foo fighters learn to fly

Inappropriate audition songs, The Martian edition:

“Hi, I’m auditioning for the part of Mark Watney, and I’ll be singing “Fuck You” by Lily Allen.”

“Hi, I’m auditioning for the part of Melissa Lewis, and I’ll be singing “Who Run the World” by Beyoncé.”

“Hi, I’m auditioning for the part of Rick Martinez, and I’ll be singing “Learn to Fly” by the Foo Fighters.”

“Hi, I’m auditioning for the part of Beth Johanssen, and I’ll be singing “One More Cup of Coffee” by Bob Dylan.”

“Hi, I’m auditioning for the part of Alex Vogel, and I’ll be singing “Chemical World” by Blur.”

“Hi, I’m auditioning for the part of Chris Beck, and I’ll be singing “Doctor Love” by KISS.”

“Hi, I’m auditioning for the part of Venkat Kapoor, and I’ll be singing “Put That Thing Back Where it Came from or So Help Me.” from Monsters, Inc.”

“Hi, I’ll be auditioning for the part of Director Teddy Sanders, and I’ll be singing “If I Only Had the Nerve” from the Wizard of Oz.”

“Hi, I’ll be auditioning for the part of Mindy Park, and I’ll be singing “What Have I Done to Deserve This” by the Pet Shop Boys.”

“Hi, I’ll be auditioning for the part of Rich Purnell, and I’ll be singing “Rocket Man”, as sung by William Shatner.”

“Hi, I’m auditioning for the part of Annie Montrose, and I’ll be singing “Fuck Off” by Kid Rock.”

“Hi, I’m auditioning for the part of Mitch Henderson, and I’ll be singing “Grow a Pear” by Ke$ha.”


Ravageurs fly. | Foo Fighters - Learning to fly


Watch 1,000 Musicians Play the Foo Fighters’ “Learn to Fly” at the Same Time

Gallant is one of those people who I am just expecting to blow up and become international soon as his music just keeps getting better and better and his latest track Weight In Gold is no different. With a sweet blues guitar mixed with funk elements and a voice that gives me an eargasm every time I hear it, this song is a must listen for any music lover. The sooner Gallant releases an album the faster I can be in musical wonderland - Jakk

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anonymous asked:

put your music on shuffle and post the first 15 songs that come up!!

- mighty little man by steve burns
- super bass by nicki minaj
- forrest gump by frank ocean
- a favor house atlantic by coheed & cambria
- true affection by the blow
- master exploder by tenacious d
- superstition by stevie wonder
- one day women will all become monsters by chiodos
- holy diver by dio
- disarm by smashing pumpkins
- mo money mo problems by biggie. ft. mase & puff daddy
- learn to fly by foo fighters
- the new style by beastie boys
- creator by santigold
- spice up your life by spice girls

Music Shuffle Game!

I was tagged by the wonderful @dirtytomatoed!

RULES: Just put your music on shuffle and list the first 10 songs.

  1. Deacon Ain’t Dead Yet - Jared Hart
  2. Starlight - Taylor Swift
  3. If Ever I Stray - Frank Turner
  4. Still Into You - Paramore
  5. Learn To Fly - Foo Fighters
  6. Trigger - Deaf Havana
  7. Fear Of The Dark - Iron Maiden
  8. My Wrecking Ball - Ryan Adams
  9. 45 - The Gaslight Anthem
  10. Howlin’ For You - The Black Keys

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Rules: put your music on shuffle and write the ten first songs that play

1- If love was a crime - by Poli Genova (from ESC 2016. One of my OTPs relate to this! It’s Romania/Bulgaria btw)
2- All the king’s horses - by Karmina (just… so relaxing and sad at the same time!)
3- Raindrops feat Kerli (boi, this is so peaceful! And sometimes I feel like i was brought back to Ancient Greece, dunno why)
4- If I had a heart - by Fever Ray (it’s so macabre, i love it!)
5- Du Hast - by Rammstein (fukc I missed this song!)
6- Learn to fly - by Foo Fighters (BUT! this is the Rockin 1000 cover! watch. the. video.)
7- Bella Ciao - by Modena City Ramblers (this is a remake, but the original ver is good too. seriously, y’all should listen to it.)
8- Allegro Appassionato in B minor (i mean, isn’t it beautiful?)
9- Outcast - by Shinedown (just… so powerful!)
10- Ari Yar - by Iveta Mukuchyan Serjo (it’s an Armenian song! i love its rythm)

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Mik Ryder: Hacker, a playlist by soulventure91 on Spotify
The troublemaker engineer who just won't let things alone.

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A Future Worth Fighting For - Derek Luke (Overwatch Score) // Should I Stay or Should I Go - The Clash // Learn to Fly - Foo Fighters // Danuvius - Audiomachine // Roots - Imagine Dragons // Bad Moon Rising - Creedence Clearwater Revival // The Fortune of Edward Kenway - Brian Tyler // Barracuda - Heart // China Grove - The Doobie Brothers //  Another Brick in the Wall (Pt. 2) - Pink Floyd // Outlaw - John Paesano // Magic Carpet Ride - Steppenwolf // Radioactive - Imagine Dragons // Baba O’Riley - The Who // Two Lost Souls - Gwen Verdon and Tab Hunter (Damn Yankees Original Movie Soundtrack) // Dream On - Aerosmith // Revolution - The Beatles // Smoke on the Water - Deep Purple // Let Me Be Your Star - SMASH Cast (featuring Katharine McPhee and Megan Hilty)