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Since people seem to really like my Keith meta, I have more feat. Galra Keith theory and my personal brand on how I feel like Keith looking human actually works, and the practicality of being an unwitting alien. This retreads a bit of some older posts so followers may see some repetition.

I know the fandom loves their mildly body-horror-ish idea of Sudden Alien Second Puberty but I’m more focused on the way that Haggar in the final episode proved to be a very skilled illusionist who was able to change her appearance and create duplicates of herself using her power.

That’s my thinking of what’s up with Keith. He’s basically just a Galra, with a glamour slapped over the top that’s convincing enough someone can like. brush his arm and not go “hey wait why are you fuzzy.” But the underlying anatomy and instincts are totally unchanged. 

So I like the idea that things have always been kind of weird for Keith in a way that he hasn’t really had the right words or resources to articulate

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