So, it hasn’t occurred to me that other autistic people might not know this, so I figured I’d make a post.

Shopping channel stuff.

If there’s household stuff that you struggle with, for whatever reason, you should probably check out the shopping channels.

A lot of the stuff advertised on those channels is designed for various disabilities, it’s just not advertised as such.

Like, I can’t really use sharp knives for cooking. I don’t have the fine motor skills to use them safely.

But my mum bought a Nicer Dicer from the shopping channel, and it completely removes any danger for me.

[image of the Nicer Dicer]

Of course, it pretty much can’t be hand-washed, and it’s big, so it’s a pain in the dishwasher, but if I can’t get pre-sliced veg, it’s great.

She just bought a new hoover as well that’s a lot more light-weight and maneuverable than the Dyson one we’ve got, and I can finally actually use it with my dyspraxic arms.

Plus it’s quieter, so my headphones block the noise better.

So, yeah, if there’s any household jobs that you really struggle with, there’s probably a shopping channel solution.

Right now at this moment there are Jews preparing for Shabbat. They’re washing their floors. They’re writing their divrei Torah. They’re mentally going over the menu and the guest list, wondering who to seat next to whom to create the most beautiful atmosphere.
Right now at this moment there are Jews assiduously demarcating the meat from the milk dishes. The trusty household red nail polish, or blue stickers, or Sharpie, or however they work, emerges.

Right now, at this moment, there are Jews taking out their sefarim, or finding their podcasts, or notebooks, or opening their laptops, ready to learn Torah. Some are about to learn something that will resonate deep within them, that they will carry like a jewel for years to come.

There are nervous b’nei mitzvah children practising their leining, and nervous adults practising their leining. Chazzanim both lay and professional are wandering their houses absent-mindedly, pouring forth full-bodied prayer. 

Some of us are buying mezuzot. Some are tying tzitzit. Some are immersing in the mikvah; some are joining the Jewish people. And thousands upon thousands of us are filling the homes of Jerusalem, of Paris, of New York, of London, with the smell of baking challah.