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This is why temp guns are important and useful tools in the world of reptile keeping! The water felt lukewarm to my fingers but it’s a little too hot to put Damien in. 90-95 is a comfortable temperature for them. If it’s too hot you’ll see them struggling to get out or arching their tail to keep it out of the water. A beardie shouldn’t panic in water unless it’s too deep or not the right temperature.


Today was a sad day….I went for a walk to my favourite place (an abandoned warehouse) to find a load of diggers outside, starting the conversion of it into an industrial building. I managed to sneak round the back and get into it for one last time without the builders noticing.

I have a lot of profound memories in this place and have dedicated an insane amount of time trying to research the use of it; originally it was a buffer food depot in the Second World War on the site of what used to be a train station. After that it has been abandoned for half a century, allegedly home to some ‘junkies’ in the 2000s (hence the graffiti), with little record of it’s use in between. This has been the inspiration for a lot of my personal prose. In fact, I have spent the past 18 months romanticising it’s open-ended history. For some reason it’s cropped up in a myriad of my dreams and I just see it as being a special place, a realm of shadows and echoes. It will be missed.
Secrets of Season 5 Revealed: Here are just some of the secrets from last season revealed through the extra scenes and commentaries.
A Few Quick Notes:

“We get more insight into those at Grady Memorial Hospital, including a ride between police officers Bob Lamson and Amanda Shepherd as well as a scene in which Dawn has to decide what to do with an elderly patient at the hospital who refuses to be treated for a broken hip. Beth finally persuades Dawn to help the man instead of cutting him off … or worse.”

● There are 7 commentary tracks, including No Sanctuary, Self Help, Them, Remember, and Conquer. Hopefully there will be one for Slabtown, or Coda, or both.

“For the scene in “Them” in which Reedus burns himself with a cigarette, the script originally called for the character to cut himself with a knife instead, but the actor worried that would make it look like the tears that followed were because he was crying due to physical, as opposed to emotional, pain. He convinced the producers to change it. (Reedus also got into the mood for the scene by listening to Mazzy Star. Or J Mascics. One of the two. He can’t remember.)”

(a.k.a. further proof that the actors’ input is important to TPTB, and they do have some say when it comes to their characters. Like when they both reject the idea of a romantic pairing because they feel it’s more of a sibling thing. Just sayin’.)

“Look closely in the “Remember” episode, as Nicotero worked in a tribute zombie to Nick Frost’s character from Shaun of the Dead. The zombie is wearing the same “I got wood” T-shirt Nick wore in the film. Also, the shot where Aaron puts a machete in a walker’s head at the booby-trapped food depot in the finale is an homage to a similar shot from the original Dawn of the Dead.”

(a.k.a. still further proof that the little details matter and TPTB love their Easter eggs).

We’re about ready for spring again. In the meantime, you can get started right now indoors by growing microgreens. A window with sunshine and a little care is all you need. 

Get full instructions over at Home Depot’s Garden Club. 

(Image via Plant Chicago on Flickr)

