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How to win as a foodie on Cinco De Mayo

 When I woke up this morning, my first thought revolved around nachos, and margaritas. Cinco De Mayo is one of the most fun holidays of the year, and Mexican is one of my favorite cuisines.  Hence, a live to eat type of day for myself.  Like I need an excuse to chow down on some chicken nachos, and endless amounts of guacamole and salsa.  Whether you are dining out with family and/or friends, or are feasting in house today, make sure to have a friday festivity.  This is really the first holiday of the year that takes place in warm weather.  Although I woke up to a chilly downpour this morning, that is all the more reason to take my taste buds to the wild side and get the garlic powder and Mexican oregano rocking.  

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So to ensure a win for your appetite, taste buds, and peace of mind make sure the following are in your stomach by the end of day today.  These are the hidden gems that are must eats.  Obviously I fully expect you all to also indulge in the usual suspects, such as chips, guac, salsa, and tacos, but lets get a bit adventurous here! 

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1) Chalupa-  known as a street food in Mexico, who can say no to a thick tortilla that is fried and consists of meat, onion, salsa, and if you are feeling like really going over the top some queso fresco.  

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2) Lamb Barbacoa-  Lamb and Barbacoa next to each other in the same breath should get any mexican cuisine lover excited, and being Cinco De Mayo and Friday makes it a triple whammy! 

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3) Mole Poblano-  A sauce made up of a bunch of awesome ingredients, you don’t need to worry about what they are exactly, ignorance is bliss in this situation, just eat it!  

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4) Chiles En Nogada-  The dish has supposedly been around for almost 200 years, and is a stuffed poblano pepper that is dipped in egg batter, then fried, and topped off with walnut sauce and pomegranate seeds.  Sounds like a mouthful, but wait until you taste.

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Happy Cinco De Mayo and food coma friday everybody!   

Here’s what’s causing your holiday food coma, according to science

  • The larger the meal, the more energy it takes to break it down, said Alyssa Tucci, a nutritionist at Compass Nutrition, in a phone interview.
  • Blood flows to the digestive system, putting less resources to work on other bodily functions — like staying upright and awake.
  • Other than the quantity, the quality of the food also plays a role in your overwhelming grogginess.
  • Starchy, sugary foods have a high glycemic index, which makes your body release lots of the energy-giving sugar glucose.
  • As your blood-sugar levels increase, your pancreas begins to produce the hormone insulin to help your cells store that energy for later.
  • As a result, the sugar is taken from your bloodstream and your blood sugar levels crash. Just thinking about that spike-and-drop sequence is tiring. Read more

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Ok so maaaaaybe any excuse to draw a plumped Rubunny is as good as any, but this will mark my first fat bunny week post heheh!

So @rabbitinafoxden joined in on the stuffed bunny special, and since then demand has absolutely skyrocketed for the tasty taut-tum’d treats~! Poor Rubunny, he’s having to pull some extra shifts and some extra weight around with all that dessert and entrees being stuffed down his gullet for each round~ His uniform hardly fits him anymore!!

Might be time for a vacation soon~…

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