A Graceful Gift: The Mona Lee Nesseth Fan Collection on view now through July 2, 2016 at the FIDM Museum in Los Angeles, CA. Admission is free.

From the Website:

Fixed, folded, or fontage—fans have cooled the air, aided elegance of movement, and spoken a silent language for centuries. A Graceful Gift displays the fantastical ornamentation of these miniature artworks that hold our gaze and draw us in to look ever closer: minutely painted leaves depict courtly lovers, expertly carved mother-of-pearl scenes reveal convoluting cherubs, and delicately entwined silk filaments form bouquets of lace. As intended, these remarkable late-Victorian and Edwardian accessories are complemented by couture ensembles dressed for varied occasions that required a final flourish at the wrist.

Fashion Council member and world-renowned gemologist Mona Lee Nesseth exercised her jeweler’s eye when forming this remarkable collection of Belle Époque fans. The FIDM Museum is enriched by her generous gift.

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