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I’m back with another rushed hack…

 Connor and Pierre Bellec would never get along.

  1.  One thinks peace with Templars is good, the other…not so much. Bellec hated that Arno tried to be with Elise, Connor would have approved and would have the marriage arranged himself! 
  2. Bellec even used Connor’s work to justify burning the French Assassins to the ground to restart everything, which would even piss him off to beyond existence. 

Therefore, he will be new dad now. 


KC Celebrity AU ➝ for @lalainajanes

Leather black and eyes of blue 
Sun reflecting in your eyes, like an easy rider
Life makes sense when I’m with you


                               A Look Inside Maia Roberts’ Phone [insp]

Spread for 2nd week of October 💆🏻

Finally got through midterms but that last one nearly killed me. International Economics is a very interesting and cool class but the exams are BRUTAL. Suffice to say I need a break and a deep tissue massage.


creativecockbitesnetwork prompts: teams and typography.

page one! is up! like 3 weeks early!
I made a font for it but…it doesn’t fit…but I spent time on it sooooo I’m using it. sue me