fontenay aux roses

Yves Klein :: one of the photos taken during the ‘MAKING OF’ Le Saut dans le vide / Leap into the Void, photograph that shows Klein jumping off a building as if he would fly, October 1960
The final image was carried out after rehearsals, on October 19th, 1960 at rue Gentil Bernard in Fontenay-aux-Roses in the southwest of Paris, photographers Harry Shunk and John Kender were present to capture the scene. Several jumps were made by Yves Klein who landed on a mattress raised by a group of assistants, photographers then took pictures of empty streets, although a bike sometimes appears to the right, and the two images were combined into a photomontage in the darkroom. The photography was published in the newspaper “Sunday”, created by Yves Klein, which had only one number: 27 November 1960, under the title “Un homme dans l’Espace”

final image published on November 27th, 1960, here

the 'making of’, here