food coma

Here’s what’s causing your holiday food coma, according to science

  • The larger the meal, the more energy it takes to break it down, said Alyssa Tucci, a nutritionist at Compass Nutrition, in a phone interview.
  • Blood flows to the digestive system, putting less resources to work on other bodily functions — like staying upright and awake.
  • Other than the quantity, the quality of the food also plays a role in your overwhelming grogginess.
  • Starchy, sugary foods have a high glycemic index, which makes your body release lots of the energy-giving sugar glucose.
  • As your blood-sugar levels increase, your pancreas begins to produce the hormone insulin to help your cells store that energy for later.
  • As a result, the sugar is taken from your bloodstream and your blood sugar levels crash. Just thinking about that spike-and-drop sequence is tiring. Read more

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Ok so maaaaaybe any excuse to draw a plumped Rubunny is as good as any, but this will mark my first fat bunny week post heheh!

So @rabbitinafoxden joined in on the stuffed bunny special, and since then demand has absolutely skyrocketed for the tasty taut-tum’d treats~! Poor Rubunny, he’s having to pull some extra shifts and some extra weight around with all that dessert and entrees being stuffed down his gullet for each round~ His uniform hardly fits him anymore!!

Might be time for a vacation soon~…

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