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Pairing: Jughead Jones x Reader

Description: After four years you return to Riverdale because your dad is a private investigator who’s working on Jason’s case.


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You entered Pop’s to pick up the order that your father asked you to, It’s been so long since you been in here, four years to be exact, a nostalgic you felt like crying but a sense of relive at the same time from coming back home.

“Look who’s back” said Kevin nodding at you while you waited for your food. Everyone turned around and instantly Archie and Jughead stood up and walked up to you pulling you into a big hug.

“Who is she?” asked Veronica. “Y/N Y/L/N” said kevin. “Archie’s and Jughead’s best friend” sadly said Betty. “She was here before we started hanging out with them, so I guess that makes her the OG” said Kevin laughing and Veronica just rolled her eyes.

“Archie Andrews you’ve gotten hotter since the last day I saw you” You said as you pulled apart from Archie and gave a hug to jughead. “Can say the same for you Jughead” y’all chuckle. “When did you got back?” asked Jughead. You sigh “A couple of hours ago, I can’t believe in back, but I really hope we stay this time” you smiled “Do you want join us?” said Archie pointing at the table where Kevin, Betty and a girl you didn’t know was. You shook your head ‘Uhm I gotta get this food to my dad, besides your table look a little crowded back there” Archie shook his head smiling “Are you jealous?” he said  “Not much” you responded as you walked towards the door. “Can I walk you home?” asked Jughead and you nodded. You walk towards Archie and give him a kiss on the cheek “I’ll see you at school” he smiled and walk back to his table.

You and jughead walked in silence side to side with your arms intertwined. You enjoy the comfortable silence between the two of you. You were walking up to your house and decided you break the silence. “I hear they closed Twilight” you were the only one jughead told about living at twilight. Jughead stop at you’re the edge of your porch and you walked up to it and turneing around, he just slightly shrugs his shoulders.

“You know you can come here right?” you said he smiled and nodded “Goodnight Y/N”  he walked up to you and kiss your cheek before leaving.

“Goodnight, Juggie.” You made your way inside and to your room to change into your pajamas and got to bed.

It’s so weird to me that veganism completely overruled vegetarism since what.. ca three years? Like suddenly every cookbook section, meatless recipes on the web or in magazines, articles, documentaries -were all about veganism. As If the other doesn’t exist anymore.

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omg may i have some hcs for a group date with josuke and okuyasu + s/o's + koichi and yukako :O

smh, I’ve never been on a date before, I’m unlikable lmao

I hope these turned out alright!

  • Nobody’s quite sure how the idea of group dates came about, but they all just rolled with it tbh
  • By nature of including so many people, the group dates will be a lot less romantic and a lot more fun.
  • If anyone in the group can drive, everyone will be pushing for a joyride nearly every weekend. Cramming six people into a borrowed car and driving for hours on end with no real destination- it’s great, as long as y’all remember to stop for food at some point.
  • Speaking of food, that’s another thing everyone enjoys- each person has a favorite restaurant, and the group will rotate through them all. Splitting the check gets to be a mess at first, but eventually each place’s staff gets a hold of what’s going on. The group will walk into the restaurant of the week, same time as always, and their favorite table will be reserved already, along with whatever drinks and appetizers they normally get. It’s a nice routine, and the staff enjoys seeing the kids, as long as they don’t get too rowdy. [which they won’t, with Yukako around.]
  • Koichi suggested going to the movies once, but everyone wanted to see something different, and splitting up would defeat the point of group dates so they ended up not going through with it. On occasion there’s a movie that everyone wants to see, and that’s really the only time they’ll go together. [Josuke talks to the movie characters, especially when they’re being stupid, so his date will have to keep him quiet before everyone gets kicked out]
  • Everyone also really likes to go to arcades! They usually have food bars, so Kochi and Yukako will probably end up sitting and talking over there while Josuke and Okuyasu and their dates play. Josuke’s a master at the racing games, so he’ll probably end up showing off for his date by challenging and beating a bunch of people in a row- until his date takes the seat and whoops him. He’s amazed and terrified. Okuyasu likes the more luck-related games, so he and his date are most likely going to be found near the chance wheels, or games with randomly moving targets.
  • If there’s a festival in town, you can bet they’re all going together during the day. They’d be trying all the food and doing a lot of shopping, and then when it gets dark, they’d split up into their respective couples and try to be slightly more romantic. This is when they’d get caught up in trying to win prizes for their s/o, or find a perfect secluded place to watch the upcoming fireworks and maybe sneak in some smooches

