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You see, you never really think your world is crashing and burning to the ground until you’re staring at it, shattered all over the floor. And I always believed that once you hit rock bottom, the only way you can go is up.

But things keep spiraling out of control. The days aren’t getting any better and I’m struggling just to breathe over here. I’ve been through hell and back and I’m not getting any silver linings.

I’m not going up.

I haven’t hit my rock bottom yet.

—  c.f. // “it’s only going to get worse”
just a thought...

It seems like a lot of people I know who are recovering from an ED end up adopting a plant based or vegan diet. And we often get a lot of shit for it because “veganism is another way to restrict.” I think that on the whole that’s BS. ED’s are destructive, reckless, unhealthy. So recovery pushes us to reverse this and be constructive, careful, healthy. An awareness of food combined with this idea of minimizing harm/suffering–to ourselves, and the animals that food often comes from–makes veganism seem so logical. My life and my health shouldn’t come at the cost of the health of another living being. I think veganism embodies compassion for all lives, self-awareness, PEACE, self-love, HEALTH, sustenance, LOVE.  

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You know it's kinda cute how Isak looks sometimes really grumpy or maybe careless to people like eskild, noora, the squad maybe even, but with Even? Isak is so gentle and sweet and he takes care of him so much and I love love love that. Even has such a soft bf <3

Yes, Isak is definitely a bit different around Even, a little more sweet and little more soft. He’s is in love with Even, so it makes sense!

But tbh I think some of it also comes down to this persona that Isak constructed to fit in and be accepted, before he met Even. And how being with Even has helped Isak come into himself and be more comfortable with being genuine…

In Skam S1 Isak seems a lot more unguarded and soft. He likes cheesy love songs, he’s quick to laugh, supports his friends (particularly his rival in love Eva!), seems like he’s mostly happy with the state of things.

I’m not making the argument that he was somehow better before, or that he isn’t still all of these these things. A person can be both loving and soft and grumpy and mean sometimes…. I mean lbr Isak definitely stirred some drama, was dishonest, insecure, defensive, as well as the occasional lil shit in S1…

I do however believe that a lot of those moments in S3 when he seems grumpy or careless with other people, it was him unconsciously pushing people away because he was afraid of letting them properly get to know and see certain sides of him. Or for him to be seen in a certain way by them.

Or because he simply wasn’t yet comfortable with certain things.

The cool, tough-guy, nonchalant, and sometimes callous attitude was probably Isak posturing to gain respect from his peers.

As well as trying to keep up with all the secrets and white lies he was telling people so that they wouldn’t find out what was really going on in his life.

But now that he feels more comfortable and self-accepting, he doesn’t have the same need for validation or to assert himself like that… and so he can be super soft and caring with Even, but also hopefully with all of his friends as well.

I think they presented it so perfectly in the latest clip “drittsekken”, I’m sure I’m not the only one who thought that Isak’s look and hairstyle (a bit disheveled👌), as well as the soft smiles, are sort of reminiscent of S1. Isak is even wearing a  big comfy scarf as well as one of his knitted sweaters instead of a hoodie.

Love can set you free like that. ❤ 

Have I ever told you how pretty your eyes are?“ he asks, startling me.
I look at him with something akin to disbelief; no one has ever said my eyes looked pretty. Ever.

His face breaks into a beautiful smile and my stomach flutters.
“I feel like brown eyes are so under appreciated. Blue eyes don’t look like fire in the sunset. Green eyes don’t get gorgeous lines of light in them. Grey eyes don’t make you feel all warm inside when you look at them,” he similes coyly.

He leans closer to me and I take in a quick breath. “What makes your brown so special,” he says, “is that they positively light up when you see me.”
He brushes his lips against mine, and my world is on fire.

—  stella .
excerpts from a book I’ll never write [13]
Real Talk - Drabble

A/N: Based on a list of random sentences, that inspired those drabbles.


“Thanks for that, [Y/n], it was amazing,” Steve claimed as gulped the last bits of food from his plate.

“Best mac and cheese I’ve eaten in my life,” Bucky smiled at you.

“When can we get more?” Sam asked.

Bucky looked at him disapprovingly and Steve tapped the back of his head as you chuckled. “There’s more in the kitchen, if you want, Sam.”

He quickly shook his head. “I’m pretty sure that if I eat more, I’ll explode.”

