fondles him

A Few Thoughts on Yoon Bum’s Personality

Yoon Bum has a really complex personality. The way he acts with Sangwoo is actually really different from what I think he usually is like. Perhaps it’s because he “loves” Sangwoo so deeply, or because he wants to be obedient since he is actually quite terrified of dying. 

It’s weird we all kind of ignored that Yoon Bum basically expected the girl in his class to be in a relationship with him and like him essentially because he “liked her for her and not her boobs”. 

I’m not saying that the girl was not being mean or rude but Yoon Bum was definitely being a creepy “nice guy” that ended up stealing from her afterwards. Yoon Bum definitely has a really interesting personality that extends a lot from how he is with Sangwoo. 

Just tell me this isn’t a face Sangwoo would have made. 

He looks so cool and detached here when he’s telling her that he likes her for who she is after giving her a backhanded compliment about her boobs, like he knows he is right. He actually has the balls to just say that to her and then expect her to jump in his arms. It shows how many social cues he is missing honestly, or perhaps how highly he thinks of himself deep down. Perhaps maybe that he just thinks this is the right way to be. 

He really has some obvious problems during the entire series and is not often what we think he is like. 

Here are only some scenes of Bum’s “other side” shining through:

This one is the one I think people miss the most. Yoon Bum actually tries to approach and talk to Sangwoo in the army when he recognised him (before the whole saving thing went down). 

After being one day in his captivity, Yoon Bum constantly whines about his pain even though that easily could have meant that Sangwoo got too annoyed with him and killed him. 

Yoon Bum showing no remorse of guilt that he was chosen over the other woman, he just feels grateful that he is more important to Sangwoo than the woman. 

Yoon Bum trying to hurt/kill Sangwoo 1. 

Yoon Bum trying to hurt/kill Sangwoo 2. 

Yoon Bum trying to(thinking about) hurt(ing)/kill(ing) Sangwoo 3.

Yoon Bum again, stepping over the line even though he knows Sangwoo punishes the smallest things. 

Yoon Bum trying to manipulate Sangwoo with sex. Honestly this part was really interesting. For him to be do that he needs to be sure that Sangwoo really finds him attractive and that offering himself can be a distraction. I have a theory that he does this here because he basically does this to his uncle too (offering himself). This could be out of desperation too of course but what’s important is Yoon Bum shows uncharacteristic confidence here, something we wouldn’t expect from the nearly docile Yoon Bum we see most of the time who always flinches away, cries and trembles.

Yoon Bum, once again, stepping over the line and trying to talk to Sangwoo like an equal and like he is a logical human being. 

More proof that Yoon Bum actually changes how he is to please Sangwoo.

In conclusion, I feel like Yoon Bum is a very complex character and we only see cracks of how he can be deep down shine through sometimes and they are rare enough for people to kind of skip through and not think about it. 

I also think that Sangwoo can actually see these small cracks. He isn’t stupid, he shows a lot of surprise when Yoon Bum does something uncharacteristic so he definitely realises (ex: when he says he wanted to fondle him, when he asked to eat with him) and this is the reason why he is actually interested in Yoon Bum. 

The Golden Ones (M)

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: one shot, angst, fluff and some crazy smut

Word Count: 2,745

Warnings: oral sex, curisng and foul language, just smut 

Request: for @teenagehopless : 8, 23, & 50 w Mr. Jeon Jungkook. Make it fluffy and maybeee a little smutty please ~ thanks so much love

Summary: You and Jungkook are the best of the best at school, the Golden Ones. But being the competitive people you both are causes for some mischief.

A/N: Hi everyone. I’m back with another one shot from the prompt list. I hope you like it. ~admin L

Originally posted by jeonify

8: “You’re so fucking hot when you’re mad.”

23: “If we get caught I’m blaming you.”

50: "Did you just flick me?”

You and Jungkook are both the golden students everybody wants to be. You both excel in your academics, you are both advanced in any sport, and you both are just overall great at anything you do.

Many would expect you both to get along well. But they couldn’t be more wrong.

Another thing you and Jungkook have in common is your competitiveness. You both want to be the best and only the best. So it’s fair to say that you both didn’t get along well at all.