Season 2 hc: Everyone grows attached to Yuuri in Russia and Victor has some Regrets ™

Or: my excuse to draw domestic Russian family + Yuuri

When Yuuri started training in Russia, he got into a habit of making lunch for himself and Victor every day… Then he made lunch for Yurio whenever his Grandpa was too busy… Then Mila wanted some… Then Georgi got lunch so he didn’t feel left out… And now he makes it for Yakov too. Days Yuuri doesn’t turn up unexpectedly? The Russian skaters starve.

Everyday Bread

This is a perfect example of an easy bread that can be made every day. I mean, sure, it would be just as easy (if not easier) to use a sourdough starter, or to bake a large batch for several days in a row*, but if you are a fan of fresh, chewy, crusty bread every dang day than this is the one you want to use. This is the recipe I use whenever I need (or want) fresh bread for dinner. It’s easy. Seriously, it can be done in less than an hour. Plus it’s one of the best breads I’ve ever made, so there’s that too :)

*When one is involved in all the menial tasks to survival that we take for granted, sometimes we forget just what goes into ‘survival’. Peoples of Middle Earth would naturally have to work very hard, since not everyone can go on adventures and have everything taken care of for them. I like this little saying, even if it’s just household chores (leaving out planting, weeding, butchering, harvesting, thrashing, preserving, spinning, weaving, knitting, chopping firewood, etc.) I suppose I’m guilty of romanticizing the ‘olden lifestyle’; it sure sounds fun but if it came down to it I’ll stay in the 21st century, thank you very much.
“Wash on Monday
Iron on Tuesday
Mend on Wednesday
Churn on Thursday
Clean on Friday
Bake on Saturday
Rest on Sunday.”

Everyday Bread (printable)
makes two loaves

2 ½ cups (595 mL) warm water
2 tablespoons yeast
2 tablespoons sugar
1 tablespoon salt
5 ½ cups (660 g) flour
1 tablespoon olive oil


In a large bowl, mix warm water and yeast until yeast has dissolved.  Next add sugar, salt and flour. Knead ingredients together till it’s a soft uniform dough.

Now place a thin towel over the bowl with the dough in it and let it rise in a warm place for 15-30 minutes.

Preheat oven to 450° (232° C). Separate dough into two, and begin shaping dough into long loaves, and place on a baking sheet.

Make slits with a knife and brush with olive oil. If you are garnishing with herbs or cheese, do so now.

Cover the dough with the towel once more and let rise 5 minutes or so (the longer the better).

Remove towel, and bake for 12-15 minutes or until tops are brown and crusty.

Recipes adapted from Urban Strawberries


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Ok but J'onn has something happen that makes it so he can read everyone’s minds including Kryptonians BUT he can’t control it and so he reads everyone all the time

And everywhere Kara goes he can hear everyone around her fawning over her in their minds and literally every person she interacts with is in some kind of love with her like if she’s in the room that’s all anyone can think about

Meanwhile Kara’s thoughts are just a constant fantasy about food and what she’s gonna eat next


Mark expressing the happiness of food with a small dance vs Jaehyun’s cute reaction ♥

The only one I can relate right now is Chloe flirting with the fucking turkey

Tips To Make Your College Experience Cheaper

Textbook websites

  • List of websites where you can find free ebooks, specified by subject.
  • (to compare textbook prices)
  • (price comparison)
  • (offers textbook editions, like unbound ones, that are cheaper than retailers)
  • (shipping is free, as well as the shipping back to the warehouse)
  • (free e-books)
  • (searching shows the lowest price for a book)
  • (find the highest buy back site for a book)
  • (Good for English majors, discounted books shipped around the world)
  • (free digital copies of books)
  • HERE is a huge list of textbook PDFs.

