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Joker Imagine - Sugar Daddy

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can you do a joker x reader where the reader becomes homeless because she can’t afford rent and can’t get a job or anything like that and the Joker finds her and takes her in and takes care of her and gives her everything she needs and wants and during this whole thing they fall in love

Warnings: None? He’s just gonna become your sugar daddy, so prepare yourselves I guess :)

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Your P.O.V.

Gotham’s dark and criminal streets weren’t the safest ones to live in. But I had absolutely no choice but to live here. My ex co-workers had done me nasty which made my boss fire me. I couldn’t get a job in time so I lost my apartment. You know what they say, you know who your real friends are if they’re with you through thick and thin. I guess I had none since they all cut me out as I became homeless.

I was determined to survive tho. Luckily, I knew self-defence and I was pretty tough. During the few hard weeks I had gotten to know people, the good and the bad. I knew pretty much who I could trust and who I should avoid, I got myself a backpack with a bottle I always filled with water, a dirty blanket, some cash and even a knife. I kept the knife in my hoodie tho, because I could need it at any time.

Today was just another casual, rainy and cold day. Gotham was busy as people walked through without even noticing me. Well, it was a good thing they didn’t. I was sitting on someone’s balcony, looking down at the people.I needed more cash so I could buy food. My eyes scanned an alley beside a club. A teenage boy in way too fancy clothes just sat there, looking at his phone. Perfect.

I jumped down smoothly, landing on my feet without getting hurt.Then I looked around me, searching for cars and police. My route was clear so I got on the other side of the way. The boy hadn’t noticed me at all. He had long,dark eyelashes, tan skin and his jacket looked as expensive as the rent of my old apartment, which was way too high for a jobless person.

Just as I tried to snatch his wallet, someone bumped into me. I messed up my steps but I caught my balance just in time. My heart jumped to my throat as a fist was coming straight towards me. ‘’Hey!’’ I screamed and dodged by lowered my head. Then I leaped against the tall man in front of me. I was taken by surprise and the adrenaline rush didn’t allow me to focus on details.

I kicked his chest and then I took a few steps back. The person was wearing a black mask with two holes in it for eyes. Quickly, I ran towards him and secretly grabbed my knife. He attempted to grab my waist and I let him. As his strong arms held me, I dug my sharp knife deep in his back. It felt disgusting as the sharp blade pierced his flesh and blood oozed out of the wound. His arms tensed but he didn’t hold me anymore.

I pulled my knife out and then ran away from him, worried the police would come. What the fuck just happened? Who was that? I had no idea why they attacked me and it was creeping me out. As I looked back, I noticed he was chasing me. Running would be useless unless I could climb up. I look to my right and I saw the entrance to the club. Without any hesitation, I ran inside although it was too early for it to be packed.

I entered the building that smelled like alcohol and cigarettes. My heart was jumping in my throat and my body could barely stand still thanks to the boost of adrenaline. I saw a very fancy bar, a shiny dancefloor, some purple and gold booths that were empty now. A green haired man caught my attention. He was staring at me with a red smile that sent shivers down my core.

It was the Joker!

Before my brains could process the fact I was staring at Gotham’s most wanted, someone pushed me from my behind. I was sent harshly towards one of the tables but my mind worked quickly and I used it for my good. As I hit the table, I turned around so I was on my back. The man I had stabbed ran towards me and I got just enough time to kick his chest. His wound had made him weaker but it seemed like he wanted revenge for it.

He stumbled back a little bit. I got off the table and literally jumped at him, wrapping my legs around his neck and I squeezed all the air out of him. His hands touched my legs and he tried to claw me through my jeans. It didn’t really work out. 

‘‘Leave me alone!’‘ I screamed at the stranger who so badly wanted to hurt me. His eyes were turning red as his skin got a shade of purple on it. Suddenly, he fell back on his back. I did a somersault to avoid getting my ankles broken from the fall. As I stood up, a third person joined this moment.

It was the Joker. I watched as he loaded his gun and pulled the trigger like it was nothing, splashing the man’s brains on the club floor. My eyes widened and I gasped, shocked as I saw how easily he killed off the stranger. ‘’You’ve impressed me’’ He spoke to me and I heard the raspiness in his voice.

I glanced at his hand that held the gun. Would he shoot me as well? ‘’Don’t worry, I’m not going to let such a beautiful yet dangerous doll go to waste’’ He laughed as he put his gun into a black holster. I licked my dry lips and then tried to relax. So far, he didn’t seem like a threat to me.

‘‘What’s your name? Why did this scumbag chase you to me?’‘ The Joker tried to make a conversation with me. It had been weeks since I had an actual conversation so I felt a little weirded out. I stood up straight and sighed. ‘‘I’m Y/N. I-I don’t really know. I was going to steal a wallet but he came out of nowhere’’ I admitted my plans for some reasons. Joker gave me a confused look and he walked closer to me, avoiding the pool of blood on the floor.

‘‘Why would you need to steal a wallet, pumpkin?’‘ He asked me curiously, calling me pumpkin either to make me trust him or just because it was his way of communicating. A blush heated up my cheeks and I looked down, almost ashamed of telling the Joker this.

