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Petty opinion time:  for all the times the Night Court’s food is brought up, it is super boring white people food. If SJM had to completely appropriate ME culture for the Night Court, she could have at least had them eating ME food instead of boiled chicken and green beans.



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So anyone that knows me also knows I can’t make a choices, so that’s why there’s so many fucking pictures. Most of them are here for the meaning behind them, but some are because I by some miracle like them!? - Over this year I had a crisis of style and since then I’ve tried to change it up, branch out from the 1 action I used and you know.. Actually edit. Shockingly, I do like the outcome! Soo I made a lil pact that I am gonna continue to try to push myself out of my lazy/comfort zone and keep mixing it up.

ANYWAYS! This is the sappy part right? I’m being bullied to write sappy shit because I’m the sap queen, always got that tear jerking love speech shit on hand. So I’m gonna cut to the chase and start out thanking the two amazing friends I made this year. My Angel Dust, @reveal-the-fkn-sims and my Lemon Drop @dovieplumbs. You two have become greater friends than I anticipated and I can honestly say without you two, this difficult, shitty, trying and testing year would have been a lot harder than it was. Thank you for being everything I needed, giving me everything you have both as friends and as ship partners and for continuing to do so. I think I’ll keep you both x

Generally, I want to thank everyone for following, reblogging, commenting, liking, downloading my shit and to those who messaged me. It makes me fan girl every time. So with that, I’m fucking done. Ya’ll can sod off now. Have a happy new year, get rat arsed, stay safe and have a bloody good night x

my parents are out for a very late anniversary dinner bc their schedules never lined up so i’ve been left alone and the only available options i’m convinced i have are eating the entirety of the box of chicken burgers we have in the freezer or eating four cans of tuna and both sound equally very pleasant

Since we are talking about recovery and coping stuff, I thought I’d throw some stuff out there that helped me. And I’m not saying all of this stuff will work for anyone, but maybe it will, so if you feel up to it, you might try it if you think it’ll help. 

-The big thing for me is that you don’t have to change your whole lifestyle all at once. One example is this: a lot of people hear “try eating healthy” and they think “i have to cut out all sugar and carbs and eat only organic salads for the rest of my life” and stuff, but you don’t!! Even the smallest of changes can help. Some smaller healthy things I used to do (and still do) are 

—When you make ramen, when the noodles are boiling, throw in an egg or two, and some frozen vegetables. it will cook with the noodles with no extra effort on your part, and it’s really good. 

—You don’t have to stop eating when you’re bored but you can swap out the bored-eating foods for carrots or nuts or whatever. (If it’s not overwhelming, I really love apples in peanut butter.)

—Add some spinach to that sandwich. Obviously this won’t work for all sandwiches but I like to add it to my tuna sandwiches and like, sandwiches with lunch meat (when I eat those.) It only takes a couple seconds and I actually like the taste, it adds some crunch but not in a bad way. (I’m really sensitive to texture with my food.)

–For me, it was also really important to not deprive myself. I’ve struggled with EDs (still do) so it was and is really important for me to not get into this mindset of “i’m not allowed to eat this” or “you don’t need this.” I don’t need this blueberry donut, but it makes me happy. It’s okay. Don’t focus on cutting junk food out; focus on working healthy things in. 

-If you’re having a day when you do have more energy than usual? Run with it! It can be hard when you’re used to like…not doing stuff, even when you have the energy, it’s hard to break the habit. But it’s okay if you only do small stuff. Do a load of laundry, or take a shower, or take a walk if you find that that helps you. 

-Identify things that make you unhappy and, if possible, stop doing them. Honestly I didn’t really and truly start healing until I stopped going to church with my parents, because no matter what progress I made, it would just be zapped away when I went to church. Any confidence I built, any small joys I found, just disappeared. If there’s something you do that you don’t have to do and makes you miserable…don’t do it. 

-If your illness gets worse when you go outside, or are around people, you can take it slow and build up a tolerance. I used to get really bad anxiety when I went out and it would just drain all my energy. You can choose places that give you some relative privacy/solitude, are easy to get to, and leave when it gets bad. Spend a half hour at a local park. Or fifteen minutes, or five. Whatever you can do. 

