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I just love how open and real Louis is with us. He doesn't hide his relationships away and never has done. I like how down to earth he is and how lacking in pretension. The snobby Larries should go stan someone who loves gourmet food, designer clothes and top secret relationships.

Unfortunately I do think he’s tried to alter how public he is about himself because of Larries.

It’s hard trying to show the things that mean a lot to you when you have a fandom baited to bully and mock and laugh about them.

But I agree with you, Louis is normally very honest and upfront. I think part of why he enjoys his Adidas/junk food is that it’s really normal and unpretentious and I don’t think he idealizes or fantasizes about living some more uptight posh life. I think he finds a lot of that obnoxious and just not him.


i mobstucked

i call this one ‘Ritsu has a sweet tooth and makes massive mistakes’


My love for Love Live! and food is expressed here lol.

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