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🖤🍦When in doubt ice cream 🍦🖤 I had to try these black ice creams I’ve seen on insta so I headed to Downtown LA to Little Damage and had their current vegan soft serve which is almond butter and strawberry jam with Oreo crumbles to keep being extra
Disclaimer : I was told they couldn’t guarantee that their black cones were vegan so I transferred my soft serve to a cup after the pic, what I wouldn’t do for aesthetics haha

Liquid white gold drink

Anyone need a warm drink with natural flavours and a soothing aroma? Here’s a recipe!

• 1 cup milk or milk substitute
• a teaspoon of honey
• a sprinkle of cinnamon
• about a half teaspoon of vanilla

It’s sweet, it’s warm, it could probably be made into ice cream if I tried! Enjoy!

Been looking into some stuff for myself so I’m going to put this in a kin recipes tag.
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