worth it.“

IG : bri_getsfit

3x03: Bon’s Midnight Screechings


[typos will abound]

  • That dame Blanche reference in the previously-on gave me legitimate chills. GIMME THAT WITCHY GOODNESS
  • I AM INORDINATELY EXCITED ABOUT THE SMOKY TITLE CARD!!!!!!!! Look at this good canon-nod doggo!!!!

Boston, 1956

  • Frank’s Full English breakfast. Statistically proven to be 99% less filling/fulfilling than Jamie’s Ginger Snaptacular variety 
  • The attire for all Randall breakfasting is : Tennis Whites 
  • …not gonna lie, Frank looks hella cute, as far as Frank goes 
  • In all seriousness, I LOVE Frank’s genuine laughs. Very warm and lovely
  • Awwww, Claire asking frank out on a date. That’s so sweet. 
  • “…I’ve seen them both” 
  • “we agreed we were free to”  To WHAT NOW>>>>>>>??????

Originally posted by ektorbiel

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connor x chubby!reader part 2

requests: Your Connor x Chubby!Reader are the best thing in the whole world and I need MORE of them in my life omg

I need more of your Connor xChubby!Reader hcs because I LOVED the last ones


•he always tells you to do what makes you happy, whether it be eating your favorite food or wearing a cute top

•if you guys are out shopping and you can’t find your size he WILL ask an employee and he WILL tell them to check the backroom

•”i wanna speak with the manager”

•everyday he asks you if you’ve eaten

•and if not he’ll take you out somewhere


•if you guys are just lounging around he’ll lay his head on your thighs

•and you love it bc you get to play with his hair

•and he loves it bc ur so comfy

•if you Ever talk down on yourself he’ll respond to you with something like

•”talk about my girlfriend’s body like that again. i dare you.”

•“this house is a respect only zone i’m afraid”

•or he’ll respond really saltily/angrily

•bc he’s like “how can they not see what i see??”

•i feel like since connor has been denied affection or p much denies affection from everyone he’ll try to get as much as he can from you

•he really likes to just hold you in his arms

•he LIVES off ur warmth

•it took a while for him to really get close to you

•he’s always had this barrier between him and everyone

•so it’s Wild that you we’re able to break that

•whenever his parents found out that you were seeing each other / dating they invited you over for dinner

•the murphys are obsessed with image bc they’re so rich that They Can Be

•during dinner, cynthia made this passive comment and connor went OFF

•she said something like, “personally, i like to vegetables, fruits, everyday” and in That tone like the tone you’d think it be in

•connor was like “are you trying to suggest something?”

•he got the fuck up and grabbed your hand and dragged u tF OUT of that house

•you’d probably have to calm him down before he went and comforted you

•”connor it’s okay i’m used to it now i’m okay”

•”it’s not fucking okay!”

•he already hates his parents enough and they just came after the most important person in his life

•he’s really protective over you in the sense that he will say/do anything to defend you

•since he knows how it feels to be singled out and criticized

•connor’s really proud to be your boyfriend

•he loves his thiccy partner

Parents (Bad Boy AU Jimin)

Originally posted by jiyoongis

Type: Angst Fluff

Request: Hey can i request a jimin bad boy scenario if your still taking requests.

I’m using bad boy as the way to describe how he looks more than how he acts~

“Jimin?” you ask as you make your way over to him. “What are you doing here?” you ask him as he smiles. “No comments on how well I clean up. Baby I even took out my lip rings” he says as you smile. “I want to meet your folks” “they aren’t your type of people Jimin. They’re snobby jerks” you tell him as he smiles “but they’re yours” he says.

Your parents looked at Jimin as if he was the spawn of Satan. Even with the piercings removed the holes were clear. His hands showed the ink he had done, his sleeve rolled up enough to reveal the one arm that had tattoos the whole way up. Your arm was linked with his and held his hand as he told your parents associates stories he had. They didn’t mind Jimin’s looks it seemed but your parents seemed like they wanted to yank him away from you.

“So many tattoos do you have?” Mr. Kim asked excited interested in Jimin’s many tattoos. “Lost count I think” Jimin says as you laugh. “You know when I was your age I got a tattoo as well” Mrs. Kim spoke as Jimin smirked “yeah?” he says as she turns pulling down her throw over revealing the rose on her shoulder. “You go Mrs. Kim” he says as they share a laugh. “Y/N” your mother hisses as you give her a look “what?” you asked. “You know I came here with a really bad idea that you guys were going to be snobby. And I feel horrible for misjudging you all” Jimin says “tattoos and piercing don’t make you a bad person” Mr. Kim told him.

