foo faced

Okay so currently I don’t have enough content on my dash because I only follow about 90 people lmfao so if you post any of the following please reblog this post so I can check out your blog~

- Queen
- David Bowie
- Rod Stewart / The Faces
- Status Quo
- The Jam + Paul Weller
- Joan Jett
- The Runaways
-Kate Bush
- Blondie
- Foo Fighters (this is very important!!!)
- Nirvana
- The Monkees
- The Rolling Stones
- Phil Collins/ Genesis (preferably memes (kidding) )
- Iggy Pop
- Any other good music shit that I can’t think of right this second lmfao thnx!

Biggest pet peeve is when dudes add me on all social media and shit when they fighting w ol girl but once they all back together and shit I get deleted off/blocked from everything but when they fight agaiiiiinnnn they try adding me all over again like nah foo gtfo my face w that bs

Like, not to be a materialist or anything, but HELL if the sight and presence of this sweet Bill tote doesn’t make my long days at the library that much easier to bear.

(Design by @kinseis. If you happen to see this, thank you for providing me with amazing fan merch featuring Bill and tea, two of my favorite motifs combined. ♡)