food for the thoughtless

fuck ppl who constantly do reckless thoughtless or intentionally hurtful shit w ur trust and emotions and never apologize for it and then tell u that ur hurt feelings are an overreaction so often that they make u feel like u were the one to blame for it being a bad relationship & u were the fucked up 1 !!! !!! also fuck oranges that r really hard to peel so u got to eat that horrible half-skin on ur citrus!!!!!!!

Mac Thief: College AU

@sassygreytea from x

The first time he stumbled across the finished little thing of mac & cheese, he had thought it funny to take it. A prank and lesson to not leave food unattended. However, after enjoying the taste and the thrill of taking the item had become addicting. So if whoever kept putting this in the microwave wanted their food back, they’d have to stand guard.

Today it seemed his little victim decided to make himself known.  As he fetched the food, as per usual, he felt eyes on him, so as to avoid disturbing people nearby he went somewhere he knew would be rather empty. As he stopped, he turned around to face the shadow looming over him, a pleased smirk crossing his features.

“So you finally showed up to reclaim your prize hm?” A chuckle and the dish was held out along with a few bills, the estimated worth of all the food he’d stolen from the guy. Charles wasn’t completely thoughtless and had put away money for every time he stole a bowl of the stuff.

  Playful gaze narrowed at the smirking face that looked up at him. Oh, so this was a little game to him? How cute. “Please~, I don’t want your money. Those things cost like fifteen cents. My odd brother gets them by the case-full for when he goes on his studying binges.”

  Humpty swooped around the other side of the bench and planted the fork in the little bowl. “I would like to actually taste them though, considering you’d manage to dash off with each and every one that I’ve brought down here on my break.” Humpty withdrew the utensil and with it a solid bite of the yellow noodles. A face of abject horror immediately hit him once tasted.

  “Goddess met, how can you eat this?!” The fork practically tossed back into the bowl like it was on fire. “It’s… it’s just chemicals and soggy pasta! It’s a travesty to real food!” He looked desperately between the youth and the bowl. “My goodness, please tell me you’ve had more to eat than this. No… wait, you went through all this trouble to steal something so…vial. I can’t even imagine what you normally eat. We’re getting you a real meal!”

I couldn’t help but thinking about the Kung Food Episode once more.

Actually, I think Hawk Moth was pretty thoughtless in this one. I mean, if Kung Food had cooked Chloe FOR REAL, Hawk Moth would have lost his most valuable co-worker.

That's  definitley not what you call economic use of your resources.

This guy should get his priorities straight.