I used to go to the library because I was living with my sister and we had no wifi. I’d hang out in the corner on my own, and it really was the perfect way to slowly acclimate myself. I was doing the same shit I would’ve been doing if I stayed home, it was quiet, I was given space (most of the time), but I was out of the house and there was sunshine coming from the windows. 

-If it’s warm, you can go outside and lay in the sun. If not having something to do makes you anxious, take a book or a coloring book. I used to lay out in the sun with my dog for a few minutes each day and it really did help. 

-Try to remember, if you can, times that you were happy, or like, less sad. Try to recreate those circumstances, if possible. One thing about MI is that it makes it really hard to keep track of the correlation between environment and emotions, because most of the time you’re just fucked up for no reason. But environmental influences can still be things, and keeping track of them can really help. (I guess this is the flip side to “don’t do things that make you miserable.” DO do things that make you less miserable.)

-One thing that helps me with executive dysfunction is to just take it one step at a time. Don’t think about what you’re doing as “getting dressed.” Just think about the first thing you need to do. Go get a shirt. Okay, good. Put the shirt on. Good. Find some pants. Good. Put the pants on. Good. Etc. 

I’m autistic so this is something I still do with myself all the time, and it’s a method I taught my nephew, who is also autistic. One time I was at their house and my sister told him to clean the bathroom and he went in there and he just like. Stood there, and I was like, “okay, I think I know what’s going on.” So I went in and asked if I could help, and I walked him through it. “Okay, put away the toothpaste. Good. Now put away the toothbrushes. Good.” According to my sister he still uses this method. 

-Gummy vitamins are good because I wake up, I see the gummy vitamin bottle, I’m like “sweet, gummy vitamins!” and then I remember I also have to take my meds and it’s very helpful. 

-If you have trouble talking to your therapist or psychiatrist, write down the stuff you want to say beforehand, and then let them read it when you get there. That’s the only way I finally got diagnosed with bipolar disorder; I could never really talk or be honest with my psychs so I just lied and said I was okay, but finally I wrote down everything and handed it to my psych and when she read it and didn’t immediately laugh at me or throw me out it was a lot easier to answer her questions. I was diagnosed probably like a couple minutes later. 

Like I said, I can’t promise this will work for everyone. It probably won’t. But if you’re up to it, and you don’t think it’ll hurt, it might be worth a shot. That’s all.  

the secret history is one of the worst things i’ve ever read and i’m only on part 2 of 28. going from river of teeth and bad feminist to this is just… The Worst.

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Director Sanvers prompt: one of them is recovering from knee surgery and is also v unlikely to sit still etc so the others try and take their mind off it in ways including but not limited to googly eyes on the knee and blanket forts

Well this doesn’t seem targeted straight for @onefootone at all, does it?

As many times as Agent Danvers had taken a hit and kept on trucking, Dr. Hamilton had warned her that the damage was only compounding, that things would only get worse as she got older, that things were no longer healing like they had fresh out of grad school and eventually something would break that could not be fixed. Dr. Hamilton was hopeful that the surgery went well, that Alex would be back on her feet soon enough, but she was still confined to at least a weekend of bed rest, several weeks of leave, and, at bare minimum, eight weeks of physical therapy before she could even be considered for fitness trials to get back in the field.

The worst part though, was that her knee hadn’t torn during some daring rescue of her idiot Kryptonian sister or the adopted little brother with horrible taste in women, or even a motorcycle accident, no, Alex Danvers, professional badass, tore her ACL at the NCSPCA Puppy Run when she was tackled by an excitable Newfoundland.

Dangerous hadn’t looked so cute since the Sawyer took a pipe to an Infernian.

She hadn’t even been home for three hours before the boredom set in, not that anyone was surprised. Anyone being the unfortunate Lucy Lane and Maggie Sawyer, purveyors of distractions and babysitters of injured girlfriends.

“I don’t need a babysitter.”

Lucy snorted. “You literally just tried to walk to the kitchen without your crutches.”

“It’s like five feet from the couch.”

“Hamilton said bedrest, Danvers, you’re lucky we haven’t handcuffed you to the headboard.”

“I’d be luckier if you did.”

“Ha! You’d be whining even more, Danvers, be real.” Maggie laughed. “You’d be all pretty and tied down and you aren’t cleared for anything fun.”