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Artificial Love

A/N: I’ve finally managed to post a smut after so long! I’m terribly so sorry to everyone who’s been waiting for their requests to be fulfilled! This smut is dedicated to the lovely anon who requested a long time ago. On a side note, thank you to everyone for the lovely feedback and support I’ve been receiving for my moodboards. Look forward to more in the future ;) As of now, enjoy some Sub! Jongdae x

Pairing(s): Chen/Jongdae x Reader

Warnings: Light bondage, Submissive Chen

Genre: Smut

Requested: Yes

Summary: Jongdae teases you with videos of his cane-grinding skills in ‘Artificial Love’ so you decide to teach him a lesson when he comes home.

Word Count: 3445

Originally posted by etherealchen

It’s been weeks since you last saw your boyfriend Jongdae due to the touring he’s been undergoing with his band members. However, despite the never-ending distance between the two of you and the time zone differences, Jongdae never failed to drop you at least one call or text message a day. Even if it is to complain about how exhausted he feels or a ‘Hey baby, miss you lots’ message, your heart swells up with unconditional love whenever you catch a glimpse of his contact name popping up on the screen of your phone.

It’s no easy feat to live your life normally when Jongdae always plays at the back of your mind, teasing you with the promise of his return. You could be washing dishes and the thought of him would invade your mind, reminding you of the playful memories of when the two of you would flick liquid detergent at each other while doing the dishes after a meal.

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To Binge

{{ Alright, here is the long awaited short fan fiction I wanted to write for fuckyeah2doc . A sweet nonny came up with the idea! Murdoc and 2D, I hope you two enjoy this!!}}

With the slow paced breathing, the thin window pane began to cover itself with a growing thick mist. Tiny pits and pats proceeded after one another each second; various sized blobs of clear liquid raced each other down the outer pane of the misted glass.

It was a slow Monday morning. Everything was in slow motion. Life was taking it’s time.

A dark grey cloud that hung over the city had been lurking around for a few days already. The streets were deserted. The roads were abandoned.

A smile slowly spread across his lips. He guided his long bony finger over the misted pane, swirling it around to create an incomprehensible picture. Despite the loneliness and silence, he felt at peace with his mind and body.

As fast as the rain poured down was as fast as the sudden bang that disturbed all contentment in the room.  


The bluenette nearly fell over, forgetting that it wasn’t as quiet as he had imagined.

“Stop your bloody day dreamin’!” Murdoc’s rotting face was a sore sight for healthy eyes. Luckily 2D didn’t have healthy eyes.

The lanky body hauled himself away from his window to look at the older, shorter man.

“Wot? Did I do somefink?” He asked, scratching his cheek in a tired manner.

“I called you five times!” The bassist angrily walked towards the taller man, giving him a hard smack on the back of his head which made the other wince in pain.

“Tha’hurt!” 2D exclaimed, backing away from the other. “I’m sorry, I didn’hear ya!” He rubbed his head, trying to sooth the sting.

Murdoc rolled his eyes, pointing his finger at 2D. “We need to practice. Noodles is takin’care of ol’Russ and we’ve gotten nowhere with the new album!”

2D sighed. He was in no mood to sing. He was in no mood to practice, especially with Murdoc.

“I don’feel like doin tha…” 2D stated. “I have a headache.”

“Take a pill an’get over it.” Murdoc ordered. “Or must I force ya ta sing again?”

2D’s eyes narrowed quickly. He was still sore over the whole plastic beach scenario; emotionally and physically.

“Dere’s no whales here ta scare me.” 2D crossed his arms, turning his back to Murdoc.

Silence claimed the room for a few seconds before a muffled snort of laughter took over.

“Oh Stu, d’ya really think I’d use the ol’whale trick?” Murdoc waved his hand around. 2D shuddered and looked over his shoulder, eyeing the man who was now looking at him dead straight in the eyes.

“…wot does dat mean?” 2D asked hesitantly, raising his one eyebrow.

Murdoc groaned, losing his smile and turning it into a displeased frown. “Dullard I’m givin’ya a choice here. Either ya’sing, or I make ya’sing!”

2D felt his heart thump up into his throat. A part of him wanted to sing and get it over with, but the other half wanted to defy Murdoc; receive the punishment.

“Sorry, no can do!” 2D stuck up his nose like a stubborn child and looked away. He had to force himself not to smile, not to giggle or snicker when he heard the frustrated grunt escape Murdoc’s throat.


2D instantly put himself to a stop as he turned around. When Murdoc used that word alone, it caught his attention fully. It made his heart bubble, his nerves trembled, it reminded him of-

“Remember Plastic Beach?” Murdoc asked. His eyes were calm, his voice soothingly warm.

