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… I just hit 290 followers, and I have an inkling of what each of you want from me.

And against my better judgement and the fact that you guys just flock to these two like vultures, here’s a follow to up my sans dress shorts comic.

I hope you all feel your sins on your back.

First part of the guide is here!! And this will be all about styles. But first, what exactly are styles? According to the MS Word description.

“A style is a set of formatting characteristics, such as font name, size, colour, paragraph alignment and spacing. Some styles even include borders and shading.”

In plain English, they are a bunch of programmed formats for text. So, instead of going paragraph by paragraph, an setting, font, size, alignment, spacing, and so on; you just click and the text is done.

Besides the convenience of using them, and the benefits of a great look, they give your document consistence and that makes it easier an more pleasant to read. Also, they help you navigate your document, which comes handy when you have a lot of pages.

With that said, the guide is on!! But below the cut, because I am conscious of people’s dashboards and my own.

Note: I’ve just hit my first 100 followers! And I wanted to thank everyone, for helping me reach this first milestone. I hope to be able to keep contributing to this lovely community. Thanks!

Love, Andrea

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Misaki & Saruhiko: Lost Small World vs Return of Kings

“We’ll topple this boring, fucking world.”

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Canon until 205

For most of her life, Lena’s soul marks were nothing less than very confusing.

Lena was four when names formed on either wrist, written in dark ink. It was two weeks after she’d been adopted, and the marks added to the horror of everything changing and the peace of everything coming together that was rushing through her even as a child. Her adopted brother Lex had grinned without reading the names and given her a high five that somehow meant the world.

Scrawled across her right wrist in a curling, slightly rushed font, was the name Kara Danvers. This was confusing, if only for the first 16 years of her life. For years she wondered why another girl’s name would be on her wrist? She couldn’t be her soulmate? This Kara Danvers was destined to be her enemy, right? Then Lena was 17 and Rebecca Lewis took her to see a bad movie and they held hands and kissed softly at the end of the evening and everything became easier.

Well not everything.

Because of the other name on her other wrist in neat, simple writing.


Who the hell was Supergirl?

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I didn’t think about this at the time Hit The Diamond aired, but in hindsight…

The Ruby Squad is basically a deconstruction of the archetypal “identical clone army enemy soldiers” and a rather clever one.

First, all of them are visibly distinct, have clear personality and history, and an established team dynamic. They’re presented from the start as a cluster of unique characters. Even if you compare the Crystal Gem “We’re the humans!” lineup where they all have different names and fonts, the Rubies introducing themselves all by the same name still gives very different impressions.

Second- they get an infiltrator who also fits that same Ruby profile… and said Ruby has a hard time fitting in until the team gets distracted by the baseball game. Why? Because the other Rubies have clear history- they all remember what happened last time and when our Ruby doesn’t, they take notice. We see them giving our Ruby skeptical looks several times.

It’s simultaneously an exploration of “identical enemy soldiers”- to the point that we get a few scenes of the Ruby Squad literally acting as one (as Rubyx5)- and an exploration of “dressing as the enemy”. 

And Crewniverse has taken five people with the same name, same body type, same hair type and style, all wearing variants of the same uniform, and has used it to show off just how good they are, that they establish and distinguish five unique characters introducing them in one episode that has a strong character focus on two of our already-established main characters.


jungkook likes to hold hands with jin and hobi

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creativecockbitesnetwork prompts: teams and typography.

Why is Newt Scamander on the Marauder’s Map in 1993?

Apologies for the sloppy structure of this, I went to art school.

