personal nutritionist: so have you been following that diet we agreed on
me: i forget. does that diet allow for me to eat 30 bowls of cereal a day
personal nutritionist: what. No
me: then what am i even paying you to do

Donald Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again” is an easy one to adapt for whatever your cause. There are ones like “Make America Gay Again,” “Make America Skate Again,” “Make America Read Again,” “Make America Fair Again.” You get the idea.

Bakers, of course, had to get in on the action. How could you pass up “Make America Cake Again”?

For bakers Susannah Gebhart and Maia Surdam, it’s more than just a slogan. (They actually formally call it “Making America Cake Again” on their website, anyway.) The two proprietors of OWL Bakery in Asheville, N.C. want people to know more about America’s culinary history and its connection to politics.

The two are encouraging professional and home bakers to make “election cakes” during October, with free recipes online. Election cakes have a long history in what is now the U.S., going back to the 13 Colonies.

A History Of Election Cake And Why Bakers Want To #MakeAmericaCakeAgain

Photo: Susannah Gebhart/Courtesy of OWL Bakery