Bucky slapped his hand on his forehead as Steve groaned, both of them very disappointed on his friend’s manners.

“Next time will be for the entire team,” you promised.

Bucky rose from his seat, “As you cooked, we get to clean up.”

Bucky and Steve began grabbing the dishes as Sam took the bowl of reaming food to the kitchen. “Thanks, guys.”

Bucky made your heart flutter with a smile.

“The least we could do, doll,” were his words before he disappeared into the kitchen after the other two.

Not only two minutes later, Bucky came back. “They shoved me out,” he grumbled, making you laughed.

He plopped down in the chair next to you. “Real talk, can I kiss you?  I haven’t been able to get the idea out of my head recently.”

“Hell, yeah.”

Your hands flew to his neck and his to your waist, pulling each other close and closing your eyes. Bucky’s lips ghosted over yours before pressing down. His soft lips are gentle upon yours, his hands roam over your sides as yours tug at his hair.

Sam and Steve looked at each other, Sam surprised at Bucky for making the first move and Steve couldn’t be happier for his friend. They slowly walked backwards out of the living room, back to the kitchen.

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Chocolate donut from the Joffery’s Espresso and Pastries stand between the United Kingdom and Canada Pavilions in Epcot.

honestly you guys should absolutely hit me up for storytime okay because my upbringing was a sitcom of hilarity and you should take advantage

  • my dad was almost 50 years old when I was born. it was a complete accident. my mom had been told she couldn’t even have kids because she was too old. literally, I am not shitting you, when the doctor told my parents that she was pregnant, they said in unison in the middle of the doctor’s office “you’re shitting me.”
  • I grew up in an underground house. literally underground. it was built into a hill. there were like two windows in the entire building one time a tornado hit and we had no idea it had even happened until we walked outside in the morning and there was a tree on our lawn
  • my dad looked at the tree for like 5 solid minutes, then went, “I need coffee” and went back inside
  • we lived in the middle of the woods, basically. there were 70 acres of forest on three sides, and a tiny town (like 300 people) about 10 minutes away. our neighbors consisted of a hermit and another hermit who was obsessed with shooting clay pigeons
  • my mom is a wiccan who wears muumuus around and spent most of my junior high / high school years as a professional blogger who taught apocalypse preppers how to preserve vegetables
  • my dad is 6′3 ex-military and terrifying but in actuality is a Fluff who will not stop rescuing animals
  • literally
  • one time he rescued a turkey who had a dislocated neck, so his neck was literally crooked but he grew up to be the biggest turkey anyone had ever seen and as a small child I would ride him around the farm
  • we rescued two baby goats from a nudist colony (I shit you not) and bottle fed them and they thought they were dogs and enjoyed belly rubs. one time I brought a boyfriend home and Bulwinkle rammed him in the crotch and so I had to go to prom alone because my date dumped me over a goat
  • I never got to swim in my pool as a kid because my dad used it as a snapping turtle tank (he eats snapping turtle. it’s a thing)
  • as a kid I got into entomology but my dad loved it and would spend his days running around the yard catching butterflies
  • other animals he rescued: a baby raccoon. a baby deer. a baby coyote. flying squirrels. snakes. pigs. that one time he traded a six pack of beer for a cow. dogs. cats. pheasants. chickens. rabbits. we had so many animals as a kid
  • my best friend from high school had a pet lion until it got too big to keep in her house so she gave it to a big cat rescue. her family was crazy.
  • this is the tip of the iceberg my friends I am not even kidding 

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I'm from Scotland and I've convinced 2 people in my life that haggis (food made from sheep insides 😓) is a small Scottish animal in itself that roams around the Highlands with its left legs shorter than it's right so it can walk round hills upright

i like your style

Most people find it astonishing when others say that they hate the majority of the people. As much as I can comprehend why they say this, I would like to say that if someone really wants to surprise me, they’d have to be the complete opposite, because it is so hard to love others, and even humanity, when you’ve been treated like shit.
—  Excerpts from my life

he’s purroud to be an ameowican

an ode to my fav korean bbq


while @straycatreadsthat and I were at kbbq (korean barbeque), I turned to her and was like “our next prompt: an ode to kbbq” 

somehow, this also turned into an ode to the (platonic) love of my life, who got food poisoning from our favorite kbbq in Chengdu and refused to ever go with me again. tragedy.