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Merle likes to deconstruct his food a lot when it's something like pizza or a burger or a sandwich. Even stews and such because it makes it easier for him to eat the stuff separately. On the flip side I can see Merle stuffing M&M's, skittles, and Reese pieces in his mouth all at once and eating it just because it would probably make Lup and Taako gag.

honestly? id do the second one

merle will pick each individual topping off of a pizza to eat and then eat the pizza plain but will gladly commit that fucking crime against nature like? relatable

                               001. SETTING: LOS ANGELES

LA is one of the biggest cities in the country and so I figured that for my VERY FIRST RPH guide I would provide some information about what living in Los Angeles is actually like. There are so many misconceptions about Los Angeles and California as a whole that I thought I could shed some light so people can have more accuracy in their LA-set rps! Without further ado, here are ten points I thought I’d bring up (and if you have any questions that are more specific, my askbox is open). (Of course, standard disclaimer: these are just my experiences blah blah I’m sure there are people who live here who would disagree with me.)

source: lived in LA my entire life, born here, my parents were born here, my cat was born here, I go to school here, I breathe the smog, etc.

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Inspired by the great pastry chef, Sam Mason, I present to you ladies and gentlemen, my first post!

Even though this recipe started out with 2 ingredients, it’s deconstruction ended up being a tad bit more difficult than I had imagined.

The ingredients: 

Grey Goose Vodka, gelatin, cranberry juice, red food coloring, lime or in this case, a lemon wedge.

The Vodka and Cranberry

  1. I created the gelatin balls by mixing vodka, hot water and gelatin.  I added red food coloring since the cranberry juice turned into a dull purple color when it was heated.  I let the mix sit until it was room temperature (before the heat wave). 
  2. I took out the grape seed oil I froze and waited until it was malleable enough where I was able to mix it. I should have written down the actual temperature of the oil, but at that time, I didn’t have a bakers thermometer.
  3. I then carefully, oh so delicately (not really), grabbed my wooden mixing spoon and dipped it in the cranberry vodka mixture and held it over the oil so that mini liquid droplets would fall into the oil. Presto! The liquid turned into balls about the size of salmon roe, as they fell to the bottom of the container.  After about 15 minutes of making these amazing little creatures, I strained them out of the oil and rinsed in ice cold water.

As I ate this my stomach started to fill up with memories of my pre-21 years of age, college days.  Yes, it tasted exactly like a jello shot!

Although this definitely needed more vodka, I wasn’t disappointed at all. No doubt will I make this again for my next dinner party.