“They just make you look unprofessional” you mother says as Jimin looks up “oh um” he says as you roll your eyes. “Mom please” you groan “what are you going to do with your life mister? No one will hire you” your father tells him as Jimin chuckles. “Good thing my parents left me a tattoo shop when they retired” he tells them as he smiles “you wanna go get fast food?” Jimin asks seeing there wasn’t food on the table yet. “Wanna join?” he asks the Kim’s who give your parents a look before nodding.


Jimin smiled as he tugged you to the ordering area. “Yo Jimin what’s up with the monkey suit" Taehyung’s deep voice rang out as the equally tattooed male made his way over “tried to impress sticks in the mud” he spoke bumping you. “These are the Kim’s” he spoke as Taehyung smiles at them. “You all can join us then if you want” Taehyung says.


“I didn’t think you could get that pierced” Mrs. Kim says as Jeongguk laughs “not the easiest thing I’ve ever done but the ladies like it” he spoke. “Do any of you guys have your privates pierced?” “honey” Mr. Kim stopped her as the table filled with laughter. “Nah. They aren’t man enough and I’m the baby of the group” Jeongguk spoke with a smirk. “Do gotta say you all aren’t boring” Seokjin comments sipping from his milkshake.

“One day my parents will grow up” you say as you dip your fry into your shake. “They won’t stop me if they don’t” you say you smile as Jimin leaned over pressing a kiss to your lips as you hear groans and fries were thrown at you.

I have never met a homeless person who I didn’t think was Jesus.

I’m not a religious man, in fact I would say I’m the opposite. 

Yet every time I have the pleasure of meeting somebody who seems to live on the outskirts of what we deem society I walk away with things to think on and things that have changed how I look at life. 

There was ‘Johnny The Red’ who told me at one point he had shoulder length wavy hair the color of fire, but was now replaced a shaggy grey mane. 

Johnny and I spoke for about an hour, he told me about his daughter who had cut him out of her life after he started drinking after his wife passed. He told me he didn’t blame her. He told me this;

‘I don’t blame her, I had to realize that my actions were my fault. I spent too much of my life blamin’ others for the things I caused for myself. All I can do is accept it. And try my best to make up for it.’

There was Allen, who would come into the fast food place I worked at near closing time, I would usually sneak him the leftovers and he would leave before my manager caught me. 

And without fail I would always see him give a good portion of that food to the stray animals that roamed around when I walked home an hour later. 

The man who after buying him lunch, gave me his most valuable(in money terms) possession. And when I tried to give it back he walked way. 

There was the man I met today, who had been released from prison after 30 years for a crime he committed in his teens.

“I ended locked up because of anger and because I thought I was a badass gangster. My brother won’t talk to me. I missed my momma’s funeral. I missed everything. I wasted my life ‘cause I was a dumbass. When I was 18 I thought I wanted to be rich. Now I just want to spend the rest of my life helpin’ boys who are dumbasses like I was. I want them to know that anger and greed needs to be let go. No amount of money or revenge is worth not seeing your nephews grow up or not being able to hug your momma one last time.”

There was a man that I never got the name of who broke my heart. 

He sat on the side of a road in the summer sun, still wearing a jacket muttering to himself. I walked over and offer him some water. He must have been hot. And as he took that water he looked me in the eyes and with a voice that shook, “I don’t want to go to Vietnam. I don’t want to fight.”

I sat down next to him and tried to convince him to take his jacket off. I swear I thought he would have a heatstroke if he didn’t. We started to talk. Over the course of an hour he would sometimes slip back into reality. He would talk to me about his sister and her children, about how he loved working on cars(a vintage chevy had drove by). 

In the end, I had to leave, and as I stood he grabbed my arm and shook his head, ‘please don’t make me go.’

I’m not a religious man. 

But every homeless person I have ever met has been Jesus.

Guys if you have ingredients but no food and you don’t know what to make, go to !! You just enter the stuff in your fridge and pantry and it generates recipes based off what you have! It’s super useful for people like me who like to make food but don’t own any cookbooks. The recipes are usually pretty easy and taste good. This website is a godsend

Wilder - Part 1

Genrefluff/angst, dancecaptain!hoseok, highschool!au


Length: 11.7k

SummaryIf you asked anyone who Jung Hoseok was, they always said the same thing: bad boy, popular, heartthrob. Happiest person you’d ever meet. One winter later, Hoseok changed. He was a darkened echo of his former self, keeping out of the limelight and pushing away his closest friends with no explanations. Your best friend Eunjae, intrigued as to what had happened to her crush, forced you to find out the truth. Unwillingly, you stepped into the complex life of Hoseok, and you began learning and discovering what it really meant to be wild and free.

