-Alex&Owen “AU” {Olex}:

-Alex: Hey.
-Owen: Hey, beautiful, what happens?
-Alex: *smile* Well, I just… I just wanted to know how it goes, do you like the new job?
-Owen: Well, if you wanted to know if I’m gorgeous in uniform … well, I am … and much also! 
-Alex: *eyes to the sky* You know perfectly well what I mean, dude! 
-Owen: *Laughs*  I know, I know… I have to get familiar, I guess… *laughs again*.
-Alex: You really are an idiot, sweetheart. *Ironic*.
-Owen: *smile* I love you too. 

-Olex: {Good Morning, love}

You’re the first face that I see 
and the last thing I think about 
you’re the reason that I’m alive 
you’re what i can’t live without

- I Don’t deserve you, Paul Van Dyk.