food for your health

The health of your mind is extremely important. It truly is. What would we do without it? Who would we be?

However the health of your body is just as important. We must nurture it with the proper nutrients, vitamins and minerals, and physical activity in order to keep it fully functioning.

Remember to focus some attention on loving this aspect of yourself as well. Come join me on Instagram, and we can go on this journey together!

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  • The8: Let’s work hard on exercising together. To show our fans a cool image kkk (even though you’re already cool!) Thank you for always listening well when I talk~ Having someone like hyung next to me is really great~ Let’s be together in the future too~
  • Jun: Cute and cool Hoshi Prince~ You know that I always love you right? ^_^ kkk I’ll work harder~ Together hwaiting ^o^
  • Dino: Aigoo Mr Hoshi~!! Brother! Hyung you know and think of my heart.. ^^ Like a real brother, our Soonyoung hyung, I love you ><


  • Dino: Our performance team flower boy Jun hyung~~>< Thank you for always being with us!! Even though I don’t say it often.. thank you and I love you^^ I’m being honest ^^
  • Hoshi: Jju-ni Jju-ni Always take care of your body and healthily carry out this round of activities >_< Because you’re here, it feels like performance team will not waver. Kind Jju-ni, thank you-ong ♥︎
  • The8: Together let’s hwaiting~ When hyung is tired, thank you for talking with me~ I will continue to listen well ^_^ Let’s do this together!!


  • Hoshi: Our The8, thanks to you we really gained strength and created pretty choreography. After coming to Korea, the way you adapted well is really pretty. Now, stop becoming so cool! Cool guy, let’s be together forever.
  • Dino: The8~!! Because hyung is here, our atmosphere has become even brighter >< Us 4 and 13, let’s be forever. Wo Ai Ni~ ♥︎
  • Jun: The8!! You have to eat more. More more more!! Because you’re doing a lot of dangerous stunts, you need to be careful of your health. Let’s go eat delicious Chinese food, gogogo


  • Jun: Dino~ Dino~ Our Dino-ya~ Dino who is always the most hardworking and has the most worries~ You already dance so well so always be confident. Together let’s hwaitingtingtingting!!
  • Hoshi: Our maknae~ >_< You being here is so reliable, but you don’t know it. Thank you for following your lacking hyung so well. From now on, let’s put in more effort and shock the world! Hwaiting ♥︎
  • The8: You’re really cool!! Don’t think so much~ Whenever you’re having a hard time, you must tell me~ Whatever happens, you have 12 hyungs by your side, so don’t be scared. Hwaiting!!

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Subject/Degree-Themed Asks

Math - What simple things add happiness/excitement to your life?

History - What is one striking childhood memory that you still have until now?

Science - What comprises a perfect morning for you?

Literature - What’s your favorite book or movie and why?

International Studies - What’s one language you’ve been dying to learn?

Psychology - Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Philosophy - What’s your favorite quote or saying?

Computer Studies - What’s one gadget you couldn’t live without?

Engineering - What’s one innovation that you wish was invented?

Economics - When it comes to relationships, is surplus or shortage better?

Advertising - Describe yourself in 5 words. May be a phrase or 5 different words.

Architecture - Top 5 cities/countries you want to visit.

Sports Management - What’s your hatest/least liked sport?

Communication Arts - What songs convey exactly what you’re feeling/what you need right now?

Education - What’s one skill/craft that you can confidently teach a group of 20 people?

Writing - What’s one trope/plot line you wish to see in books or movies?

Finance - Give us some money saving tips!

Health Sciences - What are your favorite foods that are considered healthy?

Tourism - How will you advertise/convince people to go to your country in 10 words?

Legal Studies - What’s an unpopular belief you have that you will defend ferociously to anyone when they contradict it?

Music - What are some of your favorite lyrics?

Nursing - What’s the one thing that revives you after a stressful day?


Part of your health and fitness journey should include becoming an informed consumer!

I recently received a message from an MLM seller pushing their wraps, teas, shakes, and pills to “help me lose weight” (as if I haven’t already figured this out at -170 lbs). I thought this was a great opportunity to remind everyone that there are very few instances where one needs to spend any money to achieve their health goals. The only “additive” I’ve purchased is my gym membership and that’s not even a requirement! It’s only helpful because of how I enjoy working out.