The bluenette felt his cheeks warm up. He glanced from side to side quickly.

“Muh’doc,I fought ya said dat, dat was like, all in da past…”

“I asked, if you remembered or not, Dullard.” Murdoc’s voice rose, causing 2D to cower down in obedience.

2D looked down to his bare feet. It was early afternoon and he was still in his underwear; he’d only woken up an hour ago.

“…yeh, I rememba.” The singer mumbled, avoiding eye contact with the bassist.

It didn’t take long for 2D to squeak in fright as he felt himself cornered in his room, looking down to Murdoc who had pinned him within seconds.

“Remember how we used ta get each other off?” Murdoc asked, his sharp nails running down 2D’s bare stomach. 2D whimpered, reacting positively to the well-known touch.

“Y-Yeh…” The singer gulped, shutting his eyes tightly. At first it was disgusting, but now just the thought of Murdoc fondling him could get him off in a few minutes. He didn’t really appreciate being Murdoc’s source of relief for sexual purposes on Plastic Beach, but after a few times he became accustom to it. He began to enjoy it. He even started asking for it at one stage.

“Well…” Murdoc hissed into the singer’s ear, making the other let out a soft gasp of pleasure. He hated himself for already beginning to get hard. He hated himself for being so weak.

“Well forget it.” Murdoc spat and pulled away. 2D blinked, frozen stiff as he felt his blood run cold.

The bassist held a deep glare. “Quit acting as if any of that shit meant anything to you!”

2D felt a part of his heart twist in pain. He slowly made eye contact again, beginning to frown.

“Yeh…it’didn’mean shit to me!”

It was Murdoc’s turn to be surprised. He quickly ignored the smidge of hurt deep down in his heart and smiled it off.

“Good. Now let’s practice.”



2D shook his head; pushing his legs together tightly to try hide his erection. “I said no.”

Murdoc’s eye twitched. “Dents, I’m givin’ya one last chance here.”

The singer stuck his tongue out. He was prepared to be hit, but when the blow didn’t come he only saw that Murdoc had left the room.

“…Muh’doc?” He blinked, standing up straight as he looked around. He frowned suspiciously, slowly making his way to his bed and sitting down.

When he realized that Murdoc wasn’t coming back, he took the opportunity to relax and try and forget about his erection. Thinking of a whale helped within a second.


How it had come to this, he had no clue. He had been sleeping and then all of a sudden he’d been awoken by an enraged Murdoc whose bare and hairy chest was glimmering with sweat. He couldn’t fully remember what Murdoc had said, but he recalled how fast things got out of hand.

“I said sing!” Murdoc snapped.

“No!” 2D whimpered, shutting his eyes tightly.


The singer hollered an inaudible set of words as he felt his insides tense up further from the deep vibrations.

This was beyond embarrassing for the taller one; sitting up in his bed, fully exposed to the Satanist as well as having his hands tied behind his back with broken cable. What took the top prize was the smooth black silicone vibrator, which had been thickly sleeked with lubricant, which was pushed up halfway into the younger one.

Murdoc had his nails digging into the singer’s legs, spreading them apart inch by inch.

“P-Please! M-Muh’doc!” The singer threw his head back on his pillow, his toes twitching.

“Sing for me then, sing a whole song, then I’ll take it out.” Murdoc grinned devilishly. The fact that he had 2D beneath him, squirming and pleading, aroused him.

“W-Wot s-song?” 2D squeaked, his erection itching to be touched.

“Any song.” Murdoc scoffed, becoming irritated by all the questions. He knew that deep inside he just wanted to know what type of song 2D would sing. Would it be something stupid or something meaningful? Murdoc hated himself for thinking that.

2D shifted upwards, cringing as he tightened himself further as the tip of the vibrator grazed against his inner walls. He took in a deep breath, quickly gathering his thoughts together.

“W-Waiting…by the mailbox, by the train-” He managed to gently whisper out.

“Louder.” Murdoc growled, making 2D flinch. The singer opened his one eye slowly.

“Passin by the h-hills til I hear the n-name.” He sung louder, his voice trembling with frustration and pleasure. Murdoc’s grin was a signal for 2D to continue.

“I-I’m lookin for a s-saw to cut these chains in h-half.” The singer opened his other eye, looking directly into Murdoc’s eyes which shocked the older man.

