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Hi there!

We are a small group of creative people that plan on producing a webcomic, namely @stiftchen, @kiaz1st, @charamaffle, @tinnegan, @galeanthropus, @objective-lost, @featherstorm77, @yesgay-briel and @pandanator8664.

The comic is about a science nerd who travels to live down by the sea with her father and brother, where she hopes to spot the elusive mermaids that have been reported to live there.

Themes: Ocean, Mermaids, Pollution, fighting bad guys, great food, Tumblr humour™, dorks and ships.

This comic will have lots of LGBTQ+ characters. We try our best to be inclusive to everyone, but if you feel we’ve portrayed a minority inaccurately, please tell us.

Here’s some concept art to prepare you for what’s coming:

In thirty minutes there will be an introduction stream on twitch, we are grateful for anyone who reblogs this or visits the stream!

During the winter months we get a lot of Doves, Pigeons, Rats and other less glamorous wildlife brought into our wildlife hospital. During a talk today, Simon was asked why bother saving pigeons, there are so many of them?

The answer to that is simple, we are simply just one animal within a very complex food chain, if one of the links breaks, then we, the apex predator at the top of the food chain will be the ones to suffer most. Every fly, bee, maggot, rat, pigeon (the list goes on) is vital for maintaining the balance of nature.

Almost all of the animals admitted into Wildlife Aid are sick, injured or orphaned due to human interference in one way or another, so all our work goes towards putting right the wrongs mankind around us are doing to our wildlife. So perhaps there are too many pigeons, or Doves like this one we admitted today in the photo, but if human’s have caused an animal to suffer, we at Wildlife Aid are determined to end that suffering and give the animal a second chance at life.

No matter how unglamorous or unpopular an animal is, it will always serve a purpose in this very fragile food chain below us.

In that food chain…..EVERY LIFE COUNTS.

ReBlog if you agree.

Afro-Vegan: Farm-Fresh African, Caribbean, and Southern Flavors Remixed By Bryant Terry

Product Description:

“African, Caribbean, and southern food are all known and loved as vibrant and flavor-packed cuisines. In Afro-Vegan, renowned chef and food justice activist Bryant Terry reworks and remixes the favorite staples, ingredients, and classic dishes of the African Diaspora to present wholly new, creative culinary combinations that will amaze vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores alike.

 With more than 100 modern and delicious dishes that draw on Terry’s personal memories as well as the history of food that has traveled from the African continent, Afro-Vegan takes you on an international food journey. Accompanying the recipes are Terry’s insights about building community around food, along with suggested music tracks from around the world and book recommendations. For anyone interested in improving their well-being, Afro-Vegan’s groundbreaking recipes offer innovative, plant-based global cuisine that is fresh, healthy, and forges a new direction in vegan cooking.

Blending these colorful cuisines results in delicious recipes like Smashed Potatoes, Peas, and Corn with Chile-Garlic Oil, a recipe inspired by the Kenyan dish irio, and Cinnamon-Soaked Wheat Berry Salad with dried apricots, carrots, and almonds, which is based on a Moroccan tagine. Creamy Coconut-Cashew Soup with Okra, Corn, and Tomatoes pays homage to a popular Brazilian dish while incorporating classic Southern ingredients, and Crispy Teff and Grit Cakes with Eggplant, Tomatoes, and Peanuts combines the Ethiopian grain teff with stone-ground corn grits from the Deep South and North African zalook dip. There’s perfect potluck fare, such as the simple, warming, and intensely flavored Collard Greens and Cabbage with Lots of Garlic, and the Caribbean-inspired Cocoa Spice  Cake with Crystallized Ginger and Coconut-Chocolate Ganache, plus a refreshing Roselle-Rooibos Drink that will satisfy any sweet tooth.”