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hello! i was wondering if you could suggest some fonts to me? i'm making a comic/book about modern assassins in new york, kind of a mystery novel about everyday life for them and trying to solve a difficult case that they found on a mission

Outrun Future
Mona shark
Komika Axis
Comic book
Obelix Pro

I hope you enjoy !

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Hey Emma, I am in love with your printables!!! They just make everything so organized. Can I ask you if you can use this quote in one of your future motivational Monday pleeeease, I personally found it very motivational!! " Do something today, that your future self will thank you for" Thank you :) Keep up with the great printables !!

Hellooo! Thank you ever so much. I absolutely can, I’ll use it for tomorrows! If you’re got any font style suggestions let me know x

yo so like, can y'all help me out?

i started a bullet journal last year but lost it in the void that was high school (yay college) so i’m starting a new one in an old notebook i used to use for “motivating” quotes (didn’t really get far in the quotes so there’s a whole lotta journal to fill). to signify the transition between quotes to the eventful world of college, i thought this phrase (welcome to the madness) would be best fit…

…but like

which one? cursive? block? both?

also if anyone has suggestions, cooler fonts, better penmanship, and like wanna help a dood out like please message me. i’m strugglin y'all


                               A Look Inside Maia Roberts’ Phone [insp]

Recent rumours saying "Rey and Kylo will connect with each other in the force", leaked picture of Star Wars Christmas merchandise featuring Rey in dark clothing looking like a badass, episode 8 title (and a Daisy Ridley interview) suggests perhaps Rey won't be a Jedi seeing as Luke is the last one and the red font also suggests dark things are to come...

My Reylo and Rey being tempted by the dark side loving ass

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Rating: T 
Words: 1, 885 
Ship: Barry x Iris 
Contents: Fluff 
Notes: I am so (not) sorry. Just finished watching the Flash and had all of these Westallen feels. I needed an outlet.

The middle of nowhere. That was where Barry had told her to meet him. The text had come late at night as she was trying in vain to fall asleep. For days she’d been trying to find information about the red streak helping civilians around the city and more often than not she came up with nothing. It had been weighing on her heavily. She knew that she wasn’t the greatest journalist there was, the work was tiring and boring but when the end result was as exciting as the red streak, she had to push on through the mundane.

So as she was tossing and turning, her phone went off. A text alert.

2pm. The abandon airport runway.

Meet me there. I have something to show you.

That was all it said.

She spent the rest of the night wondering whether or not to text Barry back. He was rarely ever so vague and so forceful. Instead, she was content to simply lie there and think of things Barry wanted to tell her. Nothing came.

And standing in the middle of an old airport runway, miles of abandoned space stretching out before her, Iris West still could not come up with a good explanation as to why Barry would ask her to meet him here. She sighed loudly. Her feet were tiring easily and her patience was running thin. In hindsight, it probably wasn’t the best idea to wear high heeled shoes. They had matched her outfit perfectly though.

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