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The Chocobros want your Brownies

Okay I was in a super silly and ridiculous mood when I wrote this….
(Mostly fluff, but Gladio’s scenario got NSFW cause reasons)

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if you're accepting requests, could you make one abt jimin and jungkook dating an idol?

I think the relationship would be cute, to be quite honest. 

Jungkook and his idol gf met backstage and of course the first thing that caught his eyes was how gorgeous she was or how she matched his ideal type. He liked her a lot from a physical point of view but it was only when he had gotten the chance to talk to her (or more like built up the courage to approach her) did he realize that how even more beautiful she was and that what he was feeling was more than just a crush.

They would most likely keep it from the public… but would be too obvious to hide it from the people within the industry; meaning from the other members and staff. They initially thought about hiding it from them too but Jungkook smiled way too widely while texting and idol gf blushed too furiously whenever the name Jeon Jungkook comes up at any given conversation. 

They would literally be like two high school sweethearts; like I can totally imagine when they walk pass each other backstage, Jungkook would pretend to ignore her but his hand would reach out to poke her waist in an attempt for a tickle war and she would glare at him in return but blushes when Jungkook winks at her before moving swiftly to get on stage. 

It’s a fun and innocent relationship which everyone behind-the-scenes thought was completely adorable and whom they all low key ship. <3

Some normal couple things they’d do: Jeon sending flowers even when there’s no occasion (he just likes to tease her and make her blush); late night fast food escapades even though their diet restricts them); jogging together by the Han River; working out together (just so Jeon can check her out while doing squats lol); calling Jungkook oppa just to make him blush/annoy him; Jeon sending his covers to his gf to listen first before posting it up; gf asking Jungkook for help when she’s having trouble with choreography (Jungkook would whine that he’s too lazy to do so and she would say she’d just ask Hoseok instead which then makes Jungkook not-so-lazy anymore while pulling her to the dance studio pronto); shy kisses (even if he acts all cool and “oppa-like”, Jungkook would always blush whenever they kissed).

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Jimin always thought <idol gf> was pretty from the first glance as all idols were but what caught his attention was her dedication and talent… which he got a glimpse of when he caught her crying one late night in one of the practice rooms. 

Jimin had saw himself in her then and didn’t hesitate to approach and offer a friendly face and comforting encouragement. It was the start of their friendship and soon enough they found themselves seeing each other more often… practicing together… and eventually falling together as well. 

I think Jimin would hide the relationship as well though I don’t think he wouldn’t be completely against the idea of going public too.With the amount of tweets he posts up, I think we can all agree that he’s pretty honest and open to ARMYs so I think he wouldn’t keep this from them for long. I’m sure the fans would be supportive and Jimin is such a sweeite pie, posting subtle tweets about his gf like how that one teddy bear he was hugging was actually a gift for her and he had captioned it: “Jimin junior” that everyone eventually labeled them as #couplegoals #<<insert ship name>>.

The relationship would be sweet and quiet; in a sense that they’re not the type of couple whose faces get plastered on tabloids or online news outlets every other week. If ever they would go public, they wouldn’t make a big deal out of it and carry on dating like normal people would. 

Some normal couple things they’d do: sending good morning/good night messages (which sometimes they get mixed up whenever one is on tour–”Sorry babe, forgot it was night time there. Good night, love you! :* Jimin texts when he got a reply from her telling him to stop texting cause she’s sleeping lol.); giving her a stuffed toy/animal whenever he comes back from tour;  going out to amusement parks in matching masks and hoodies; going to each other’s concerts where everyone would see them jamming to each number and looking at the stage with proud smiles on their faces; late night practices at the studio; ice creams dates on cheat days when they’re on a diet; secret kisses/shy pecks before going onstage if they happen to have a comeback at the same time. <3

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how to be that girl… :P hope you guys enjoyed this!

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phil loves to secretly bake sweets for dan and vice versa. they’ll buy baking supplies in secret and whenever one leaves the flat for an evening, the other will frantically start hustling around in the kitchen and desperately try not to burn down the flat (it nearly happened once). and when they’re back home again, the flat will smell of vanilla and home and they’ll spend the rest of the day nestled in the warmth of each other, nibbling on whatever it was that came out of the oven that day and smile at each other with sweet love because they’ve never had anyone care about them so much before and it makes them so happy

while talking about latin@s in fantasy settings

can you imagine latin@ hobbits

so much of our culture already revolves around food, and family and parties and just celebrating life we are fucking perfect for hobbits don’t even get me started