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What do they all have in common?


Everyone's been talking about how Chloe causes most of the Akumas...

So I decided to count exactly how many. *ahem* 1

9/19 akumas that she in some way caused, not including herself. Way to go, Bourgeois.

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Screw You - Doctor Strange x Reader [SMUT]

Title: Screw You - Doctor Strange x Reader [Smut]

Pairing: Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange) x reader

Characters: Reader, Stephen Strange and Tony Stark (There is no one better to interrupt smut)

Request:  #4 “There you go again: walking away from me when I’m trying to have a decent conversation with you." 

#10 "It’s not what it looks like…" 

#11 "Screw you." 

Loved this request anon :) So much fun to write <3

Summary: You love the doctor, no doubt about it. But happens when he confronts you about your feelings in the kitchen? Smut ensues…

Word Count: 1520

Warnings: Smut ensues with the cape of levitation getting involved… Read at your own risk for some smutty cape scenes with the Doctor himself. 

A/N:  Christine doesn’t exist for this request even though I love her character in the new film. I wrote this to the song Starboy by the Weeknd ft. Daft Punk. It inspired me I suppose, I’m not sure how… Perhaps the beat? 

I loved Doctor Strange so much! I can’t wait to see it again tomorrow with my best friend!!! :) 

If you have any requests then please do message me or drop a comment on here :)


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Kevin Khatchadourian x Reader

Request: Kevin x Male Reader

I dont know, this kinda sucked, I didn’t have any ideas so I just went with the first thing that came into my head. Idk, it could’ve been worse aye!

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Kevin knew everything about you.

Everything. Even the creepy stuff, like your preferred underwear brand, which he knew by staring at your ass non-stop, only seeing the same brand over and over. Kevin was cocky, that’s just who he was. He wanted you, and he would have you. 

When he would make an approach, it would always come out in a rather… angry way; which wasn’t on purpose, he just couldn’t help it, that’s just how he was. He would always watch you like a hawk, monitoring your every move, if you moved. He moved. 

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  • Aries: Plays games on their phone
  • Taurus: Kicks the back of the seat in front of them
  • Gemini: Tries to talk to the people sitting next to them
  • Cancer: Cries in fear
  • Leo: Checks the time every 10 minutes until they land
  • Virgo: Reads a book or 5
  • Libra: Sleeps
  • Scorpio: Stares out the window
  • Sagittarius: Watches Netflix the whole time
  • Capricorn: Takes up all the seats so no one sits next to them
  • Aquarius: Spends money on food and wifi
  • Pisces: Listens to music