  • Superfood is a completely meaningless and made up marketing word. Common greens, fruits, nuts, seeds, oils, etc are as nutritious and often more nutritious than the hip, trendy foods grown in the loamy soils of Demeter’s mythical garden. If you can’t afford it, you don’t need to! The ingredients we’re already familiar with will provide you a balanced and healthful diet. 
  • As a horticulturist, I’ll be first to say that plants are beyond cool and can be beneficial medicines. BUT–be careful. Some plants do have promising health benefits (and many need more research), but there are outrageous claims out there; especially by predatory lifestyle brands in a notoriously unregulated supplement industry. Any herbal supplement should be discussed with your doctor and cannot replace your doctor’s expertise. No matter the effect they actually have on your body they are still compounds. Natural is not a synonym for inert.
  • Natural and its variants is also a meaningless marketing word. Natural is also not a synonym for healthy, just as is not a synonym for inert. 
  • Anyone selling you a wrap, a “fat blocker,” a “carb inhibitor,” a detox tea, an herbal tonic, or whatever is selling you snake oil. No one needs to buy a “product” to get healthy and fit.
  • Shots of apple cider vinegar is a really easy way to screw up your teeth and esophagus, and it won’t help you burn fat. 
  • Anything that promises to boost your metabolism is too minuscule to matter at best and completely made up at worst.
  • Your body already knows how to detox. It’s not dumb. Drink a glass of water and eat foods that keep you regular. Go for a walk and take a shit. Any detox product is just an expensive way to starve or induce a bout of diarrhea. 
  • A food manufacturer can claim there is “0g Trans Fat” as long as there is less than .5g. Turn the label to the ingredients. If there is “partially hydrogenated oil,” there is trans fat. 
  • A food manufacturer can slap “whole grain” on the label even if the first ingredient is “enriched bleached flour.” Read the ingredients on the loaves of bread and boxes of pasta you pick up. 
  • Read the label in general! Sugar and salt make appearances in strange places. Keep an eye out for added salt and sugar! Keep an eye out for bleached grains! Keep an eye out for trans fats!

Do your homework. Much of what entails food, health, fitness, and supplements are wildly unregulated. They can print whatever they want and there is little to stipulate what they can and cannot print. Be skeptical and examine if it’s really effective, safe, and beneficial to put a substance into your body.

A lot of headaches can be avoided if you do most of your shopping on the outside aisles and buy ingredients, but that doesn’t mean everything on the inside is crap! We all enjoy a branded product or two. There’s nothing wrong with that! There’s also nothing wrong with enjoying a bit of junk food every now and again, but it never hurts to be an informed consumer. There are good and honest products out there but there is certainly no shortage of companies trying to skim a dollar off people making an effort to do things a little bit better.


Hi babes, I’ve been getting a ton of asks about fitness and health so I wanted to make a bigger more generalized post about it!!! DISCLAIMER: I am not a trainer or nutritionist or a doctor- these are just some tips I’ve learned along the way that have helped me!!

-For cardio to burn fat: HIIT. High Intensity Interval Training. Basically, you need to run for 20 or 30 minutes, alternating between walking and sprinting. You can do this on a treadmill, track, or even outside your house, whatever works!! 30 seconds of running and 90 seconds of walking is a good balance for me. This is the best way to burn fat!!! But you have to be consistent with it. Patience is key!

-Muscle burns fat, so incorporate strength training! Google some exercises to do with any weights you have in your house, or just do body weight exercise. Pushups, curlups, and pullups are all great!

-Get some sun!! Vitamin D is very important to overall health. Yes, excessive tanning or any tanning booth usage is damaging, but an hour or so of sun while wearing an SPF is very good for you!

-Drink Water. I know you’ve already heard it a million times. Just do it.

-Eat a diet high in protein and vegetables, and lower in carbs to increase muscle and burn fat! This is what works for me, but you can get a more personalized diet from your doctor. In general, reducing processed/boxed foods is always your best bet!!

Quick fact. Ready?
People tend to have stronger cravings for carbs while experiencing stress. Why? Because carb consumption increases the amount of serotonin produced in the brain, thus improving mood and giving a sense of relaxation.

36 days of self care challenge

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why 36 days?

