Büro System | Socio Design

Büro is a men’s cosmetics range made from natural, sustainable ingredients. Designed to be used on a daily basis and tailored to the individual needs of the consumer. Socio Design created a new brand name, identity and packaging system that focused on the utility of Büro, removing the prettification and emotion that is more typically found in the branding of cosmetic and fragrance products. The use of unprocessed materials in the packaging helped to communicate the purity of the ingredients, thereby embodying its essence.


Oh come on! You used to love our little roleplaying games!

Tulip based on this moodboard cos drawing aesthetics/moodboards has become my favourite little thing to do :’)
Tried to have all little things in as well as the colouring of the edits! 

I often see, regarding art and media depicting marginalized experiences, that one of the main reproaches made by critics is the “melodramatics.”
But in the end, that pity you feel when you see these experiences, when you consume the media, when you emotionally participate in the story, all these feelings are on you. There’s no intrinsic sadness to marginalized experience, there’s only a pain in navigating through a space that actively dehumanizes you.
What I mean is that you need to evaluate what you feel when you say that people are “using” their experience to elicit an emotional response from you. More often than not, that may be one of your own projections.