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The Cat’s Meow presents: The Spring Fever Music Festival

All you can eat food, drinks, and bards!

Sunday, March 5, 2017
2pm EST/7pm GMT to 10pm EST/3am GMT

At The Cat’s Meow Bar and Grill
Goblet Ward 12 Plot 55

Performances all night and an open bar and buffet! That’s right, FREE FOOD AND BOOZE!

Catering provided by @saikabalmung!

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Masquerade, for the fic title thing

The whole thing ends up being Sabo’s fault, because Sabo is the one that sneaks Ace and Luffy into the masquerade being held for the safe return of Prince Marco and Prince Thatch.

Sabo is the one that gets them nice suits and masks and makes them come because he doesn’t want to and if he is they are going to suffer with him, I mean, there’s lots of food and booze and that is defs Shanks about to do something stupid, but Sabo will be bored without them. He wants to have fun at the masquerade too.

Marco would love if he could not have a ball everytime he comes home from the battle front. It’s tiring and he wants to lay down on his bed and sleep for days until he feels more human and then dress down and go see the people. He doesn’t want to have a ball, but Izo convinced Pops and here he is. But, but, he spots a group of three dancing horribly and eating too much for normal guests and he is going to meet them, so help him.

“Can I join you,” Marco asks joining them.

“Are you gonna make us stop?” One of them demands, a scar curling just under his mask. “Cause we’re havin’ lots of fun.”

“I want to join you, not stop you,” Marco promises.

“Kay. I’m-” Two hands drop over his mouth and stop him.

“I’m Fire, that’s Blue, and he’s Straw,” The other dark haired one answers. “And you?”


Marco has the most fun he’s had in ages with them. It’s going so well, they’re much more interesting than the rest of the nobles. It’s just after midnight when Marco gets called away and by the time he gets back they’re all gone and Marco sighs because it had been so much fun.

When Marco gets the chance the next day, he slips out the palace and meets with the friends he had made he had gone to war, talking to them happily and meeting a few new ones.

There’s another ball that night and instead of using the new mask laid out with his clothes, he puts the one from the night before on, smiling when he spots Fire, Blue, and Straw having fun. At one point that night, he and Fire are left alone as Blue and Straw vanish.

“Are you having fun?” He asks.

“You’re not that bad,” Fire answers.

“Not that bad?”

Fire shrugs, “You don’t mind that we’re loud and shit.”

Marco grins and convinces Fire to dance with him again, laughing when they trip and Fire stops on his toes. It’s the best night of his life, even better than the night before. He begs Fire to come back for the third night of the ball, the final night.

Ace doesn’t know what he’s doing with himself. He should have said no. He should have said no but he promised. It’ll be fine, all he has to do is leave before midnight and Phoenix won’t know who he is and this will end, it’ll be fine, it will.

Marco raises his eyebrow when he finds only Fire and Fire admits that Blue and Straw weren’t coming tonight. It’s a great night and Marco doesn’t want it to end. He doesn’t want it to end and Fire looks nervous the closer to midnight that it gets so Marco leads him out the ball room and to the entrance.

“You don’t have to stay,” He says finally.

“I-I don’t?”

“No, I mean, you’re not happy and I would never.”

“My name is Ace,” Fire says looking nervously. “We, maybe I can see you around?”

the only person in the rfa who actually eats and sleeps properly is jumin and that’s only cuz he has people who meticulously control that for him, everyone else in the group is a hot mess chugging soda or milk and hoping they don’t pass out in the next 36 hours, how relatable can ya get.


Wedding Day with Noctis. 💕

Location: Insomnia Church

Vows: Traditional

First Song: You Look Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton

Best Man: Prompto

Bridesmaids wear light blue dresses, open bar, top notch food and booze all around. Gladio steals you for your second dance then Ignis and then a awkward stepping on your feet dance from Prompto. By the end of the night Noctis steals you away to you honeymoon.

Damn dude

I just worked out to a video that used to be challenging, but I could make it through pretty well.

It’s apparent that that is not the case anymore. Cause fuck I had to stop a few times during it to try to catch my breath and not feel like puking.

Bit of a harsh reality check that I really need to reign in the food and booze. Oh and stop that smoking habit I picked up once again. Fuck man.

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Rules: copy/paste, replace answers and tag people.

a - age:

b - biggest fear:

N/A - jk it’s probably Trump going to war and dragging me back into the military to fight it. Or Climate change.

c - current time:

4:20 pm (holla)
d - drink you last had:
Iced coffee (it’s like 65 degrees F here right now)
e - every day starts with:

f - favorite song:
This changes constantly but right now probably psh idk Uncertain Smile by The The

g - ghosts, are they real?

h- hometown:
Originally from Millis, MA

i - in love with:
My girlfriend, music, books, space, food coffee and… booze? I’m allowed a vice

j - jealous of:
Rich people?

k - killed someone:
Never had to

l - last time you cried:
No idea

m - master plan to rule the world
I can’t even control myself
n - number of siblings:
Four, three younger and one older, though she looks up to me ;););)

o - one wish:
 Get me into a bad ass grad program
p - person you last called/texted:
A classmate
q - questions you’re always asked:
Some combination of “do you believe in aliens” and “are you going to be an astronaut” (Ans: yes and probably no)
r - reasons to smile:
What there are so many. Music, food, beautiful people (in and out), travel, coffee, exploration, skydiving… whatever gets your rocks

s - song last sang:
Haunted as the Minutes Drag, Love and Rockets
t - time you woke up:
8:30 am
u - underwear colour:
Blood red

v - vacation destination:
I’d like to go back to Oregon and California again. Africa would be cool too though and Asia. I just named like half the world
w - worst habit:
Procrastination and not taking authority figures seriously enough (problematic when you’re in the army)
x - x-rays you’ve had:
Recently had an x-ray to check out my cool teeth
y - your favorite food
Indian and pho
z - zodiac sign:
If you can guess based on my personality I would be impressed

Thanks for the tagolicious @renee-emerald! I don’t get these too often. You make me not Tumblr-lonely!

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Some news!

I’ve been celebrating Pride for roughly 24 hours, drank and spent the entire night in a park with friends until sunrise, then hoped in a car for a spontaneous road trip with said friends and spent 10+ hours in a car across Canada, saw 2 moose,

 drove through Québec and was confused at French, slept in a cabin in the middle of the woods where all the horror movie tropes checked out (no phone signal, no electricity, bunch of friends partying, a room full of lumberjack tools etc), 

still pretty tho

and am now at a cottage by the beach. I’ve been in a state of constant and mild drunkness for 4 days, haven’t slept much, just took my first shower in 5 days and also this happened

(no, you will not get any context and yes this is rope on my wrists) 

so, needless to say, it’s been amazing and it’s not over so, I will return with the usual gay drawings once I’m back home and after sleeping for 48 hours straight.. which will roughly be in 4/5 days.

You can still follow the road trip adventures on snapchat (toodrunktosnap)!

Happy pride!

The Beach is gay: confirmed