01 02 03 04 [End]

The whispers were everywhere, each rumour more incredulous than the next. Jung Hoseok got in trouble with the police, was one you heard. JungHoseok cheated on his girlfriend. Jung Hoseok is a criminal.

By the end of the day, you’d heard enough about Jung Hoseok, and all you wanted to do was go home and put on a movie. You’d heard of him before then, of course you’d heard of him. The real question was, who hadn’t? He was a notorious bad boy, the leader of mischief, but could talk his way out of trouble with his witty humour and a few cheeky smiles thrown in.

You couldn’t care less. You’d never spoken to the guy, nor had any interest in what he got up to outside of school. Your best friend, Eunjae, told you it was because you were too uptight.

“You never break the rules,” she complained once, stuffing her running shoes in her locker, along with a yellow detention slip that joined the plethora of others underneath her stack of books. “Turn up a minute before the bell, never forget your kit, homework done the day after it’s set.” She closed the locker with her eyebrows furrowed, turning her dark eyes on you disapprovingly. “Honestly, do you ever live a little?”

“Nope,” you replied happily, swinging your rucksack over your shoulders. “Detentions are horrible. Tell me, what was it this time?”

“None of your business,” she said, clicking her tongue. “But I heard Hoseok got in trouble today, so fingers crossed he’ll be joining me.”

If you didn’t have Eunjae, the most you’d know about Hoseok was his name. So when the rumours started spreading a few days after the beginning of term, you were convinced Eunjae would have all the facts, not even batting an eyelid at all the false information. From what you’d gathered over the course of the day, something had happened over the holidays, and Hoseok had been acting strangely ever since. Normally no one would’ve cared, except he’d begun wearing the school uniform for the first time ever, and he’d told his friends to leave him alone and had spent the whole day traipsing the corridors, his head hanging low. You could understand why the rumours began spreading, though; Hoseok and his friends were an unbreakable force, and you rarely saw them apart. But on that day, you caught glimpse of his best friend, Jeon Jungkook, staring unhappily at Hoseok as he sat on a bench by himself a few yards away, and even Kim Seokjin looked slightly lost when Hoseok walked by him without an ounce of recognition.

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merelivia  asked:

Hi I’m in college and thinking about getting a betta. I was wondering what youd recommend me getting or give me like a list of what all I need. I plan on using tank about 2.5 gallons.

hey there @merelivia​ :D sorry it took me so long to reply <3 hopefully i’ve covered all the bases tho!

this post is a great starting point! :) there are probably a few things missing from the supplies list i included in that post (i really gotta update that post), so here’s a more accurate one!

- 2.5+ gallon tank (the bigger the better tho! a 5.5 gallon is a good minimum to start with imo…and it’s easier to keep a stable cycle with!)  you can buy an all-in-one tank like the fluval spec or the top fin glass tank, a starter kit (usually 5 gallon kits don’t come with heaters, but some 10 gallon kits do), or buy all of the items separately.
- filter (after having HOBs, built-in filters, and sponge filters…sponge filters are my fave .-. but built-in filters like the fluval spec’s and top fin glass tank’s are 2nd fave). if you get a hob, you may need a baffle! if you get a tank with a built-in filter, you may need to buy a sponge to slip over the out-spout.
– How sponge filters work + how to set them up
– Pros + cons of sponge filters