Textbook tips

  • ALWAYS check to see if textbook websites have online coupons. Check outside websites like but also sign up for their email listing. They often send you a coupon for just signing up and will continually send you other coupon deals.
  • Amazon has good deals on books sometimes and they offer college students temporary free membership. Here’s a link explaining some of the details.
  • Amazon and other retailers, like Barnes and Noble also offer textbook rental. You get the book for a certain amount of time (30 days, 60 days, 90 days, etc., then mail it back to them.) Much cheaper than buying.
  • Some professors put textbooks on reserve in the library so you can check them out for an hour or two instead of actually buying them.
  • If your class textbooks are at the library and you need them for longer than allowed, you can always photocopy them.
  • Look for Facebook pages/groups with your school name and year, people are always posting online to get rid of their textbooks.
  • If your books are older/literature type books they are often available as e-books for free or easy to find at used bookstore or thrift stores.
  • Ask your professor after hours if you can borrow and make copies of the class textbook.
  • Many colleges use the Link+ library sharing program or something similar. If the textbook you need isn’t offered in the library, another school within the program can deliver the book for free. Ask you school’s librarians about it.
  • If you have a class that requires a “reader,” which is just a bunch of articles, you can usually find them at the school library or online.
  • Keep your textbooks in the best condition possible, so they sell for higher when you no longer need them.
  • If you can access your class list and the emails of your classmates early, ask if anyone would like to share a textbook. Split the price and share it or just ask to copy the chapters needed.

General tips

  • If you get financial aid, set it up to deposit into your own checking account because FAFSA ATMs are frustrating.
  • Check out the dollar stores for some college supplies. They have pens, notebooks, planners, etc.
  • Find upperclassmen who are moving out of their dorms/apartments, they often sell/give away items they are no longer going to be using.
  • Find out if your department offers free printing to undergrads. If yours doesn’t, find a friend whose department does.
  • Pretty much every school offers a MS Office license to students for free. It may not be well advertised but make sure to find out before paying for the programs on your own.
  • Bulk supply stores are usually cheaper.
  • Use your phone’s planner and alerts for assignments.
  • If you need energy boosts, it’s definitely cheaper to brew your own coffee and tea, then use a travel mug. But if you need to go to places like Starbucks, sign up for the Starbucks card so you can get free refills on certain items and get discounts for members only.
  • Find out what free courses your school offers and go to them instead of paying for a tutor.
  • At many universities there are conferences and talks almost daily, which often offer free lunches and dinners.
  • Some colleges offer free cab services so make sure to look into that.
  • Most school health care places give out free condoms and they are often given out at events too.
  • Besides math, older editions of textbooks are usually just fine and much cheaper.
  • Thrift stores are great if you need items for your dorm or apartment, they have appliances and offer testing areas in a section of the store.
  • Specific to Seattle: There’s a place called Seattle ReCreative and you can get school supplies for extremely cheap.
  • Check when stores offer back to school sales and get supplies then for cheaper than usual.
  • Get your syllabus as soon as possible so you can photocopy all the needed pages in textbooks.
  • Look for websites that offer similar information in the textbook, sometimes it’s explained better online, gives examples, or just generally better worded.
  • Buy school supplies during tax-free weekend.
  • Apply for as many local scholarships as possible and do it every year in college, not just freshman year.
  • Ask absolutely every place you go if they offer student discounts. Many places don’t advertise this, but will offer some kind of discount if you show your student ID.
  • Find out if your school has assistance options for lower income students.
  • HERE is a list of food budget tips, recipes, and websites to help.
  • Some classes have extra fees for whatever reason, for example they will charge more if certain equipment will be used. If it’s not a course you need, sometimes it’s better to find cheaper elective classes.
  • Consider community college to save money, and then transfer to a 4 year school. Or attend community college classes during the summer but make sure to always check if the credits transfer.
  • If you need to use a credit card, try to get on with cash back rewards. Also check which banks offer perks for students, like free checking or a no-free policy for low minimum balances.
  • Check out your college newspaper and signs around campus. You will often find information about free events or find coupons with discounts on near by businesses.
  • School supplies that don’t sell at stores like Walmart and Target are extremely discounted during the last week of August.
  • Always check if stores price check.