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Under the Bridge | Jungkook

Pairing: Jungkook x reader
fluff, smut, slight angst, Hybrid!AU
blood, violence (only really at the beginning), some swears, badass MC, SMUT that would probably be considered graphic?? idk

Requested by japanesewonderflan:
I HAVE A REQUEST!!!!!! 🙌🙌🙌 Can you do a hybrid au! For either Jungkook or Jimin and you just found or bought them and they teach you about the life of a hybrid and what it’s like and then you start to understand but one-day you come home to them in heat????? 😄😄 If you don’t want to do the smut part, that’s fine too, I’m down for just fluff if you’re only comfortable with that. From your love 💙💜💚

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A little blog PSA about small fonts;

  It has occurred to me that many blogs -and especially more and more rp blogs- prefers to use smaller fonts when they write and post here on tumblr.
Although I’m all for personal freedom of choice and like to encourage people to do their thing- I have to confess that all these long posts with more than three sentences with tiny-ant text gives me a headache. 

It makes it difficult for me to read what people has wrote, especially for me who already have a bad eyesight to start with, and I find myself many times skipping over all the posts with whole sentences containing small fonts. And -perhaps unfairly - this sometimes affect my decision however I decide to follow a blog or not, because if I can’t read anything of theirs without zooming in multiple times… I kind of don’t get any information of how and who they’re.

I know this all looks like me ranting about small fonts here, BUT, I’m okay with people using them -bc everyone decides how they want their blogs and text posts to look like (and yes, those small texts looks neat). I just want to offer an explanation to how I feel and think about this. I’m not saying anyone should stop using small text and/or no dots and big letters at the start of sentences. 

But, I would wish that if you interact with me (like replying to a thread we have together) that you could use normal text size. Thank you.

Here With Me (Prologue)

Remember this handwritten little thing? Well, I finally got around to type it out so it’s easier to read it. I added a few things here and there, and, well, it will have multiple parts now! :D

Wherever he goes, she is there.
Because some demons will never leave you.
And even the dead can succumb to insanity.

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She minded me
like a bookmark
often touching
and moving
and making
my away with her
when a world
stooped between
syllables shut
out and out
against her was
turning a hunger.
O worms!
Was i complicit
front to rear
pressed on
a small font
ever hoping
for an opening
and what little
i might say of




(Click here for a higher quality version!)

Page 2 is finally up! I really spend way too much time on just one page. Took more than 3-4 hours HAHA. I’m just crazy. Next page is the explanation to what this comic might be about. I made the font a little bit bigger since the last one was a bit too small.


prompt: can be found here. i saw it on my dash and got a little inspired. who needs homework?

summary: phil’s going blind and it’s not okay. not really, anyways. 

word count: 2.1k give or take. it’s a lil baby. written v roughly in two hours.

warnings: blindness. probably horrible descriptions of blindness, as i am not blind myself and i did as much research as i could in the short period i was trying to write this. i was gonna say cursing but it’s really not that prevalent in this one??? imagine that. 

the prompt was for “pure angst,” and y'all know how much i love being angsty.

hope you’ve all had an amazing week!

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