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Ever wonder how butter came about? Author Elaine Khosrova has a theory:

Sometime around 8000 B.C., a weary herdsman reached for the sheepskin bag of milk knotted to the back of his pack animal. But as he tilted his head to pour the warm liquid into his mouth, he was astonished to find that the sheep’s milk had curdled. The rough terrain of ancient Africa and the constant joggling of the milk had transformed it into butter – and bewilderingly, it tasted heavenly.

Khosrova says the story of butter is a historical roadmap of humanity. Her new book is called Butter: A Rich History

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February 12, 2017

@carnival marikina food park.
Maganda naman yung place, though medyo crowded, yun nga lang medyo costly yung mga pagkain, hindi pa masarap yung nakainan namin, tapos yung “mashed potato” yung nakalagay sa menu pero lasang kamote yung nai-serve na tapos ang tamis nya, na-dissapoint talaga ako non, pero inubos ko kasi sayang, libre na nga lang eh. Punta rin kayo kung gusto nyo ng makakainan at ayon nga sa mga kabataan (na tulad ko din naman) “instagrammable nga.

I find it strange that more often than not, when someone I meet finds out I’m vegan they start to treat me like an idiot. As if I haven’t the intelligence to research nutrition. Or as if I’m some sort of a weirdo freak. Many take it as an attack on their own choices. Hey, I’m not preachy to non vegans, I’ve been non vegan most of my life. I understand, we are all brain-washed into this unhealthy way of living. We try to ignore the cruelty of modern farming because we feel trapped in this life we’ve always known and have been taught is the right and normal way to live. It’s taken me a long time to reach this plant diet, I’m ashamed to say. I had been vegetarian for ten years and then at end of last year I decided to throw myself into the way of the vegan. I had always felt like a hypocrite not eating meat but still eating dairy. Well, I researched for a long time and I found out that it was not only possible to live healthily on a plant-based diet, but in order to be healthy I had to eat a plant based diet! But oh! How I loved my cheese and my yogurt etc. how could I live without??? Easily! I have discovered a new, rich, varied and extremely scrumptious diet. I have lost loads of excess weight without denying myself food.My lifelong heartburn and IBS have vanished. I have so much more energy! And the best thing is I feel as if I’m helping save the planet one plate at a time :-)  The dairy industry is extremely cruel and detrimental to the environment and dairy foods are extremely harmful to humans.

So any haters go ahead and hate… I’m feeling good!

AND To cafe owners in North Wales… oat milk makes the most pleasing latte and please get in some plant-based cakes! 

I Love You But Stop Putting Corn In Everything: A Very Specific Story 

Okonomiyaki (お好み焼き)

It’s no secret that I’ve taken quite a fancy to cooking Japanese dishes ever since that one year I spent over there, however, this is actually one dish I never really paid much attention to while I was actually in Japan, but have come to like while cooking it over here. 

“Okonomiyaki” literally means “Your favorite, fried” and it’s basically a pancake made from Takoyaki batter and stuffed with cabbage and whatever else you think goes well with it (I put bacon in it.) At snack stands at Japanese festivals, they often drown the poor thing in sauce, which makes it indelectable in my honest opinion, but making them myself eliminates the problem and makes it actually quite the enjoyable dish.

Flour, Dashi powder, water, eggs. Mix them up like a pancake mix, shred some cabbage and put that in with whatever else you like, mash it up, fry it up in a pan and then smother it in mayonaise and Japanese barbecue sauce to your liking. It’s really worth it.