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sometimes in your freelancing career, you are hired to draw something that does not quite jive with your personal ideology.

For example, this comic I drew back in 2014 shows how I actually feel about “recommended” portions of pasta:

these illustrations are part of an ongoing freelance gig. Visit this tag to see the completed set so far!


Pantone Smoothies by Hedvig Astrom Kushner 

Hedvig is  an Art Director at Mother New York and she started this fun little project in the beginning of the summer (non commissioned). She makes a lot of smoothies and discovered it works like mixing paint. Add raspberries, get a hot pink hue, add tofu and the color gets softened. 

All the recipes are very healthy and mostly vegan and what’s even greater, you can follow the instructions to create your own Pantone Smoothies. The project was done in collaboration with photographer Michael Kushner. The pics are all taken in the office basement at Mother, on colored paper in a light box. 


Today the Department of Tiny Treasures is delighting in the awesomely small and detailed paintings and drawings created by Goshen, Indiana-based miniaturist Brooke Rothshank.

With a diverse range of subject matter including all sorts of animals, objects, foods, portraits, and pop culture characters, Rothshank shares one work of miniature art every day via her Instagram account.

She also sells her itty-bitty artwork via the Rothshank Artworks Etsy shop where you’ll also find ceramics made by her husband, ceramic artist Justin Rothshank.

[via deMilked]


Food Art by Diego Cusano

Diego Cusano is a successful musician and graphic designer from Italy, who describes himself as fantasy researcher. He uses food to create amazing illustrations see also the previous post

I started watching things from a different point of view, and from this new approach I started creating the illustrations that, since than, I’m publishing each day on the social networks: objects change their native function, through the graphic, to a new, different, unpredictable function.

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