Alex threw her head back against the couch, letting her neck curve over the back so Maggie, in the kitchen, could sort of be in her range of vision again. “Please, Sawyer, you two have proven time and again we can have plenty of fun when I can’t move.”

Maggie walked back over and dropped a plate of food gently in Alex’s lap, giving her a kiss to the forehead before settling in next to Lucy. “Be that as it may, the answer is no. Not until the stitches aren’t at risk of tearing.”

“Even then, you’re definitely getting tied down,” Lucy promised. “I wouldn’t want you undoing all of Hamilton’s hard work.”

“You’re no fun.”

Lucy reached up to twirl a lock of Maggie’s hair, smiling devilishly at her injured girlfriend, almost purring as she said, “Oh you know that’s not true.”

“But I’m bored.”

“Eat your food.”

“Eating is boring.”

“That’s not what you before.”

“Eating food is boring.”

“Read your weird science journals.”

“The new one hasn’t come yet.”

“Turn on Netflix.”

“TV is boring.”

Maggie watched the two smartest women she knew argue like kindergartners, They were both ridiculous. And they would continue to be ridiculous, she knew, until they found something appropriately distracting. She got up from the couch, first stopping by the bed to grab pillows and blankets, dumping them by the still arguing children, before hitting up the linen closet for all of the spare pillows and blankets Alex kept in what was quickly becoming their apartment. From the utility closet she grabbed the ladder that James had gotten her as a joke (so you can reach the top shelf in the kitchen, Sawyer) because he was an asshole just like the rest of her friends, and that was set up near Alex’s side of the couch. She pulled the lamp off the end table and stacked a dining chair on top, shoving a throw pillow in between its legs for stability.

Her girlfriends had stopped arguing, instead watching Maggie move Alex’s furniture around like Legos, content to watch her work. When Maggie was sure the chair wasn’t going to fall, she took another two chairs to stack behind the couch, one inverted over the other. Only then did she move for the comforter, thankful for yet another reason that Alex had such a ridiculously large bed, because it never worked quite right when the blankets weren’t long enough. Very carefully, she draped one end over the edge of the ladder, tying a corner around it and securing the knot with a hair tie. Then, she paced carefully around the back of the couch, dragging the blanket over the stacked chairs, to the far end of the couch. Over the top of that chair, there was just enough to secure that end to the leg of the end table.

Her girlfriends’ heads barely had clearance, but Maggie was satisfied the construction of her little love tent. Next came the mountains of pillows, some shoved from the ground to just under Alex’s massive knee brace, her leg suspended on the coffee table. Others, she tucked around her girlfriends, saving a few for herself.

“Maggie, what are you doing?” asked Alex.

“Entertaining you.”

“Well it’s entertaining to watch at any rate, but what is the plan here?” continued Lucy.

Maggie rolled her eyes, still roaming around the apartment. In the coat closet she found the box of kids’ art supplies that she regularly used to entertain the younger Danvers on bad days, complete with coloring books, glitter, and googly eyes. That too, joined the couch party, as did the remote. Maggie turned on Netflix and set phasers to gay (this week that meant Wynonna Earp).

Finally content with her work, she once again settled in between her favorite girls, box of art supplies in her lap. “While Danvers finishes her food and takes her pills, we’re going to watch some un-apologetically queer Supernatural. And then we’re going to color, because if you two are going to act like you’re five we might as well relive the fun parts.”

Alex grinned. “Pillow forts and coloring?”

Maggie nodded decisively, “Yes. And if you’re good maybe we’ll try fingerpainting in a few days.”

Lucy snickered, “Hamilton has to clear her first.”

Maggie smacked a coloring book into Lucy’s hands, “Shut up and color, Lane.”

It wouldn’t last forever, but it would last until the painkillers kicked in. And maybe Lucy and Alex would fall asleep to the dulcet tones of hell reclaiming its own, and maybe they may have found themselves with googly eyes stuck to their closed eyelids. There was a chance that photographic proof may have been sent to the Space Fam, and possibly posted to Maggie’s Instagram.

But for now, Alex was happily asleep with a coloring book held loose in her hands, Lucy’s head was pillowed in Maggie’s lap, and she could finally watch a healthy queer relationship where nobody dies and her girlfriends can’t talk through all the good parts.