“And…all I want is someone to r-rely on as t-thunder comes rollin’ down.” Murdoc frowned, feeling his chest tighten. 2D was singing with meaning.

“S-Someone to rely on a-as lightning comes staring i-in again…”

Murdoc felt sweat roll down his cheeks, his heart thumping. He wrote this song, so why did 2D have to go and sing it like he was singing it to him?

The bassist let go of the singer’s legs to grab hold of the vibrator. 2D yelped with a sharp high pitched moan as Murdoc shoved the vibrator back into him, then out, then in.

“I-I’ll w-wait to be fo-AHgiven!” 2D’s voice twisted as he moaned, arching his back. His hips rocked back and forth, itching to get more. “M-Maybe I neveraaah w-will! Aangh!”

“You’re doin’great.” Murdoc licked his lips. Maybe he should do this more often.

“My-my star has, left m-me-me-Aah!” 2D cringed as he shuddered, trying to pry his hands out of their bind to stroke his throbbing erection. “T-Too take t-the bitter p-piilll!” He squeaked on the last note, digging his toes into bed sheets. “T-That shattered fe-eling … well t-the cause of itttt’s a lessooon lear-ned!”

“Sweet Satan Stu I can barely understand you.” Murdoc complained as he continued thrusting the vibrator into the younger one.

“J-Just don’t kno-ooww if I could r-roll into the sea-aaah again!”

Murdoc hissed. What if he actually never got to do this again? He let his one hand continue the thrusting while the other dug into his pants to pull out his cell-phone and search for the record button. He placed his phone down as it began to record.

“I’m c-caught again in t-the mysteryyy, y-you’re by my side, but a-are you still w-with me?” 2D squinted his eyes as he looked to Murdoc, whimpering.

The bassist cursed. He plunged forward to press his lips firmly against 2D’s neck, biting into it.

The singer flinched as he shuddered, taking in deep pleasurable breaths as he felt Murdoc’s tongue on his neck as his fingers caressing his boiling erection.

“The aa-answer’s somew-where deep iin i-it, I-I’m sorry thaa-at you’re feelin’ i-it…” He mumbled as he carried his voice gently across the room with a few low moans in between.

Murdoc pulled away to look into 2D’s eyes.

2D smiled with a bright, burning blush.

“B-But I j-juust have to t-tell that I l-loove you s-so much th-hese days.”

Murdoc’s eyes widened. It felt like he was going to have a heart attack. Those words now meant so much more to him than ever before.

“H-Have to tell you…t-thaaat I love y-you so much t-these days, i-i-it’s true.” He whined out softly, his mouth gaping open. Murdoc’s eyes burnt into his skin, his touch was irritably charming.

He quivered with a yelp as Murdoc leaned back down, roughly pumping at the singer’s erection.

“M-Muh’doc!” 2D whispered helplessly, groaning as familiar warmth of pleasure coiled along at the bottom of his stomach. He arched his back up further, nearly losing himself to the pleasure.

The vibrations mixed with the hand thrusts were enough to send the singer over the edge.

He let out loud and long melodically moans as his hips shivered. A sting of satisfaction flew through him as he hit his climax; pure bliss settled over him. He ignored his semen splattered sheet. He ignored the loud embarrassing pop sound that was made when Murdoc pulled out the vibrator.

The two stared at each other intensely.

Murdoc stood up. And he left.

2D’s smile faded.

He slowly covered his face with his shaking hands and whispered the last verse;

“My heart is in economy due to this autonomy. Rolling in and caught again…”

“Caught again.” Murdoc whispered in the depths of his own room.

{{I hope you enjoyed! Sorry if you saw mistakes… I haven't written in ages!}}

Innocent Doctor? (Part 1).

As requested, a dom!spencer multi-fic for you! (Dom!Aaron multi-fic can be found here)

Not too much dom!Spencer in this but hey, it’s definitely there. On the other hand…..Part 2 is going to be a killer hahah. Please let me know if you want to be untagged for this series lovelies!

Warnings: oral sex

Originally posted by stallingdemons

The doctors low growls were silenced as he slammed the door behind him, groaning slightly in annoyance as he rested his hands against the table. The deep tones of his voice made Y/N’s breath hitch in the back of her throat, dark eyes fixated on the frustrated man as she shifted subtly, thighs pressed together firmly. Spencer exhaled through his nose before glancing up at the intern, eyes intensely observing her reddening cheeks as she dropped his gaze, fingers fumbling with the ends of her hair nervously.