Newt Scamander appears on the Marauder’s Map the day Harry is given the map by Fred and George Weasley. The first thing that stands out is the fact Newt’s name appears larger and in a completely different font than any other name on the map. This makes me feel like this was intentional, this was something they wanted us to see.
J.K. Rowling was very heavily involved in the book to movie adaptation of Prisoner of Azkaban, which leads me to believe this was her sneaking clues in. The book was released first in the U.K. in 1999, with the movie following in 2004. Now, the Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them textbook for Muggles was released in 2001. This textbook is also key to revealing the importance of these names and why Newt was there that day.
Before going into why Newt would be at Hogwarts, I want to first point out the other names that appear on that map and how they all connect. In the movie, some names appear twice or even three times on the Marauder’s Map, which I’m going to file as just a graphic’s team needed to get the shot done quicker. The names, however, are no coincidence.
In the room with Newt Scamander is a name you can clearly make out, Lara Blishen. There is some speculation it is Laxa, but for the time being the Harry Potter Wiki and most fan sites have kept it as Lara. While there is little to no information on Lara herself, Blishen is a known name in the wizarding world and connects her to quite a few other people.  One in particular is Yuri Blishen, the author of Advanced Rune Translation. Now, this is pure speculation as there is very little information about where the classroom would be, but I believe they are in the Ancient Runes (6B) classroom on the Marauder’s Map. Runes are a reoccurring theme in all this information, so keep that in the back of your mind.
Three more names on the map become legible to read as well, and they are Edward Almeida Peidus, Alistair Ballcocke, and Theopholos Malentus. On their own, they all have no known history in the Harry Potter universe. Except they are connected to a piece of wood paneling in Professor Trewlany’s classroom. Right as Harry enters the classroom to return the crystal ball Hermione tossed in anger, he walks through a wall with many names and unidentifiable runes.
Upon examining all the names on the board, two stick out- Arsenius Jigger and Emeric Switch. They stick out because we recently saw them in Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them.
On the front page of Transfiguration Today, we first see an article by Arsenius Jigger. Now, Jigger is an author who specialized in Potions and Defense Against The Dark Arts. Jigger wrote ‘The Essential Defense Against The Dark Arts’ textbook that was required for Professor Lupin’s 3rd year DaDA class. The kicker here, is Jigger’s article in Transfiguration Today is titled ‘Lycanthrohy v. Werewolfry: Arsenius Jigger explains. Which locution better describes the werewolves?’. Given that Lupin was of course, a werewolf, there seems to be a sense of connection here, especially when you remember Newt Scamander was almost solely responsible for the Werewolf Registry.
Emeric Switch, on the other hand, wrote the required 1st year book ‘A Beginner’s Guide To Transfiguration’ and was a well-known contributor to Transfiguration Today. His article was ‘The Scientific Aspect Of Human Transfiguration’. This article also seems well placed, as the trio’s 3rd year that this connects to is the first year we were heavily introduced to Animagi and human transfiguration. There is also an article to the left, ‘How To Identify Unregistered and Unlawful Animagi’ by an unknown author.
Going back to the names on the map, there is one name which appears on the Marauder’s Map that day that does not appear on the wall in the Divination classroom, but rather shows up somewhere else- the Fantastic Beasts textbook. That name is Mordicus Egg. Mordicus Egg was a Hogwarts Professor speculated to have taught Muggle Studies. It is also unconfirmed that he may or may not have been Headmaster of Hogwarts for a period of time, as he has a portrait bearing his name in the Headmaster’s office. Egg penned the book ‘The Philosophy of the Mundane: Why the Muggles Prefer Not to Know’ which is referenced in the Magical Beasts in Hiding chapter on the FBAWTFT text book.
Another name that appears on the map but nowhere else- Bagshot. The name appears to be a middle/surname, but the first and last name are illegible or to tiny to read on any frame in the shot of the movie. While we cannot speculate which member of the Bagshot family it is, we cannot forget who was related to the Bagshot family- Gellert Grindelwald. Grindelwald was not only a key plot point in the new Fantastic Beasts movie, we can’t forget it was the duel with him, Albus and Aberforth that resulted in young Ariana Dumbledore, a suspected Obscurial, another being we are introduced to in Fantastic Beasts.
The Prisoner of Azkaban and Fantastic Beasts seem to have a lot linking them, the evidence is there in both film and book form, but there’s not really a solid answer as to why they are connected. So now we can look into a few possibilities as to why Newt Scamander was at Hogwarts on that day in 1993.
Newt Scamander’s love of magical creatures stemmed from his mother, a well known breeder of Hippogriffs. Well, who showed up in Prisoner of Azkaban ready to teach Care Of Magical Creatures with a heard of 12 hippogriffs? Hagrid. It’s perfectly reasonable for us to assume maybe Hagrid was given the herd of Hippogriffs by Newt himself for his classes. As we see Newt on the Marauder’s Map after Buckbeak attacked Draco, it’s also a possibility Newt was there to comfort Hagrid or assist in the investigation.
To go off that, in the book when Buckbeaks execution day arrives, the Minister is accompanied by the executioner and a ‘elderly committee member’. This member could also be speculated to be Newt himself, as Newt was a part of the Beast Division at the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. The committee member is noted as being reluctant to be present at the time of the execution. He does not show up in the film adaptation.
Newt very well could also have been at Hogwarts to discuss the Muggle text version of Fantastic Beasts with Dumbledore, but seeing as how the printed version was included with Harry, Ron, and Hermione’s notes throughout the year, it seems like this meeting came at a different point. It is also possible he was there, due to his part in the Werewolf Registry, to check up on Lupin, or something else of that nature, since we know the Department over-seeing the registry slacked in the 60’s, allowing Fenrir to walk free form the murder of two Muggle children.
So, what do you think? There’s certainly a lot of connections here to just say they threw a name in on the Marauder’s Map back in 2004 just to call it a day. I think Newt’s name was put there on purpose- let’s just hope J.K. confirms or denies any of this information soon.