-heater (76-82F) i have three of these heaters and they’re great! the cords are really short tho, thats the big downside :T this post has a ton of other heater suggestions!
-thermometer glass ones are my personal fave, and way more accurate than the sticker kind. i think theyre 1-2$ at walmart!
- 1+ hide (caves, terra cotta pots, an ornament, just a place where they can hide out or chill in)
- decor (lots of decor ideas listed below!)
- silk/live plants (plastic isn’t the best idea since plastic plants can tear a betta’s delicate fins)
– craft mesh “betta beds”
– dollar store flowers (remove wire, soak to make sure they don’t bleed)
- pvc, terra cotta pot, mug, glass, jar hides (your cabinet, goodwill, dollar store)
– dollar store betta tanks
– diy decor
– craiglist, facebook marketplace, offerup, letgo, etc. BE HUNTIN!
– petco’s plants are bogo rn (i thought they were buy one get one free, but my receipt tells me they’re buy one get one 50% off…either way its a win~)
– petco and petsmart usually have plants and supplies for sale on their website but not in the store. if you show the cashier the online price, they’ll match it at the checkout so make sure to do some online window shopping before you go!
– hobby lobby and micahaels have a ton of their floral stuffs on sale right now as well!
- quality food i like new life spectrum thera +a pellets (long name, i know, but i know u can buy them at petco!) or omega one pellets or the betta buffet flakes. frozen foods like blood worms and shrimp are also good additions to a betta’s diet :)
- test kit this kit is my favorite! the value is faaaantastic and the tests give more specific readings than the strips :p
lid bettas can be jumpers so lids are recommended. if your tank doesn’t come with a lid or is an odd shape and you can’t buy one, then craft mesh may be good option! it’s really cheap at walmart or craft stores and you can cut it with regular scissors. it’s basically plastic mesh…you can weigh it down or create a frame for it since it’s pretty light ^-^
- light if you don’t buy a kit that comes with a hood+light combo, or any light at all…you’ll probably need one! leds are a good choice :) i just bought 2 of these nicrew lights and they work amazingly! definitely bright enough for at least medium light plants and super white~ you can also buy clip-on LED with a gooseneck like this one (tho i’d be sure to check the measurements on lights as cheap as these!) or even a light from home depot~ for a tank that small, you could also use a desk lamp. with a desk lamp you could probably grow low-light plants like anacharis and anubias. when i had a little planted vase on my desk, i just went to goodwill and got one for $3 ^-^”
- water change bucket it’ll make water changes so much easier. one of the best $3 investments i’ve ever made. you can get 5.5 gallon buckets at walmart and home depot :p
- aquarium siphon (also called a gravel vac) helps remove water during a water change and can suck up gunk from the substrate
- water conditioner i love seachem prime!

If you’ve never had fish before, these posts might also be helpful!

General Fishkeeping + Equipment:
Fishkeeping 101
“Seeding” a tank
Why do we do water changes? How much water do I change?
Invest in a waterchange bucket
Aquarium siphoning + vaccuuming
Baffling a filter 
Everything I’ve learned about filters and filter media

Decor + DIY:
DIY Aquarium Decor
An ask that lists some easy aquarium plants
How to superglue plants to stuff
Tidbits for Planted Tanks

Care Guides:
A betta care guide: All about bettas!
I bought a betta, now what do i do!? (fish-in cycling included!)

Other handy dandy posts (written by other awesome tumblrs):
Fishless Cycling Masterpost
There are a few different ways to cycle a tank and this post is insanely informative!
How to do the thing (cycling)
Cycle your tank!
Handy Articles Master Post
Getting the most out of aquarium plants
Plants melt and that’s okay
Big list of aquarium plants
List of low-light aquarium plants
Planted Tanks for Beginners and So Can You
Comprehensive Planted Tank Guide
Dollar Store Fish Tank
“Cleaner Fish” Why They Don’t Exist & Your Aquarium Doesn’t Need One By Ren Brooks

//if anyone has any info to add, please do!

The signs when hungry
  • Taurus: Uuuuuuugh geez *continuous complaining*
  • Gemini: Healthy or unhealthy?
  • Cancer: Nothing in my life is good. I hate this. Why am I here?
  • Leo: Piss off please. I can't deal with you at this moment in time.
  • Virgo: *Catchy rhythm* Woo!Food! Who want's to get some food with me! I just don't have any money! So please, share your food with me!
  • Libra: If I sleep long enough maybe the hunger will go away.
  • Scorpio: Excuse me? Hungry? I ain't ever hungry. I've always got food. My b*tches supply me with food.
  • Sagittarius: This is why we can't have good things.
  • Capricorn: *Goes into a state of daydreaming to make the brain believe that hunger isn't necessary until food is in the vicinity*
  • Aquarius: *Leeches off people for food*
  • Pisces: What is this emotional controversy inside my body? Happy, angry... is this... hangry- GASP!
Experiment: 707 x NEKO! Reader

*A/N: This is gonna start in Your POV. This is how most of the story will stay. But their will be the occasional times where 707 is gonna take over the POV. This will be posted chapter by chapter~ Enjoy the prologue.!* (sorry if prologue is bad, because I suck at prologues. It’ll get better, I promise.)

Warning: Swearing will be involved.

The moment I first opened my eyes, the world was against me.

It’s crazy to think about..even crazier to say, believe me.

