food coma


Honey Toast by Jeffrey Chiang


How about a scenario between a guy and a girl, and they just met while eating at a restaurant for a dinner buffet. They’re having a nice and casual convo when the guy catches the girl getting a glimpse of his belly, and he starts to blush and get all embarassed as he subtly fixes his shirt.
They continue on talking and getting to Know each other, when the girl suddenly gets up, and later comes back with a plate full of food. It was some of her favorites, and she insisted he give them a try. She kept bringing him more and more food, and he was starting to get really full, but he didnt want to seem rude. He notices that his shirt is starting to ride up, and while she’s gone, he tries his best to pull it back into place. He stifles a burp and gently rubs his belly before she comes over with yet another plate. He finishes about halfway through before he put his fork down, and politely said,
“Thank you so much for letting me try some of these.. But I’m really getting full..”

“How about some dessert then? They have the most amazing cheesecake here!” She says, almost pleading. Before he could answer, she was already on her way to the dessert bar. He leaned back in his seat slightly as he heard his stomach groan. She came back with two plates worth of different pies, cakes, ice cream, brownies, and other decadents. He gaped at a the food sat before him, and gave a faint smile, and began eating slowly.
About an hour passed of talking and chatting before he finally finished the last bite, and drank nearly a full cup of tea. By this time, he was having trouble breathing and only prayed that the girl wouldn’t look under the table.

“Well it was awesome meeting you!” She said as she got up from the table.

“It was nice-hic!- ”..

She chuckles. “Need some help?” She asks and reaches out her hand. He grabs it, as he heaves himself out of the booth, and looks at her sheepishly. She smiles, and offers to take him home. When they get there, he collapses onto the couch. She smiles and sits next to him, taking another glance at his now rather round and plump middle. She puts a hand over his engorged tummy, and he turns to face her, shock, and confusion plastered all over his blushing face. As his stomach starts to groan and churn, she slowly rubs back and forth, putting slight pressure on some areas to help sooth him. He cant help but feel relaxed as he melts into the couch from her touch. He winced as she pushed down on a tender spot, causing him to burp softly into his hand, as to not be Ill mannered. He kept blushing profusely and told her thanks for everything.
She smiled and said “no problem” as she then started using both hands and rubbed the sides and top of his belly, using her fingernails to draw little trails along the orb of flesh. Before long, she could hear him snoring softly.
She scoots closer to him and gently lays her head on his chest, her face inches away from the towering mass as it moves up and down with each breath he took. She continues on rubbing and squishing his tummy, as she pulls it close, listening to all of the cute noises it made while digesting the food within.

You walk in to a nice warm house after a long hard day. You go in the living room to see your s/o fast asleep on the couch. You look at them shocked, because what threw you off guard was possibly the reason for their slumber. Laying on their back with their head resting on the arm of the couch, they lay there, with their hand resting on a beach ball sized mound from under the blanket, plates and wrappers scattered about the place. They lay there softly snoring, the mound rising and falling with each labored breath they take. You walk over quietly as to not disturb them, and start cleaning up the leftovers. You come back and stare at them for a moment. How in the world..- you stop in mid thought as they shuffle on the couch, their hand rubbing the mound sluggishly and wincing. You walk over and sit next to them at their feet, and slowly reach over to gently pull the red blanket over the mound, exposing their taut belly which is barely being covered at all by the shirt they’re wearing. You can hear all of the upset noises it is currently making, the pain reflecting on its owners face. You hesitate before gently putting your hands on each side of their belly, and gently rubbing in circles pushing down slightly in some areas to relieve the pressure. As you’re doing this, you can feel its contents churning underneath the skin, and you hear your partner moan. Whether in pleasure or from pain, you couldn’t tell and you watched as they looked at you sheepishly with tired eyes. They look down and gently pat the top of their belly and chuckle softly.

“Looks like someone had fun..” You say teasingly.

They look at you and give a crooked smile. “I might have overdone it a bit…”

Food coma

As we walked in the door, she immediately threw into a chair and handcuffed me to it.

We had just returned from dinner. She challenged me to eat double. Our favorite local brewery. Everything was delicious. 3 pizzas and 6 heavy craft beers and I won. Or so I thought.

“Time for desert!” My feedress exclaimed. As she dropped a box of donuts and a carton of chocolate milk, in front of my stuffed stomach.

Before I could say a word, a donut was shoved in my mouth. Every time I opened my mouth, she shoved more donuts in. After every donut, she made me chug the chocolate milk. After six, she finally let me rest.

“Please! No more! So stuffed…”. I begged.

“Nonsense, how much do you weigh? Only 285?!?! We’ve been together for a year now, and you’ve only gained 135 lbs? You need to eat more skinny boy. You will finish this.”

She immediately shoved another donut in my mouth. And I ate as fast as I could. After 9 she straddled my thickening thighs, and fed me more intimately.

“Come on babe, I know you can eat it all! She whispered. "You know you want, no need to get bigger!”

Finally I had finished all the donuts, when she grabbed my newly formed double chins and forced my head back. She then poured the rest of the chocolate milk, directly down my throat.

I had never been more stuffed before in my life. She massaged my overly taught stomach for awhile, before helping my fat, bloated ads to the couch.

As I laid on her on the couch, she caressed and massaged my huge, stuffed tummy while playing with the rest of my rolls.

While jiggling and playing with my huge stomach, she whispered into my ear…

“I can’t wait till this little belly of yours is twice the size!”

As I turned my head to kiss her, she shoved a handful of cake in my mouth. And she didn’t stop until I was stuffed beyond my limits. Beyond all capacity. Food coma.

Cooking with Maffi: McRib


the McRib - this monster that people love and others cross their fingers in defiance upon sight.

Its fairly easy to get the materials (LOL) for it - INGREDIENTS

anyway - just get some nice pork patties or if you are lucky and can find it - the pressed spare rib patties.
super easy - fry patties - slice buns - toast buns - onions and pickles. big deal.

now the sauce tho , thats where it gets juicy.
i tried some sauces - and i am limited there, being in germany.
the closest i could find was Bull’s-Eye BBQ sauce - the Spicy Sweet variant. Also a dash from Jack Daniel’s Smoky BBQ Sauce - really just a bit.

So anyway more specific details.

get some wheat beer - i didnt measure it - but by eye it was about half a whiskey glass - bring it to a boil - it will foam lots - add about 4-5 table spoons of brown sugar - take it from the heat and stir - sugar should dissolve and start smelling malty sweet. then you add the entire bottle of bull’s-eye sauce to it - whammo! - then a table spoon of the jack daniels sauce - stir stir stir.
after that you put the pot on the top again and let it sit there on low heat for about an hour? - you want to warm it up really slowly - no bubbling and no burning - the temperature should be just warm enough to steam a bit but still warm enough to not burn your finger.

thats it really - fry your patties - pull them through the sauce - place it on the bun - garnish with onions and pickles - TADA! you got yourself a dangerously good McRib Rib Sandwich!

just a hint, go easy on the onions, i ate 3 sandwiches because im a glutton and have a nasty food coma now and dont even bother proof reading it. LOL

have fun trying it out.