• Onyx :: [S] Enter
  • Point4

Music Credits:
Art Credits:

Me (Like barely even)
Also the people who drew the Meteors/Fire/Clockwork Aspects/etc. that I just ripped from the flash extracts woopse
Animation Credits:

Okay story time! Once upon a long time ago, I really wanted to make a Flash for our fansession. Once upon a long time ago, I got a bunch of mega talented people to make art for me. Once upon a long time ago and also now I had/have NO IDEA how to use flash. For a bunch of months (Maybe it’s a year now?) I didn’t touch this stuff. Like, how was I going to animate this shit when I know zippo about flash? Well, after listening to this song I’d asked point4 to make for the flash, I was suddenly really motivated to work on it again! I rounded up all the stuff I’d gotten together from various really amazing people and started animating the only way I am familiar with! Making gifs! Very obviously the end product is sort of messy, and maybe it’s not the best ever, but I’m really proud of how it turned out! Thank you a whole whole lot to all the people who helped out, I /definitely/ would’ve never have been able to do this thing without you! ((and also you’re all the best and get all the gold stars ever))

*all the songs on that jukebox are djs daft punk remixes
*that is supposed to be a jukebox
*i really like how illica is dressed up like debian that is the cutest thing 

p.s. tumblr thank you for giving me constant file upload errors they are very appreciated.

p.s.s. that was sarcasm and u suk >:c