Flea Market Haul

My entirely necessary purchases today included…

The standard photo selection, with the added bonus that all the tintypes and one of the cased photos were just flat out given to me for free by a dealer I was chatting with.

40s picture hat that will nicely match a 40s suit I have. Vintage handmade goldstone and silver pendant (I have a slight goldstone obsession). 30s necklace that’s in pretty crap shape, but it’s such a classic art deco design I couldn’t pass it up.

A big bag of vintage hair pins/combs, including a half dozen or so of the kickass double thick Edwardian wire ones that can hold up damn fontage with like two pins.

Possibly the most random thing I have ever come across at a Midwestern flea market… two completely genuine Delft tiles. The one on the left is pretty old too, probably first quarter of the 18th century. I bought them for my mom, because her decorating aesthetic has this whole blue and white French provincial thing going on.

And finally, my dad bought me a tiny Warren G. Harding and Martin Van Buren because I showed him that stupid (read: amazing) Last Week Tonight thing last week.

Also honey sticks. So many honey sticks

(Not pictured, my locally made maple syrup root beer, which is the nectar of the gods.)