Full convo of Danielle’s puppy story

This started at 7:49PM PST
Danielle: I remember I bought - I got a puppy, after my son was born. Her name was Sofie and she was the cutest little thing in the entire world, but she killed herself.
Jason: What?
Danielle: She starved herself. I was feeding her with a syringe and I went to a track meet and my mom called me and told me that she passed away. She wouldn’t eat, she refused to eat.
Jason: Did you go to a vet and ask what is wrong with this dog?
Danielle: No.
Jason: You just were like trying the syringe thing?
Danielle: Well, I went to a – we have this food depot, it’s like this place with like a bunch of stuff for pets and I went there and was like, “My dog’s not eating.” “Well, what do you normally give her?” “Blue Buffalo.” And they’re like -
Jason: But she’s just a puppy. Was it like Buffalo puppy food?
Danielle: Yeah
Jason: Okay
Danielle: It was like puppy food, but uhm. I guess when they start eating Blue Buffalo, a lot of dogs get so attached to it, they don’t want to eat anything else.
Neeley: Yeah, it is expensive.
Danielle: And at the time, I couldn’t buy the Blue Buffalo brand right now, so I waited a week and I bought a different brand and was like, “Next week, I’ll just buy her the blue buffalo” and within that week, she refused to eat. And at first I didn’t realize she wasn’t eating, I thought my mom was just filling her thing up when I was at school or when I was at work, so I didn’t know she wasn’t eating until she was just laying there, she wasn’t playful, she was just laying in her bed. And like, I’d like pick her up and she was like so weak, and so I took her there. So before I had gone there to get my pet shots, like you can buy shots there and give them to your dog yourself, so I went there and I asked them and they gave me all the medicine and stuff. They gave me PediaSure, and um. Like they gave me this little bottle with a syringe to feed her, and she started doing better but I guess while I was gone she just passed away. And I was so sad, I loved her. It was horrible.
Kryssie: So the vet gave you all that stuff, to give to her, or…?
Danielle: No, the food, the store –
Jason: The pet depot place
Danielle: It’s the feed – it’s for a bunch of different type of animals, [indistinct chatter] it’s a bunch of them. But they have it so you can buy shots for your animals there and stuff like that instead of going to a vet and I definitely couldn’t have afforded to take her to the vet.
Jason: But they’ve got discount vets, like I inherited cats, and you know, to get the shots for animals is usually real expensive, but if you come in there with animals, not even regardless of what your tax bracket is, they’re like this animal needs these things, we can do all these shots that normally cost $500 for $40. Like if you can’t scratch together $40, you should not have a pet.
Neeley: Yeah, no, before I got to Nordstrom, I had the same problem with Cameron. I used to get low cost vacs  -
Jason has a shout out here.
Neeley: They’ll have a banner that says “Low Cost Vaccinations” and stuff.
Kryssie: A lot of places will work out payment plans with you, too, if you’ve got financial issues.
Danielle: I was like choosing better, I was feeding her with the syringe and out of a bottle, with the PediaSure, and she was starting to do better and she was walking around and stuff, and I was just like I need to get her back to where she –
Neeley: Yeah but sometimes it’s where they’re from. Did you get her from a breeder or –
Danielle: No, I bought her off of my friend.
Neeley: Because sometimes, you know, people will sell these puppies and they’ll have all kinds of issues and you just have no idea, and some of these breeders you have to really -
Danielle: Yeah, we thought our dog had gotten sick, we thought she had gotten parvo or something
Neeley: Ohh, that’s bad.
Danielle: Yeah, it was really bad. We were so scared and she hadn’t gotten her shots yet, but she was outside but we weren’t allowed to have dogs in the apartment. So we were like, “There’s not been any dogs out here, there’s just concrete, there’s no dirt, so we can leave her outside while we’re at school.” So we were worried that something had happened to her, that she had gotten parvo or something, so we were like freaking out. Then we put two and two together. They had come and, because the. The apartment next to us had people that had moved out and so their cockroaches were trying to come into our apartment and so we got it sprayed. And so I asked the guy, Do I need to bring my dog inside? Oh, no, this isn’t harmful, to pets. And I’m sure he didn’t know what he was talking about because that’s when she started to get sick and then that’s when we started to go to the feed place and they gave us the medicine for that and then we got the shots, all her shots there, and it was like $20.
Neeley: That’s. They killed my half-sister’s. They used to have Dobermans and that’s what happened, the field next to them, that shit will kill your dog.
Danielle: Yeah, that’s what I figured, that has to be toxic. And I was like, “Do I need to bring my dog inside?” And he was like, “Oh, no, this isn’t harmful, she’ll be okay.”

So in conclusion Dani is not a “puppy killer”. Twitter is going off and dragging her hard. Comparing her to Corey and the way Monte tries to run over squirrels.