I was an experiment. What was supposed to be a way to help humans without organ donors, turned into a disaster.

I would’ve been a normal person, just like you! However, I had cat cells placed inside of me when I was only a tiny egg in my mother. 9 months later, out came a hybrid. I definitely don’t look “normal.” I have pointy, furry ears on top of my head, and a long, fluffy tail. Because of this, people are a bit..weary of me. So, it’s best I don’t make much interaction with people. This way, no one is frightened, and I don’t get injured.


“GET OUTTA HERE, YOU FREAK OF NATURE! SCRAM!” A man yelled, throwing a greasy, brown bag of cold, stale food at me. My eyes widened, as I scrambled up from where I was sitting.

“Sorry, sir! It won’t happen again!” I frantically said, taking the bag of food and sprinting away.

My whole life has been this fight for survival. Staying behind restaurants like his at night, can provide you with some good food, if you’re patient. Finding a place to sleep is a different story, though.

I let out an exasperated huff, slowing myself down. I was weak, and tired. It had been another long day, and I needed to find somewhere to rest before I collapsed.

After thinking for a moment, I decided to make my way to the old abandoned playground for the night. It was a bit creepy, but it was safe. That’s all I needed right now.


*707’s point of view*

My phone buzzed, as I got a call from Yoosung.

“Seriously, Yoosung? Didn’t I just tell you I was going to go work..” I said to myself, debating on if I should ignore him or not.

After making a quick decision, I grabbed my phone, pressing ‘ignore call.’

“Sorry, kid. I’ve got stuff to do..”

I put my attention back on my computer, and began hacking into a scientist database. I had no idea what I was going to find, but the boss was scared about what they’ve been searching for.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, I got in. I quickly made it so they couldn’t tell I hacked in, and trace me.

“Now let’s see what you’re trying to hide..”

I scanned the information provided, until something specific caught my eye.

“A..human cat..?? Am I reading this right?” I brushed any dust that could have built up on my glasses, and re-read the information.

Turns out, my eyes weren’t actually deceiving me. This was real.

“If the wrong person finds her, she could be in serious Maybe I should do something? After all, Vanderwood said I couldn’t have a cat, but never rejected this~ hehe. Here I come, Kitty! Defender of Justice, Seven Zero Seven, to the rescue!”

A knock on my bedroom door sounded, along with an angry voice.

“Are you talking to yourself again?! Get back to work, idiot!”

None other than Vanderwood herself.

“Isn’t it the maid who is supposed to listen to your orders, not the other way around?” I smiled, quietly slipping my jacket on.

“For the last time. I. Am. Not. Your. Maid. Stop joking around! God, when I come back here tomorrow, you better have something done.” Vanderwood threateningly said, before slamming the front door, signaling their disappearance.

“Got it~ I’ll have something done, don’t worry!”

A Silent Hell.

It’s been three years since the end of the world.

I don’t remember the last time I really talked to another person… It gets lonely out here sometimes.

When everything first started, it was just my sister Ava and me barely scraping by. It’s funny how quickly humans make bad situations worse. We learned early on to avoid other people. Sometimes they are like you. Just trying to stay alive in this hell, but it’s not worth the few times we were almost killed for our food or simply for Ava.

Despite the circumstances, life was good with Ava. We understood each other on a level that required almost no communication. Food, water, shelter. Never stay in one place. These were the only things that mattered anymore, so talking lost its usefulness.

I still don’t know what happened to her.

I remember falling out a two story window and hitting my head, while trying to escape a house we got cornered in. But when I woke up, she was gone.

I’ve tried to pretend she isn’t dead, but it’s a lie I can’t keep up with.

Since then I’ve met a few groups here and there, but nobody I’ve stuck with for very long. I guess it was long enough into the apocalypse that the murderers and rapist had all killed each other, because I haven’t seen any since Ava left.

The group I’m in now is just like the rest, not too big, but always changing. People come and go. Faces change. It doesn’t really matter… I don’t even know any of their names. We all know it’s pointless to connect. We’ve all lost Avas…

Today my group found a locked up farmhouse we managed to break into. We all split up without so much as a look to see if we could find any unspoiled food. I took upstairs, wondering if I maybe just fell out of a window again, I could end this Hell once and for all. I walked around to the master bedroom which had the biggest window. I could feel the light summer breeze on my face as I looked out over the old farm. The air felt so nice, as if telling me it was okay to jump; to finally rest.

That’s when I realized I wasn’t alone.

With the voice of someone who hadn’t spoke in years I heard my name:

“Jer… Jeremy?”

