it was a gorgeous day over in Ireland today hitting 29 degrees 👌 a perfect day to get the bbq going, we had steaks, burgers, sausages and seasoned chicken. I had a bitta salad with my dinner. Over all I’d have to say the bbq was fab. Great food and great taste hats of too the chef Noel Aiken 🙊💞


Since I keep seeing that it’s ‘Daredevil Week’ (I mean, let’s be honest, every week is Daredevil week really…) I decided to make this oh, so creamy treat.

Presenting the “Avocados at Law” Smoothie!

Yes. Avocados in a smoothie. Although, not a leap for some, this may seem strange to others. You see, avocados are often used in milkshakes and ice cream in Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam. They are also used in certain desserts in Brazil.

Avocados are so versatile. You can make dips, put them on burgers, smash them and eat it on toast, they’re even used in dozens of different sushi rolls. Their distinct, subtle flavor and silky smooth texture is a great compliment to many smoothies. For this one though, we’re letting this fruit (berry? That’s up for debate) shine. No cover up flavors like mango or banana, even though those combinations are delicious, we want the avocado to take center stage here.

This recipe is so simple, rich and thick. I hope you enjoy it!

Daredevil’s Avocados at Law Smoothie:


1 ripe avocado
7 oz. of milk
6-8 ice cubes
2 tbs sugar/honey (add/subtract depending on how sweet you’d like it.)

Instructions, Notes and Guidelines:

I like to start by adding the ice and half the milk in the blender. Blend until most of the ice is broken up. Cut avocado in half, remove pit, use a spoon to scoop it all out. Add the avocado, sugar and the rest of the milk. Blend until smooth. Serve and enjoy.

Makes enough for 2 people or 1 lawyer by day/crime fighting superhero by night (who doesn’t get nearly enough sleep.)