FINALLY done moving. Just got some minor decorating to do…so before I start drawing time to play some PSO2 c: SO MUCH NOSTALGIA it plays so much like the first game!

Shogen and Sierra c: the cast in this game look pretty sweet.


*While there’s a story behind every picture in my opinion, sometimes there are things that stand alone on their own that I just have to share…

I got a few screenshots of Farrah using the Photon Arts Speed Rain and Trick Rave that I thought I should share.  Speed Rain is a short burst of consecutive slashes that emit a wave; it’s really useful for hitting multiple enemies that are directly in front of you.  Trick Rave only hits almost adjacent enemies, but you toss your partisan in the air and spin it so it hits whatever is in front of you, then you hop up and smash it into the ground beneath.