opens tonight, June 5, 7-9p:

 curated by Keith Schweitzer & Jason Patrick Voegele
The Lodge Gallery, 131 Chrystie St., NYC (bt Delancey & Broome)

a group exhibition celebrating “the season of fertility” through works by Liza Béar, Sarah Bereza, George Boorujy, Tiffany Bozic, Maxi Cohen, Anita Cruz-Eberhard, Brian Adam Douglas, Juan Fontanive, Monique Mantell, Ryan McLennan, Sirikul Pattachote, Lina Puerta, Herb Smith, Leif Solem, Frank Webster

The Arrangement (Closed)

It was evening in the kingdom of Baahalla, the lanterns in the castle only just being lighted as a large spaceship landed nearby. The ship had a gold shield with a black ‘Z’ emblazoned on it-showing that it was a part of the Zbornak empire.
Soon after it landed, the hangar opened and a small squad of guards exited, surrounding two figures.
The first was a large Zbornak woman. Her skin was a dark purple and her mane a tyrian pink. She wore a dark blue regal dress, which was being held by the other figure-a tiny baby blue Zbornak girl, no older than five. She was in a tiny pale purple dress and veil-so the two matched.
The two were guarded as they entered the castle. The little girl clung to her mother’s dress, stumbling quite a bit-she didn’t seem too confident on her feet. The mother stopped.
“M-Mama, why are w-we here?” the girl struggled to speak properly.
“My dear…” the older woman scooped up her daughter andpet her head. “Sylvia, you are aware that as a queen I have many responsibilities, correct?”
“y-yyes.” Sylvia nodded.
“One of those responsiblities is to meet with our allies and discuss business. Someday you too will learn to do this…but not right now.” She smiled softly at her daughter and gave her a peck on the head before putting her down. “Now, the king of Baahalla has a son who is your age. While I am dealing with him, you should get to know each other. It will give you something to do, my princess.”
Sylvia’s eyes widened. A boy her age? She’d never met anyone her age, aside from her brother! The little princess hid behind her mother’s dress. “I d-d-don’t know…”
“It will be fine.” the queen stroked her daughter’s head with her tail. “I promise.” she stood up straight and directed a guard. “Tell the king that Queen Mathilde is here!”


The Star Wars Celebration Art Exhibition once again showcases the ‘Star Wars’ inspired art work of artists from around the globe.

They will be available as limited edition prints during Star Wars Celebration weekend in London, UK July 15-17.