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Marco Oggian   |

“If you look around you’ll see immediately that: Futura is totally the new Helvetica.”

Marco is a a young nuclear physicist. He has worked ever since with a wide range of project within logo creation, illustration, branding identity, font design and typography, photo shooting, fair stand creation and many more. Clients include Computer Arts Magazine, True Color Films, Volcom, BMW Italia, Brekka, CreativeDa Korea and Ten Dollar Fonts.

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(sorry idk how to make previews for comics ugh)

So, I have a strong headcanon about Gaster being a #1 Skeleton Dad for Sans and Papyus, watching and helping them even being somewhere outside of their reality.

But like everyone else in this AU, Underfell Gaster is much more violent than his other AU versions, but it becomes much more complicated…

And btw that’s how I’d explain why the skelebros have such a weird relationships towards each other.


Friday Freebies: Collection of Free Fonts:

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Appareo Worn Serif Type Family

Often you can find the beauty in the imperfection. So it is with this distressed typeface. Appareo is a sans serif font family designed in 2013 by Kimmy Kirkwood.

Download the Appareo font family on

More about the Appareo worn font family and more recommended fonts on WE AND THE COLOR



Friday Freebies: Collection of Free Fonts

  • Exhodus Typeface by Andrew Herndon - Download
  • Moon Typeface by Jack Harvatt - Download
  • Qanelas Soft Typeface by Radomir Tinkov - Download
  • Carrote Font by Sasha B. Perelman - Download
  • Argon Typeface by Tom Anders Watkins - Download
  • Butler Font by Fabian De Smet - Download
  • Duwhoers Font by Agga Swist'blnk - Download
  • Sensa Font by Fontfabric - Download
  • Lumberjack Font by Aleksei Kalinin - Download
  • Sk-Modernist Typeface by Sean Kane - Download

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So don’t judge me! First time drawing tiny bones plz don’t kill me!
Happy skelefamily for my precious @cosmicmosaic we did an art trade and this is how my part of if turned out Huhu I couldn’t draw gasterxsans since I’ve seen them as the sweetest and saddest family ever ),: haha very well I rly hope u like it my dear Jen (: -throws love at u-

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Ilham Herry    |

Ilham is a freelance graphic designer specializing in logo design from Bandung, Indonesia. For building a logo, his weapons of choice are pencil and sketchbook for creating first sketches, and illustrator for digital execution. He likes listening to music, watching movies, and surfing the web. He was very curious to learn about design and typography so he started watching tutorials, lessons, and reading books about it.

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Amorie, a hand drawn font

Font designer Kimmy Kirkwood has created this beautiful hand drawn font family in 2014. Amorie consists of 3 weights in 3 styles plus several OpenType features.

Check out more information about the hand drawn Amorie font on WATC or buy the font on MyFonts.

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Rebecca Hakola   |

“The project’s ultimate purpose was to inspire the viewer to view the selected typeface in a new light. This design celebrates 90 years of Futura, and within its pages flaunts 20 style formats, that of which the first introduced by Paul Renner in the early 1900s. It is a "squeeky clean” approach to visual communication, and boasts a clinical style aesthetic that consists of one large A3 poster which encases collectors cards and a small information booklet. The stock used is waterproof and primarily designed for wear and tear by readers, as they learn more about Futura, one of the world’s most famous and commonly used typefaces.“

Rebecca Hakola is a recent graduate from the Queensland College of Art with a Bachelor of Design, majoring in Visual Communication. With a multidisciplinary approach to design and unique autonomy of thought and style, she is continuously developing her own formula for effective visual and literary communication through design. Every project she undertakes draws inspiration from her Scandinavian and Australian backgrounds, offering fresh and refined outcomes.

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whatyouvedoneinthedark  asked:

Gaster don't freak out!!

( I’ll leave this here for you guys to wake up

X3 this is all I really had planned, just for them to meet again. no exposition or anything. HOWEVER… since so many people have asked, the font family are now open for questions for a bit.  Gaster Sans and Pap are still open too of course XD but aye.

Hope you all are as tearful and satisfied with this as I am X3))
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Niveau Grotesk - HVD Fonts

Recently published fresh from the house of HVD Fonts by German type designer Hannes von Döhren comes Niveau Grotesk with its companion Niveau Serif.

Buy the Niveau Grotesk font family on

More information about the Niveau Grotesk font family on WE AND THE COLOR.

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Norpeth Font Family

Norpeth is a contemporary humanist sans serif font family by The Northern Block (Font Designer: Jonathan Hill).

Buy the Norpeth font family on

More information about the Norpeth typeface on WE AND THE COLOR

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