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download: Aladdin | Basil | Copper | Dodger | Edgar | Fa Zhou | Geppetto | Huey | Ichabod | Jafar | Koda | Lafayette | Meeko | Nathaniel | Olaf | Patch | Quasimodo | Roger | Sebastian | Tramp | Uncle Waldo | Vinny | Wilbur | Xemnas | Yen Sid | Zeus

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29 Fonts Completely Free! Limited Time Download

A bundle of 29 different fonts that can cost real money, now is completely yours for free. Instead of releasing a new giveaway when only 1 person can win, I have decide that I don’t have more money to buy books for giveaways every one can win. 

To Download follow these 2 steps:

  1. Get off the computer and go and hug the person closest to you
  2. Come back to the computer, click the link below and subscribe to my new newsletter.

*You will get an email with the link to download the files.
**If the download doesn’t star, you skip the awkward step of the hug.
***Every font may has different license terms.

So that’s it.

Download it here: http://bit.ly/btypebundle

This is a collection of my favourite fonts from losttype. Lost type is a site featuring fonts from different designers from all over the world providing them for a Pay-What-You-Want price.

Majesti Banner | Klinic Slab | Cylburn | Geared | Carton | Haymaker | | Ribbon | Homestead | Oil canPompadour numerals | Fairview | | Wisdom Script

How to download —>1. Enter any price you want to pay, you can get them for free if you type 0.       2. Click Download       


250 Awesome Vintage Logos, Labels and Badges - only $10

If you want your designs to feature a clear, professional “voice,” you’ll need some high-quality elements. This super bundle from DesignDistrict certainly fits the bill. You’ll get yourself 250 vintage logos, labels and badges, all of which are fully customizable in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. You can even change up the color in a single click

Download it here: http://bit.ly/1IH7iAi


font selection by fabphotoshop ►This font selection #3 

 Hope you like it! 


Gorgeous Bundle of Handmade Fonts - 84% OFF FOR 1 DAY

One of the best font bundles so far! You’ll get 11 gorgeous, professional handmade fonts perfect for everything from wedding invitations to Apparel Brands to posters. Each font comes in 3 different formats: OpenType, TrueType and Webfonts. That’s a lot of handdrawn awesomeness for 1 low price.

Besides alternate characters, many of these fonts include a ton of OpenType features such as alternate characters, swashes, ornaments, stylistic alternates and more.

Check all the fonts here: http://bit.ly/1LLg94F


Best fonts of the Month: June.

June is over, pick the best fonts for this past month was a tough task, but not imposible, HDV Fonts has released Goodlife and is a beautiful font, but specially full of possibilities to build nice graphics, Another new player is Indian Type Foundry  with theirs serif fonts Deccan and Crimsons (I love Crimsons).

Better check by yourself every font on this list (click on the name of any font to see more details):

  1. Goodlife by HVD Fonts (70% off)
  2. Vito by Typejockeys (80% off)
  3. Trasandina by TipoType (80% off)
  4. Corporative by Latinotype (83% off)
  5. Drina by Posterizer KG (50% off)
  6. Rosalinda Script by My Creative Land
  7. Flow Handscript by Taner Ardali
  8. Microbrew Unicase by Albatross (50% off)
  9. Bellwethers by Angie Makes
  10. Baker Street by Kimmy Design (60% off)
  11. Dayatona by Monotype 
  12. Touche by Indian Type Foundry (20% off)
  13. Jules by DSType
  14. TT Rounds Condensed (85% off)
  15. Garibaldi by Harbor Type (67% off)
  16. Deccan by Indian Type Foundry (20% off)
  17. Curve by Arne Freytag (40% off)
  18. Exo Soft by Ndiscovered (80% off)
  19. Vyoma by Indian Type Foundry (20% off)
  20. Tea Biscuit by Fenotype (35% off)
  21. Jotia by The Northern Block Ltd (70% off)
  22. TT Crimsons by TypeType (85% off)
  23. Lanz by Nine Font (85% off)
  24. Sabores Script by Lationtype 

Check previous months here: fontsoftheyear.com