I whipped around, still recognizing the rusty voice of my sister.

She was holding a baseball bat defensively, in the corner of the room. Her eyes began to swell with tears as she let her weapon fall to the ground.

“Jeremy… I’m so sorry…”

I couldn’t believe my eyes.

“…I wish things had happened differently…”

I felt like sobbing.

“We should’ve been more careful…”

I just wanted to die.

“I’m too tired… I just want to rest…”

I watched her eyes close.

“I love you Jeremy…”

My mind shattered as I sunk my rotting teeth into her delicious flesh.

anonymous asked:

Could you compare russian culture to western culture for us? I'm very curious about it ❤

honestly theres too much for me to write about you should just watch a movie, one that literally depicts the east eu culture perfectly is “kogel-mogel”, its in polish but watch just a few scenes. When im in west eu i think “why are you people so mean” and when i come home im like “why are you people so mean… but in another way”. A big difference is the elders and that they have great value in the family. Many people live with 3 generations under one roof and many children live with their grandparents instead of parents(like i did). And the wioski, the small villages that are the most part of our countries are so different from the cities. Its a whole new experience. The poverty is traumatising. Theres a plague of child abuse and alcoholism (and these go hand in hand). A not abusive man is so hard to find. We value our gardens and agriculture, gardening is what almost every old woman does all day. Theres lots of poor stray cats and dogs roaming around and animal abuse also happens often, mostly because the old people arent thought about the fact that animals have feelings too. This isnt as common as i make it sound but its still more common than in west eu. The villages and forests are beautiful though, and there is a lot of beauty in the architecture. I post lots of pics from villages in my #mine tag, see it for yourself. The food is sooo good and you can literally get full on delicious food for 10zl (about 2 euro). We dont only have pierogi etc but the baking is so underappreciated. We have so many great sweet baked goods. Life outside of the cities (and even in them sometimes too) is still very much like in the 80’s. It feels like youre time traveling when you get there. East eu is beautiful but you should always hold onto your wallets and donr go out at night. The biggest predators here are the men. The thing i love the most are the forests and the wild animals in them. You can see a boar or a whole heard of deer outside your window when you live next to a forest. We value forest animals and hunting isnt a popular sport… like at all. I think its illegal (we cant have guns either). And the wild fruits you can pick and mushroom picking. Many people still make a living out of selling goods they picked in a forest or from their garden. To women there beauty and makeup is very important. There are so many drugstores and great skincare brands. You often see middle aged ladies wearing blue eyeshadow and a heavy tan. Tv is important, many people spend their whole days in front of the television (mostly middle aged+ people like i said). Theres so many differences and east eu is beautiful but i always leave traumatised of the things i saw there. The poverty is what stands out and what i cant handle because it brings back memories from my childhood. The reason I alwayd go back is my family, the animals, tbe cats and the nature. Forests feel like a whole other universe.

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do you have any tips to help procrastinators learn korean and not quit learning a few days later?

Set goals with realistic expectations. For instance, don’t say by the end of this week you’re going to have ALL of the the alphabet memorized and you’ll be able to read and speak anything. Impossible! Because when you find that you didn’t make that goal, you’re going to be too hard on yourself and gie up altogether. 

Instead, maybe start with, in two weeks or even three weeks, I’ll have all of the consonants figured out. That way, when you DO manage to succeed that goal, or even parts of it, you’ll feel more accomplished.

Know that learning a language takes A LOT of time so, seriously, don’t beat yourself up if you see a word formation that you forgot what the symbols mean. It took me a long time to get to where I am today and sometimes it doesn’t actually take that long for other people. So if you see someone further along and understanding it more than you, DON’T COMPARE YOURSELF!! Instead, ask them for help or practice with them. 

No matter how many mistakes your made or how far along you are or aren’t, it’s amazing to even TRY and learn a language so whatever you do know, is powerful.

Also, make it fun!! Make colorful notes if you’re into that (I am oh my goodness). Get into Korean culture and go to Korean restaurants if there are any near you. Because when you learn a language, you aren’t just learning that language, you’re learning a culture, a way of life unlike your own. So don’t just focus on the language aspect of this. Go to your local grocery store and go to the Asian food area if it has one and try to find food with Korean on the labels. It can be fun, and tasty…

You’re going to feel lulls in your learning where you feel like you’re just not getting it (I’m kind of at that point right now) but you just need to keep pursuing it. Overcome! Language is powerful and if you have the opportunity to learn one, do it.