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With Trump looming, LA just made it safer for immigrant street vendors to do their jobs

  • This week, Los Angeles lawmakers took a major step towards protectin gimmigrant street vendors.
  • Such vendors had been at risk of facing misdemeanor charges for selling food or other goods on the sidewalk, according to the Los Angeles Times. 
  • And for someone who is undocumented, criminal charges come with the threat of possible deportation. 
  • But that risk is gone, thanks to new measures from the city’s lawmakers.
  • On Tuesday, the city council moved forward with a plan to decriminalize street vending and will create rules that will eventually allow for legal permits for vendors. Read more

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Items from various Mariscos joints all over Boyle Heights (Los Angeles).

Mariscos Cuyutlán Colima truck, roaming the streets for 40 years + caldo de camarón at their joint on the corner of 1st & Breed St. Mariscos Silvia’s estilo Colima truck at S. Soto & Hostetter + their tacos de camarón suaves, meaning soft tortillas instead of fried. Vuelve à la vida, the “come back to life” seafood cocktail at Mariscos Linda on Olympic + their whole mojarra frita al mojo de ajo. Tostada de ceviche mixta at Mariscos El Jato on 4th St. containing soft braised pulpo (octopus) + camarón and pescado. Local hot sauce Salsa Sinaloa + the well known aguachile and deep fried taco dorado de camarón at Marisco Jalisco on Olympic.

Just a few of the points of light in The Mariscos Way.