36 days, or just over a month, is about how much I find finals time to be. five weeks plus a day at the end to celebrate! plus, 36 makes a nice square in your planner if you want to keep track of it :o)

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• jaehyun? no.
• baehyun.
• honestly he’s really sweet and knows how to take care of you
• he’s always concerned about your health
• he shares everything with you
• from food to secrets
• he’s the type to give you his shirts and not care if he ever gets them back
• he loves it when you wear them
• he loves it when you wear your bonnet to bed
• he thinks it’s cute that you care about your hair so much
• he buys you anything you want when he’s able
• soft kisses
• playing with his dimples
• sitting on his lap while he sings
• you’re always staring at his pretty fayc
• “baby you’re so cute”
• ^ he loves saying this to you
• he doesn’t care who’s around, if he wants to show you love, then he’s gonna show you love
• thigh rubs
• he stares at your butt all di time
• but fr tho
• he’s a lip biter
• he bites your lips just as much as he bites his own ㅋ
• he gets jealous a lot when you give the members more attention but never shows it
• picking out clothes for him cause he likes it when you dress him
• y'all fall asleep in the strangest places/positions
• weird couple that nobody gets
• he’s always so bubbly when he’s around you
• you can change his whole mood
• going out on lunch dates
• walks in the park
• y'all can never stay needs at eachother
• *argued for an hour straight, he goes to sleep on the couch*
• *wakes up in eachother’s arms the next morning*
• lowkey a bipolar relationship
• “y/n why are you staring at the food truck? if you want something ask.”
• he’s your daddy/he spoils you
• all you gotta do is give him that look and it’s a wrap
• 🌚
• hmm, sex with jaehyun..
• he’s soft and slow majority of the time
• unless you dirty talk him (especially directly in his ear)
• then you’re getting drilled tbh
• that’s just that baeb
• you don’t really have to worry about limping, unless you want to
• he actually doesn’t try to hold in groans or moans
• he WANTS you to know that you got that good ting
• 💀
• alright so..
• he’s really in love with you and he loves tickling you/feeding you/making you laugh/cuddling etc.
• aside from family and friends
• you’re all that he has
• so he cherishes tf out of you
• seriously you’re lucky

》W A T E R M E L O N
…..juice is the truth! Simply blend and drink up! No water needed, but optional.
Watermelon is a superfood that is epic for detoxing! Which is why I love it. Detoxing allows us to purge and vibrate higher. It activates wellness and raises our frequency; mind, body and spirit. We come into contact with so many pollutants and toxins in the air and water….let alone through people, energy traps and energy vampires. Detox often, as you continue your life’s journey of vibrating higher daily.
I drink a few glasses daily and will often do a 3 day juice fast with just watermelon juice, freshly squeezed lemon juice added to it and plenty of water in between. Google the many other amazing benefits of Watermelon/juice.
Be love. Be well. -Lalah Delia | VibrateHigherDaily

Quick fact. Ready?
Majority of our Vitamin C is stored within our adrenal glands. Every time we produce cortisol, it uses up a bit of this storage.
If we become Vitamin C deficient, our adrenals respond by producing not less but MORE cortisol, which is a major contributor to weight gain around the Abdominal area.

Diets Debunked

Disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist, just really good at molecular biology. I’ve also dealt with an eating disorder so I know what’s up.

Not Eating=/= Weight Loss. Ever. Under Any circumstances.
You need to eat to lose weight, and exercise, but straight up starving yourself will not work because this is what happens. Starving yourself will cause you to binge when you eat next, and then you’ll purge it later.
DO NOT STARVE YOURSELF OR FAST SEVERELY IN THE NAME OF WEIGHT LOSS IT DOESNT WORK. (If you are struggling with an ED, don’t worry about the part above, it’s not aimed at you, live your life, listen to your doctor, overcome your struggle, and good luck.)

Ok so now we’ve established that you have to eat. Next up, portion sizes. Lots of people try to lose weight by just cutting down on what they eat. Portion control is important, like maybe not eating an entire can of cinnamon rolls, for example. But that’s really all it means. Eat a rational portion of food, and if you’re still hungry? Go eat a rational portion of something else. Do not limit yourself to tiny meals.

The next step: how much to eat.
Don’t do fad diets that promise quick results. The 3-day military diet? You’ll probably gain the lost weight back when you start eating regularly again on the 4th day. The coffee diet? Fuck no. Beer and peanuts? First off all, what the hell? Second of all, no.
Secondly, don’t touch any no-carb, not fat-diet. Your body needs those to survive, and almost every food contains those macros. Do a low carb, or low fat diet instead.
Also fuck counting calories in ANY diet. Counting calories is one of the worst thing you can do for diet because all of those kind of diets I’ve tried only count calories you expend through exercise. You expend calories doing EVERYTHING. All human functions need energy, so just about everything burns calories. I’m burning calories from my bed writing this post. Listen, the best type of diet is one that is conceivably long term, and does not ask you to count calories. The Paleo diet works because it can be used in the long term, and you can support your body on the nutrients found in it, you see long term results. Vegan, vegetarian, clean, raw diets are all examples of long term diets that can make you more healthy. However, you can always just cut back (not completely out) certain foods you know aren’t great for you.