“He’s tough to break.” Spencer uttered but Y/N simply nodded in response, not trusting herself to form coherent words as she cleared her throat slightly in attempt to rid herself of her inappropriate thoughts regarding her temporary co-worker. Though, her mind wouldn’t let go of the way his voice sent shivers down her spine, his dark eyes sending her into frenzy or the way his jaw clenched and muscles tightened when he grew frustrated. However, her thoughts were quickly halted when his soft voice interrupted her but when she adverted his attention to him, she didn’t realise he had moved inches in front of her.

“Earth to Y/N?” He murmured, smirking devilishly when she glanced up at him with blown pupils, cheeks painted pink.

“Ah, sorry. What is it?” Y/N replied, voice cracking slightly as Spencer chuckled lowly, inching towards her gradually.

“Come with me, I have some things to show you.” Spencer ordered, voice merely a whisper as he briefly brushed her hair away from her blushing face, his hot breath making her inhale sharply as she unthinkingly glanced down at his lips.

“I-I thought you were supposed to be teaching-” Y/N began, voice wavering nervously but Spencer cut off her train of thought by brushing his fingers against hers slightly.

“I will. Just follow me, Y/N.” Spencer laughed, pushing past her, smirking softly to himself knowing she would be quick to follow after him. She swallowed anxiously, glancing behind her to see him walking away confidently without looking back. Y/N bit her lip lightly, knowing her internship wasn’t going to be easy.

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The required data has been obtained. Apparently, the feeling of excitement experienced during combat is close to what humans call “love”.

Soooo, if we take this to an extreme conclusion:

  • When Adam goads 9S about wanting to “****” 2B, he means kill AND fuck, because functionally these things are kind of the same?
  • The whole scenario where Adam strings 9S up, fondles him, and then makes 9S watch while he and 2B go all-out against each other in a ~passionate~ battle?  That was basically a porn doujin.  (Adam you could have just installed tindr.)
  • This actually explains a lot about why the Virtuous weapon stories are about interactions with a lover.  2B has been fighting 9S FOR YEARS even though he doesn’t remember. 
  • This explains even more about why 9S bothered to learn to fight like a combat model even though he can go around hacking enemies. 

FFS guys, priority #1 after the end of the game needs to be discussing boundaries and coming up with a safeword.

Come inside the closet - BaekXing

Originally posted by boopshik

A/N - I wrote this for @twinkybyuns

This is a crack-ish kind of smut! Thought I might as well post it on here since some other ppl requested to read it.



Yixing is a straight guy. With a straight face, a straight posture, straight grades - straight everything. And…Baekhyun doesn’t like that. Baekhyun doesn’t like how Yixing is so goddamn handsome, how his best friend has the biggest dick ever; yet he only reserves it for women. How fucking disgusting.

Baekhyun doesn’t enjoy watching Yixing drag women back to their dorm room. Why? Because he’s not getting any of what they get. But all that is going to change.

“Since our exams are over, we should invite your friends to celebrate!” Baekhyun chirped, giving Yixing a lopsided smile from the sofa where his best friend sat at the kitchen table, pen between lips amidst thinking and working.

“My friends? Why my friends?” Yixing grunted, not looking up from his work sheets.

“Why not?”

“They’re all gay, Baekhyun. The minute they get anywhere near a game, it’s all about sucking dicks.”

“That’s not a bad thing…” Baekhyun hid his amusement behind a chuckle, to which Yixing looked entirely bemused.

“Yes, it is Baekhyun. Because I’m the one who has to deal with it.” With that, the room lapses into silence and Baekhyun stares at the ceiling wall. With such a desire to suck Yixing’s huge cock, Baekhyun isn’t going to give up.

“I promise it will be just a get together, nothing huge. We all just drink a little and have a chat…and then they go home!” Baekhyun suggested in his soft, pleading voice. Yixing sighed and looked up from his work, finally.

“Fine… but you’re getting the alcohol.” Yixing surrendered and Baekhyun jumped up from his seat with a smile, step one complete.


However, Baekhyun couldn’t just leave it at that. His friends were going to come over in less than an hour, he needed to let the fire burn.

He was sat at the kitchen counter, a corndog in hand; watching as Yixing busied himself with rearranging the sofa in the living room. Whenever the elder would turn around to seek approval from the younger, Baekhyun would obscenely suck on the corn dog with innocent glittering eyes.

