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*sobs because ouran*

idk my dude, you might wanna hold those tears back. I’m still pretty skeptical about this because why would an english voice actor have first word on this??


lots of previous false hope lol

5 things that make me happy meme

as tagged by @yourinsomnea - thanks! and may the patrons of procrastination watch over us all :P

1. FOOD OFFERED BY OTHER PEOPLE. while i’m not helpless with cooking, i don’t really find joy in cooking for myself, so if you want me forever on your good side, heart-eyeing you - just feed me. no, seriously. and not in the meaning “slave in kitchen for 1490 hours and prepare a 8-course meal” - you could literally give me cup ramen in the right moment and i’m gonna puppy-love you 4eva *_*

(8 course meal will probably guarantee you my utterly loyal but rather dead body. i will have died trying, tho)

2. sorting through my books - not  because i have ideas about ~order~ but because it’s like a secret date i have with my faves. hiii, old friend, your cover art is still amazing and i love you forever and your broken spine shows signs of my tough love. hello there, you silly thing, i had fun with you - still looking good with that coverart, winkwonk. wow i remember you, you one giant heartbreak, too raw for a casual reread, so maybe next time.

3. geeking about languages! you want to monologue at me about dialects and grammar of a language i don’t speak? BRING IT ON imma fetch popcorn and we’re on. i like being able to speak in different languages, and i like languages i don’t speak for letting me have fun piecing together clues while swimming in a torrent of unfamiliar linguistic melody until certain parts start to make sense, and whoa suddenly there is something that makes sense! a refrain of familiar words!

(recent small pleasure: responding in english to things said in german for the pleasure of seeing the suspicious “…i haven’t said that in english, have i?” expression. i don’t speak german uwu)

4. having people drop by to talk about RANDOMEST things. seriously, SO HAPPY. your science project? feels from the fandom i probably won’t check out? 10 pages of meta based on that one post you saw a year ago? the weather? teAA? tell me uwu

5. people i like

shut up