Food alone isn’t all it takes to lose weight, even though it’s a big portion of it, exercise is the other. Here are my exercise tips, in bullet form
•drink water
•eat a post workout snack
•find a workout that’s fun, reps, weight lifting, Pilates, Zumba, spin class it doesn’t matter, it needs to be fun if you want to keep doing it
•do not push yourself past your hard limits, you’ll hurt yourself
•start small (especially on weights) if anyone judges you for doing easier workouts in the beginning direct them to me I’ll whoop their ass
•stretch EVERYTHING before you work out. Your muscles will thank you
•no pain no gain. Sore muscles and lactic acid hurt, but the real only way to get through it: exercise more (by which I mean drop down your weights and reps and go a little less balls to the wall. If the pain is really bad, take a rest day.)
•always have rest days
•have fun

Final point, because a lot of people see them as the pinnacle of fitness. Victoria’s Secret Angels. Here’s a run-down of their diet and exercise.
Angels workout three time a day. They weight lift, do reps, cardio, and aerobics. They burn up a lot of energy, so they take a lot in. They eat three large meals, the last being at 6PM. Angels cook with butter not oil. Angels diets are high protein, high fat, low carb. Their BMI must stay at 18%, nine times what I hear a lot of ‘health nut’ people boasting they have. Angels eat.

Real weight loss takes serious time and dedication. It takes eating right AND exercise. Results come in the long term, not the short term. And some people aren’t ready for all the planning that goes into weight loss, and that is okay. Live your life, love yourself, be happy, and be healthy.

Bangtan reaction to you passing out

A/n: can you do a bts reaction to you passing from dehydration?

Of course I can love, I hope you like it. Thank you for requesting <3

Kim Seokjin:

You weren’t feeling all that well so when you started feeling dizzy, you knew something was wrong. You went to go walk over the couch to sit down, but everything went black. Seokjin noticed that something was wrong, so when you started falling he ran to catch you, holding you in his arms while he tried to wake you. He called your name and gently tapping your cheeks, trying to get you to open your eyes. He took you over to the couch, laying you down. He put a wet towel over your forehead and went to make you some homemade soup, checking on you every few minutes.  

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Min Yoongi:

When you woke up in the morning, you felt very dizzy from the headache that you had. You tried to stand up, but as you did that your head started to spin and you fell unconscious. Yoongi came into the room and saw you laying on the floor, he called your name and gently shook you, succeeding in waking you up. He was glad that you were out only for a few seconds, but he wanted to go to a doctor.

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Jung Hoseok:

You felt your head start to spin as you walked into the kitchen, walking over to the fridge, right then everything went black. Hoseok lucky noticed you and caught you before you hit the floor, shouting your name with fear in his voice. He held you close in his arms as you woke up, asking you what happened after a few minutes. You ended up confessing that you had skipped some of your meals the last few days. He scolded you while waiting for some food to arrive, saying that your health should always come first.

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Kim Namjoon:

You were in the studio all day working on your new comeback, fighting a cold in the process. You stood up from the floor to go get some water, but everything went black and you fell unconscious. Once Namjoon got the call that you fainted at work, he drove to the hospital to pick you up, asking everyone what happened once he got there, fearing of something more serious, but the doctor assured him that it was just from your cold. He sighed, making sure that you got to rest.

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Park Jimin:

Jimin didn’t know how to react when he saw you pass out after you got off stage. He wanted to go check on you, but he was up next so he asked his manager to make sure that you were okay. Having to put on a fake smile even though he was worried about you. As soon as he got off stage, he ran back to the dressing room not caring about anything else but you. When he to the dressing room you reassured him it was nothing, just because you didn’t eat properly that day but he’d still be worried as hell.

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Kim Taehyung:

Taehyung held you close in his arms, gently waving a fan close to your face after you had just fallen. He was super worried about you but he knew that he had to stay calm. He reassured himself, saying that it was maybe just from the heat or stress. When you woke up, he brought you to your bed, saying that you should lie down for a while. He explained that you fainted after you had asked what happened, all while smiling at you so you would remain calm as well.

