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DTR bio

name: Anthony Edward Stark

nickname: T1, Ducky, babe 1

height: 5ft 8in

weight: 195 lbs

date and place of birth: May 29, 1970, New York

hobby: tinkering, building things

fav food: burgers, mac and cheese

least favorite food: celery stalks, except that he can eat everything

food allergy: none

fav place: his workshop, the beach


name: Anthony Richard Stark

nickname: T2, Minnie, Tony’s better half, babe 2, other me and double me by Tony

height: 5ft 8in

weight: 180 lbs

date and place of birth: May 29, 1970, New York

hobby: tinkering, building things

fav food: burgers, spaghetti and meatballs,

least favorite food: olives, except that he can eat everything

food allergy:  none

fav place: his workshop, the beach


name: Steven Grant Rogers

nickname: S1

height: 6ft 0in

weight: 240 lbs

date and place of birth: July 4, 1918, New York

hobby: working out, reading, sketching, riding on a bike

fav food: hot dogs, ice cream, spinach lasagna

least favorite food: sushi

food allergy: he is lactose intolerant, but loves ice cream anyway

fav place: his gym, living room


name:  Steven Kent Rogers

nickname: S2

height: 6ft 0in

weight: 250 lbs

date and place of birth: July 4, 1918, New York

hobby: working out, reading, sketching, riding on a bike

fav food: hot dogs, ice cream, pot roast with potatoes, he is a typical meat eater

least favorite food: not picky, but not a fan of nuts due to his allergy

food allergy: nuts of all sorts, but he can eat them, his tongue gets swollen, but serum tames it down

fav place: his gym, living room

different headcanon questions!!

1. What are three Netflix shows that they’ve rated five stars?
2. Where do they prefer to read? On the sofa, in bed, at a table, on the porch, in a cafe?
3. Do they like to play games? What kind of games: video, card, board? What are some of their favorites?
4. What’s their food weakness? What food can they never turn down?
5. Do they prefer movies or TV shows? Why?
6. What holiday is their favorite? Which is their least favorite?
7. What’s their diet like? Are they vegetarian, vegan? Do they have any food allergies that make them have a special diet?
8. What sort of toys did they play with as a child?
9. How often do they go grocery shopping? Do they tend to do one large trip, or smaller ones throughout the week?
10. Do they eat breakfast? What’s a typical breakfast look like for them?
11. Do they like going to museums? What type of museums do they like to go to? Art, science, historical; interactive, quiet, a mix?
12. How do they organize their books? Alphabetical by author, by title? By size, color, date published? Is there any rhyme or reason?
13. Have they ever been do Disney World/Land, or any other amusement park? What do they prefer to do at them: go on the rides, play the games, eat the food?
14. How do they eat their popcorn? What do they put on it?
15. When do they pay their bills? As soon as the bill comes in? At the last moment? Or are most of their bills automatically taken out of their account?
16. What time do they normally go to bed? How many hours of sleep do they usually need to function in the morning?
17. Do they have cable, or do they rely mostly on Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming services?
18. What is their preferred weather? What would be a perfect weather day?
19. Are they more of a snacker throughout the day, or they eat three meals and call it a day?
20. Have they ever had an imaginary friend?
21. What were they a part of in high school/college, if they went? Were they a part of any clubs, did they play any sports? What clique would they have been considered a part of?
22. Do they have a favorite restaurant? How often do they go to it, and what’s their usual order?
23. How do they prefer to watch movies? In the theater, on a streaming site, from an owned DVD/digital download, rented from somewhere?
24. Do they watch any sports? What are they a fan of, and what teams do they root for? Do they watch the games/matches on TV or do they try to be there for some in person? Do they just catch the highlights on their phone later on?
25. What do they prefer to do in the summertime? Do they like going to the beach, do they prefer camping, staying in the city? Do they like to stay indoors and away from the heat?


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I meant to ask… if any of you had food allergies… so I might’ve informed the chef… who certainly would not want anyone to have an allergic reaction… that would force them to leave the restaurant.

Count Olaf is a murderous man who’s only interested in your parents’ money, while Captain Sham has expressed great interest in raising you children without touching a single penny.

We’ll see.

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so your waiter makes a mistake..they might still have kids at home? paying off student loans? need to make rent this month? need to eat, need to survive? human error is no reason not to tip 

PSA: People with food allergies CAN be vegan.

Not trying to shame anyone into being vegan, just simply saying - there are tons of allergen free vegan mock meats, cheeses, and milks out there.

And guess what? You don’t have to buy/eat those things to be vegan. There are thousands of different ways to eat vegan. I promise you can find a way to make it work if you really want to.

Please fire me. As the cook in a small restaurant, I take dietary requirements very seriously. So when people ring in and book I ask them on the phone to disclose any allergies/intolerances. Despite doing so, I still manage to get individuals (such as the following one) who show up and demand I cook them something suited to their requirements, even though when they tell me over the phone they had none. This is especially difficult when their said requirements are hard to cook for when i have no appropriate ingredients on hand.
On Saturday a lady who is part of a big group shows up, and literally squeezes her overlarge self INTO my kitchen (???) and tells me she is Coeliac, Lactose free, and has an allergy to garlic and onions, and demands I cook her a meal “just as good as everyone elses.” So I tell her not to eat any of the Share platters I put out for everyone else, and I will make her a suitable meal of her own. 30 minutes later, I personally take this meal out to this woman, to find her eating a SHARE PLATE of zucchini fritters which contain Gluten, Lactose, Garlic and Onions.

The realization that I’ll likely never eat a donut again, coupled with the knowledge that I can’t eat gf donuts because of food allergies to certain things used to make the flours, just hit me, and I genuinely feel like having a bit of a cry.

Guys, I appreciate the suggestions, but lets just assume I can’t eat it lol

Like honestly, my list of food intolerances and allergies are just so wide and varied, combined with my other health issues, please accept that I am doing the best I can for myself, and lets not try to complicate things by throwing in mashed papaya. 

Which, by the way, is a high allergy food due to being in the same group as the latex family, so please don’t feed papaya to people with a latex allergy O_o;

I’m way more upset than I should be about probably having an allergy to milk but like

First Red 40

And now this

I love food so much

And now fate is taking my favorite things away from me

I’m probably gonna become allergic to pigeons next 😢

Anyways I’m going to the doctor’s tomorrow to figure it out. Today we brought Roo (mom’s Australian cattle dog) to the vet because she’s been acting funny and apparently she has an awful urinary infection which is actually a good thing- I was worried that she’d have tissue left over from her spay that could cause cancer.



Now you too can join me on my quest to try all chocolate vegan muffins.