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Beautiful cast of American Gods (IMDB)

The series will focus on the mysterious Shadow, a man who is released from prison a few days early after serving a three-year sentence for bank robbery when his beloved wife Laura is killed in a car accident. Flying home for the funeral, Shadow is seated next to a man who introduces himself only as Mr. Wednesday, and this man knows more about Shadow’s life, both past and present, than is possible. Shadow comes to learn that Wednesday is, in fact, the god Odin of Norse mythology and that all of the gods that mankind has ever believed in are alive in human form and live among regular people. Shadow is soon thrust into a gathering conflict between the Old gods and the so-called “New gods”, the gods of money and technology who believe there is no longer room on Earth for the old gods.

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it’s always sunny in philadelphia character tropes charlie kelly; would it be weird if you survived an abortion? would it be weird if, like, you shared a bed with a man who may or may not be your father? would it be weird if you eat cat food to go to sleep and you have such a fascination with cats that maybe you glue cat hair on the back of your neck every now and then?


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Go read this amazing, well written and beautifully executed story that will steal your heart from the get go.

The pictures above are my humble way of saying thank you to the wonderful writers @fictorium @bridgetteirish


This Dyslexic-Friendly Font Could Help The 1 In 5 People Living With Condition

A few subtle tweaks to a letter’s shape can make a world of difference to some readers.

By creating a new typeface with slight but impactful changes, Dutch designer Christian Boer is making reading an easier task for those, like himself, who live with dyslexia. Letters of the Dyslexie font have heavy base lines, alternating stick and tail lengths and semicursive slants – all modifications that differentiate letters that can look confusingly similar to those with the condition.

To better understand how Dyslexie font works read our  interview with the designer of Dyslexie font here. 

First page of “Timeless Prisoner”

Chapter 1: A Guest from afar

(its to read like a manga)


Source: 【OVERLORD】  LOG.1 by 惡道GAZARI
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The white mage had needed to duck her head and hang low for years now since the witch queen Rarity had moved into Canterlot. Minty did what she could to cure the sick that the demon fed on and tried to counter the attacks but to reveal herself would have been an error in tact. Rarity would have sent the demon to destroy her and she was not sure she was powerful enough.

The problem with white magic was that it was not as flashy as the demonic magic that Rarity and such witches used. So mages like Minty needed to be careful. 

But after the burning of the witch, patients formerly afflicted by the Dementia-based demon came to her looking for healing and she was more than happy to help. The earth pony was in her element then, caring for those who most needed it.

What she did not expect was for the Queen herself to show up incognito one night, a dark robe on and only red blazing eyes giving away her inner stregnth. She had an orange pegasus with her and a sizable crate which Minty sensed had life in it.

“We need to come in now,” Midnight told her. “The…’luggage’ will be wanting to breath and stretch. She’s earned that.”

“Sounds wild,” Minty nodded and moved aside for them. Only then did she noticed the pre-teen white unicorn hanging about behind the orange pegasus. She knew her to be Rarity’s sister and did not ask what she was doing with Midnight and her paramour. 

Sweetie had taken to a true admiration of Scoot and how he recovered from his loss of friends and his captivity at the hooves of Everfree. Having no real adult figure to look up to in Canterlot and stubbornly refusing to go back to Ponyville, she had begun to tag along with him as a kind of little assistant when he allowed it, which was usually when times were not dangerous. Today she knew they would try to heal the monster in the crate who Rarity had cursed. Sweetie had never gotten a good look at the thing so she anticipated some great horrors.

Minty shut the door behind her and locked all of the bolts.

“Shadow Bush, I assume?” Minty asked. 

Midnight nodded through her robe and looked to Scoot. “We had best let the lady out.”

She went to pull the latch on her side to release the demon who, by now, she trusted as an ally and a friend. 

Minty awaited to see the damage that Rarity’s devilry had done to the beautiful Villefort daughter.

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Hey Eila! I remember you talking about how you are an UI/UX designer without having learned about anything like that in school. How did you get interested in this? And how did you learn more and get experience? Any good online resources to suggest?

How to Become a UX/UI Designer - A Comprehensive Guide

I’ll just do a comprehensive guide on this :D

Is UX/UI designing right for you?

You’ll love UX designing if

  • You love analyzing & solving problems - UX designing = designing the most efficient and simplistic way to achieve business goals through a product. You must analyze:
    • 1) The client’s business, their goals & vision
    • 2) The target users’ behaviors & preferences
    • 3) All possible flows that users may interact with your product (e.g. website, app) and achieve what you want them to achieve.
    • Then, find the best solution that translates into user flow charts and wireframes.
  • You love psychology (cognition & behaviors) - As a UX designer, you need to understand different groups of users, the differences in their behaviors, and why they do those things.
  • You love researching - It’s a huge advantage to know what competitors (of your clients) are doing and what worked for them, or recent trends among your target users, or what’s new in the design & tech world. These will help make design decisions.
  • You are able to put functionality and efficiency first - Sometimes you must sacrifice beauty, but if it boosts sales by 20%, so be it.
  • You are attentive to details - There are many more components to a website or app than what you’d usually see. You must think of all scenarios that can happen like error messages, forgot password popups, blank states, on-boarding, etc. You don’t want users to get stuck in limbo somewhere, become frustrated, and quit forever. This comes with experience and studying other people’s products.

You’ll love UI designing if

  • You love to communicate (a clear message) visually - As a UI designer, you’re not just creating whatever you want that looks nice. Your job is to design the best way to visually communicate your client’s brand at first glance. Think of how you can translate these points into visuals:
    • What are they trying to tell their customers?
    • What kind of brand are they? Fun & young, sophisticated & classy, or formal & reliable?
    • What is the most important call to action (in line with business goal)? Getting users to sign up, subscribe, buy something, or sign a petition?
    • What distinguish them for their competitors?
  • You love psychology (perception) - As a UI designer, your goal is to influence users to take the actions you want by using colors, typography, and layout. Understand what catches attention, how to direct the eyes to the most important part first, etc.
  • Your workflow is consistent and systematic - A website/app should have a clear colors scheme with 1-3 fonts, not a big mess of 7 different greens in 12 fonts for no purpose. The same colors and styles should link the same things (e.g. everything related to signing up is orange). Planning what elements you will use and why from the beginning will save you a lot of time.
  • You are adaptable - In the end, you are being paid by a client. You can make suggestions that you think is best, but sometimes it is the client’s final say, especially when it comes to visual style which depends on personal preferences.

Always a bonus

  • Communication skills - You must be able to effectively communicate to your clients why you make certain design decisions, and how they would help improve their business.
  • Basic coding skills - Knowing how to code allows to effectively communicate with developers and avoid impossible designs (i.e. designs that are impossible to code, or would take a way to long to do so). You should at least know how responsive design and bootstrap grid work.
  • Networking skills - This is especially important if you’re a freelancer. One easy way to find work is networking at tech and startup events, as well as getting referred through connections.


Design tools

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Im totally Erika also if my pokemon mood becomes any higher Im gonna end up doing the other regions too