Nine damn years on tumblr. NINE.

I am startled to realize that I have been following a core group of people for about that length of time. I don’t interact much offline with folks outside of tumblr, and even online, I am good for only about a dozen PMs a year. Still, I have been following the lives of about a hundred people that I have never met in person for nearly a decade, and for whatever reason, I still find that kind of delightful. 

Every now and then, I realize I haven’t heard/read from a few folks in a while, and I understand that there is no meaningful way to check in with them without being uber creepy. Just know that I am probably talking about you, and hoping everything is cool like Fonzie with you. 

Nine years is a long time to follow a group of people, and I have impeccable taste in human folks, except when I am dead the fuck wrong. Thanks all, for being a wonderful slice of humanity in a churlish sea of internet sludge. 

Honestly, a lot of my favourite elements of popular media have come about directly from writers being passive-aggressive.

Let me give you a classic example: Happy Days. For a lot of folks reading this post, it’s probably before your time, but you’re likely to at least be familiar with Fonzie, a supporting character played by Henry Winkler who ended up being so popular that he’s literally the only thing anybody remembers about the show.

Now, if you recognize the name, you might also know that one of Fonzie’s more notable quirks is that he tends to take his motorcycle with him everywhere - even indoors, including many places where there’s no obvious way for him to have gotten it there. What you might not know, however, is why the writers came up with this running gag in the first place.

Y’see, Fonzie was originally conceived as the “bad influence” character - the cool, dangerous bad boy. As part of that characterisation, the writers wanted to have him wear a leather jacket. (Because it was the 1970s, and that counted as edgy back then.) The network censors, however, objected, claiming that allowing him to wear the jacket would encourage juvenile delinquency and gang violence. (Again, it was the 70s.)

Eventually, the writers worked out a deal whereby they’d be allowed to have Fonzie wear the jacket - but only if he was riding or otherwise physically near his motorcycle, since a leather jacket is a common article of safety equipment when operating a non-enclosed vehicle, and we can’t let impressionable kids see somebody riding a motorcycle without proper safety equipment, can we?

Then they just wrote the motorcycle into every scene, regardless of whether it made sense or not, thereby allowing Fonzie to wear the jacket all the time.


I told Fonzie that his blog exploded today and his follower count tripled in less than a day. He was unimpressed.

Meanwhile… I am this pug.
Clicking refresh every 30 seconds.

Thanks for the love XOXO