‘‘I’m homeless’‘ I let him know quietly, then wondering why the hell I still was here. According to the other homeless people I knew, who happened to be criminals, I should’ve ran off ages ago. They told me to never do business with this man but as I stood in front of him, I felt intrigued.

‘‘Well I think we could change that’‘ He purred mysteriously, causing me to face the clown prince of crime. My eyes widened and for the first time in forever, I felt hopeful. ‘‘What- how?’‘ I asked him, showing way too much interest. The Joker smiled and I saw his metal grillz. I also noticed that he had a few scars from battles, very crimson lips and beautiful, icy blue eyes. It all fit together in a strange way.

‘‘Well if you’re as skilled as I just saw, we could make a deal. You bring mayhem with me and I will let you stay in my penthouse’‘ He offered me a deal that sounded rather alluring, almost too good to be true. My lips parted and I tried to think but I was too shocked to do that. Even the thought of a warm bed, food, shelter caused my body to tingle from excitement. 

‘‘So, what do you say Y/N. Do we have a deal?’‘ The Joker wanted to know and he reached out his hand for me. It didn’t take too long for me to act. ‘‘We do’‘ I smiled and shook his hand, having no idea what I just put myself into.


It had been six months since Mr.J had offered me the deal of a lifetime that I had accepted. During that time, he had spoiled me in a way I didn’t expect from a man like him. It turned out he liked spoiling me, like a sugar daddy. In the beginning, I had my own room but the tension between us grew and we ended up sharing a bed.

The Joker and I were a power couple in Gotham. Batman probably hated us but we had an amazing time with little tricks here and there. Today I had something special in mind for him, almost like a thank you for everything. As he was somewhere with Frost and everyone, I was alone in the fancy ass penthouse.

I roamed through my old room that worked as a wardrobe and make-up room. I had just taken a long bath and I was only wearing my baby pink bathrobe and my hair was wrapped into a white towel that soaked the water out. I looked around curiously, hoping I could find the perfect clothes for tonight. I really wanted to surprise Mr.J.

I put together something I thought he’d like; a white bra covered in lace, matching panties, some white straps that went around my waist, stay-up stockings with small jewels and they were connected to my panties with white straps, golden heels, a diamond choker and to stay warm, a golden kimono. 

I did my hair and make-up the way I liked it and then I just waited. As I roamed around the penthouse, I began to think. As my fingers touched the home bar, I sighed. If it wasn’t for Mr.J, I’d probably still sit on the streets, freezing off my ass. Perhaps I would’ve died by now. 

My eyes looked outside the huge windows and I saw Gotham. It was dark outside and some stars tried to come through the clouds that hung above the city. From up here, it seemed like a completely normal city. But I knew it by core. It was dark and full of crime. It was beautiful to look at from here. Buildings were full of lights and I saw people walking around in groups.

All the chaos J and I could bring was catastrophic. For new year, we had planned a huge explosion in the sky with confetti and money we’d steal from the bank. It’s not that we were interested in making a charity, all the money we’d give out would cause trouble. Just to wish Batman a happy new year, you know?

My thoughts vanished as I heard the door opening. Quickly, I ran behind the wall so I could surprise J. ‘’Kitten, where are you?’’ J called out for me. I could tell by his voice that he was in a good mood. Footsteps approached me so I held my breath and pressed my back against the cold, living room wall. He walked past me and stopped, obviously noticing the lay out on the glass table, wine and champagne.

I turned on the lights and he turned around to look at me. I smiled confidently and let the kimono fall on the dark grey floor. J’s eyes widened and his lips curved into an ‘o’ as he whistled. ‘’Well, well, well what is this for?’’ He purred and licked his lips hungrily, making me oh so excited for this.

‘‘Welcome home J. I just thought I could thank you for everything’‘ I let him know warmly and walked past him. He looked closely as I bent down to pour of some champagne. I put my ass up in the air teasingly, most definitely on purpose. As I felt his warm hand rubbing my skin, I stood up straight and handed him a glass. ‘‘Be patient, daddy. We’ve got all night’‘ I whispered seducingly and then offered him a sweet smile. He took the glass and smirked before tasting the drink.

I drank as well, loving the bubbly liquid I downed easily. I didn’t want to get drunk tho. ‘’You look desirable, doll. I can’t wait to tear all these clothes off of you’’ J murmured into my ear deeply, almost making me sway. His words did magic to me. ‘’Oh J-’’ I started and put my hand on his chest. He was wearing a silky white button-up but not for long. I began to unbutton his shirt slowly, that too of course on purpose. 

‘‘You haven’t seen everything, just wait until you see the bedroom’‘ I let him know joyfully. Then I bit my lower lip and pulled off his shirt, placing it on the red couch. ‘‘I should leave you alone more often if it means I’ll come home to this’‘ He chuckled and grabbed my wrists, pulling me so close that our bodies touched. He leaned down until our noses touched and I felt an overwhelming desire to kiss his damn lips.

Without hesitation, we shut the distance between us and forgot about the champagne as we melted into a very rough yet hungry kiss.