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Hi I haven't asked for my prize yet because I am honestly still shocked I won that thing holy shit (I nearly asked for a 5000 word essay on why you even CONSIDERED me in Arial font size 12 on my desk by Monday but) but I just want to say you are super cool and for my prize can I have chubbykid!dean and chubbykid!cas at school headcanons (or fic if you want) and also I would like some pizza and your eternal friendship idk

because u r amazing that’s why u won.

It started when they were 10.

Dean didn’t have a lot of friends, but he didn’t care. He liked sitting with Jo and Ash at an eight-person table at lunch every day. That’s how it had always been, since they were 6. 

It started when they were 10. Fifth grade. Dean had noticed Castiel Novak before, they had been in the same second grade class, but something happened in between fourth and fifth grade. Castiel had gotten fat.

Wait, that’s not a nice term—Cas had just, well, he had gained a little weight. That’s all. He was about as big as Dean now, and according to his little brother, Dean wasn’t allowed to call himself fat. So that means he shouldn’t say it about Cas either.

It started when they were 10. Cas still sat with his huge group of friends—the “popular” kids—at lunch, but something was wrong. He wasn’t eating much. Dean doesn’t know why he even noticed, but since he did he couldn’t stop thinking about it. Cas looked starving and miserable, but he barely ate more than half a sandwich every day. After watching this for two weeks, Dean decided to do something about it. He started packing extra food in his lunchbox every day, and as they waited for the bus after school Dean would offer the food to Cas like he was just sharing his snack.

Castiel always ate whatever Dean gave him, quickly and desperately.

One day, Dean starts talking to Cas. Not really about anything in particular, but that’s how it starts. They talk every day at the bus stop, and it becomes the best part of Dean’s day.

When they’re 11, Dean invites Cas over to his apartment to watch Godzilla movies and sleep over.

“Holy cow, you have cinnamon toast crunch,” Cas says as soon as he walks in. He had immediately gone to the pantry.

“Um, yeah,” Dean says with a laugh. “You don’t have cereal at your house?”

“Yeah, but not sugary cereal.” Cas keeps looking at all the food. “You have Oreos. And chips. You eat all of this stuff?”

Dean crosses his arms over his chest self-consciously. Duh, he eats all of this stuff. According to his dad, that’s why he’s fat in the first place. “Yep.”

Cas’ face falls. “My parents don’t let me eat anything.”

“What? Are you serious?”

Cas scratches his belly and keeps staring at all the food. “They lock up all the ‘bad’ stuff and only let my sister have any of it. They did that after I…you know.”

“Because you got—gained weight?”

“Yes. What are your parents like?” Cas looks around the room as if he’s just now noticed that there are no parents here.

“My dad’s never here. I take care of my brother and pretty much do whatever I want.” Dean doesn’t want to talk about his mom.

Cas’ eyes go wide. “So…we can do anything?”

“Anything” to Cas means eating everything in the Winchesters’ apartment. They sit on Dean’s bed, put on a movie, and surround themselves with snacks until they run out and have to go back to the kitchen for more. Sam joins them, too, but he gets a stomach ache long before they’re ready to quit. Dean’s never eaten so much sugar in his life. It feels awesome.

Things change after that. Cas starts coming over every weekend, and he and Dean go all over the place trying every type of bad food imaginable. They get candy apples at the mall, corn dogs at the stand down the street, burritos at the Mexican place in town. They eat like kings, because it might be the only good meal Cas gets for a while.

When they’re 12, Dean begins to wonder if Cas is only friends with him for the food. It hurts to think that might be the case, but Dean won’t let his friend starve. Besides, Cas is the happiest when he’s got a mouthful of food. Nothing makes Dean happier than seeing Cas happy.

When they’re 13, they start getting picked on at school. Sam still tells Dean not to call himself fat, but that doesn’t stop all the kids at school from saying it. It makes Dean overeat all the time, and the one time he goes to the doctor the words “childhood obesity” are thrown around. Cas is bigger than him now. It’s not as happy anymore when they go on their food excursions every weekend.

When they’re 14, they both hit puberty and lose a combined 65 pounds.

While they’re sitting on Dean’s bed sharing a carton of ice cream one Friday night, Cas drops his spoon, leans over and gives Dean a cold, chocolatey kiss.

They start getting picked on for something completely different, something awesome. Dean never wonders again if Cas just likes him for his food.