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Jeon Jungkook:

Jungkook started panicking the moment he saw you falling on the floor, rushing to catch you before you hit your head. He would call the hyungs for help, as he was not sure what to do. He let the hyungs help you as he tried to stay out of the way. When you woke up, he almost started crying in relief while bringing you into a hug.

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Quick fact. Ready?
The kinds of fat that we consume in our diet gets incorporated into the lipid bilayer surrounding each of our cells.

We want this lining to be composed of healthy fats, like those found in avocados, nuts, or peanut butter.

A healthy cell membrane allows for each cell to properly retain nutrients, communicate with one another, and function better overall.



Herbs have enormous magical power, as they hold the earth’s energy within them. Each herb has unique properties that can enhance one’s magical goals. Herbs also may have medicinal properties. The magical practitioner can draw upon either aspect when performing a spell.

The most common ways herbs are used in magic are:

Charms and sachets - Fill a small bag with herbs to make a charm or sachet. You can carry the charm with you, hang it in the house or car, or bury or burn it, depending on the purpose, and the spell you are performing.

Incense- Herbs can be burned as a ritual incense, such as the sage smudge used to clear negative vibrations from a space.

Bath - Make a sachet or bath bomb and place it in your ritual or healing bath. Fragrant herbs like lavender make a very relaxing bath, and you can use certain herbs to alleviate skin and other conditions, such as using eucalyptus in a bath when you have a cold or flu.

Oils - Place herbs in an oil, let them steep for a few days, then strain. You can make annointing oils for you ritual work, beauty oils for your hair, skin and nails (try coconut or jojoba), or flavor oils for cooking and seasoning, such as steeping rosemary in olive oil.

Teas- Use herbs to make teas for healing illness. Some herbs can be used to mildly alter consciousness. Many herbal teas have health benefits and can help treat minor ailments.

Smoking- You can make herbal smoking mixtures which will also facilitate altered states of consciousness.

In spellwork, herbs can be sprinkled or placed around or within boundaries (such as your home, altar, or magic circle) to define a “territory” for your magic to work. Of course, you can always use flavorful herbs in cooking and seasoning your food. There are many healthful benefits, and they taste great! Always give all plant life respect, where ever you are- remember, the word “weed” is simply a value judgement! Dandelion, for instance, has many, many healing and nutritional qualities which are extremely beneficial not only to the wildlife which feeds on it, but to you, too! Learn to recognize the herbs around you- even in a city, there are many wonderful herbs growing wild, which you can gather and use.

Harvest herbs in the morning after the sun has dried the dew but before the heat of the day sets in. Use a sharp magical knife (a bolline) to cut herbs; the knife should be consecrated specifically for this purpose. Thank the plant for its gift, and offer it something in return, perhaps some water, organic fertilizer or mulch. Harvest only the amount of herbs needed, except when pruning the plants, to ensure healthy growth for the following season.

The most prevalent ingredients of magic spells are processed botanicals, especially dried plants, herbs and oils. Drying plants preserves them for extended use, allowing you to work with plants out of season and with those that are cannot be grown in your region.

Dried botanical frequently are sold already chopped, cut or powdered. As these actions usually need to be done before spell casting, purchasing botanical that are ready to be used can save time and effort. There is nothing wrong with buying your herbs. Leaves and blossoms, even chopped often retain their characteristics, such as aroma, and so are easily distinguishable. You are unlikely to confuse rose with peppermint or hibiscus!

If you grow plants or have access to fresh ones, it is quite easy to dry them yourself. Hang botanical upside down in small bunches. Don’t overcrowd them - you want air to circulate. Allow the botanical to hang in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight until dry.

Herbs & Magical Properties
Always check before you use any herb because some herbs can stop conventional medicines working.  Herbs can heal and help with spell work, but herbs can also kill. BE CAREFUL AND ALWAYS CHECK FIRST!   ALL KNOWN UNSAFE FOR CONSUMPTION HERBS IN HE LIST WILL BE MARKED WITH ***.

Herb list under the cut.


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Quick fact. Ready?
Spirulina, a special blue-green algae, is considered an amazing superfood. It’s a wonderful source of vitamins A, K, and B12, is 60% protein, and contains 2900% more beta carotene than carrots do!

Now THATS super.