“Good?” Yixing gave the sofa one last push with his knees and Baekhyun nodded, with that Yixing strolled over to the kitchen and grabbed his glass of water.

“Hm~ very good.” Baekhyun wrapped his lips around his feast, deep throating it well before softly tearing into the meat. When he looked up with batting eyelashes, he cocked an eyebrow at Yixing’s flustered expression. “What?” he pouted, the elder jolted

 “What? Oh- nothing…” He walked off into his bedroom and Baekhyun grinned.


Kyungsoo emptied his bear bottle, his third, and placed it on the floor where there was a clearing. Baekhyun had made sure Yixing drank enough for the lad to be hazy and loose.

“Right, let’s play the good ol’ spin the bottle.” Kyungsoo declared and Kris sits himself next to Baekhyun who was already anticipating the game. Whereas Yixing looked a lot more sceptical.

“Really guys….c’mon. That’s such a lame game…” Yixing ushered, sliding off the sofa with pink tinted cheeks from a little too much drinking. Baekhyun grinned, flashing a sly smile at Kris and Kyungsoo who gave a reassuring nod in return.

“A lame game for a lame person!” And without further ado, Kyungsoo spun the bottle and the game begun.

It was the usual truth or dare, and Yixing being the straight cunt he was, always chose truth. But that didn’t mean he didn’t get a kick out of seeing Kyungsoo kiss Kris and fondle him. Baekhyun kept a close eye and he knew his best friend was beginning to get hot and bothered.


“That wasn’t so bad, was it?” Baekhyun chuckled, pulling off his shirt once Kyungsoo and Kris left. It was past midnight and Yixing was on the couch sobering up from 4 pints of beer. The latter didn’t even reply.

“It was pointless, we didn’t even get to play any proper stimulating games.” Yixing droned, setting his head back on the seat and sighing.

“Well if you’re so damn dissatisfied with truth or dare…” Baekhyun sauntered towards the seated man, running his lithe fingers down the latter’s chest “Let’s play ‘5 minutes’”

Yixing lifted his head, looking down with furled eyebrows. “5 minutes?”

“I have 5 minutes to do whatever I want with your body, and if you make any noises. You lose.” Baekhyun explained with a shit eating grin, registering the shock on his best friend’s face.

“What happens if I win?” Yixing asked in a challenging tone

“I’ll never touch you again” The latter had bravely retaliated.

“Baek, I’m not sure-“

“Great, let’s get started.” Baekhyun shot up and caged Yixing’s lips with his own and he felt the elder’s body go rigid. First, Yixing didn’t comply. But once he felt Baekhyun’s soft pink lips tugging persistently, he thought that he had nothing else to lose that night.

Baekhyun grinned into the kiss, feeling Yixing’s tongue ask for entrance and the latter was more than happy. Once satisfied, Baekhyun broke the kiss and began sucking on Yixing’s neck, licking and biting in soft spots that got Yixing’s heart speeding up.

Baekhyun impatiently pushed Yixing’s jumper over his head and marvelled at the sight before him, sculpted abs and perky flushed nipples. Baekhyun bent down and thumbed over Yixing’s nipples, the latter jolted at the sensation with gritted teeth and Baekhyun flashed him a sinister smirk before using his tongue to stimulate the small buds.

He could hear Yixing’s shortened breath as the latter’s mouth falls open at the new sensation.

“3 minutes left.” Baekhyun whispered, biting on the shell of his best friend’s ear before falling to the floor on his knees suddenly to unbuckle Yixing’s belt. The zipper went down and Baekhyun felt the half-hard cock. Reaching past the elastics of Yixing’s pants, Baekhyun watched with lidded eyes as he pulled it out and kissed the tip.

When Yixing didn’t retaliate, Baekhyun lowered his mouth to the hilt with ease; he doesn’t have a gag reflex after all. Yixing’s jaw went slack, never in his sex life had anybody been able to deep throat his seven-inch dick in one go. He was finding it harder to suppress his jagged breaths.

2 minutes left, he could survive this, couldn’t he?

It was hot and wet, Baekhyun’s velvety tongue created a tighter suction and when the younger swallowed, his tight ring of muscle milked out Yixing’s pre cum and Baekhyun smiled. He bobbed faster and faster, lapping up his saliva and creating intense friction at the back of his throat.

Yixing had subconsciously threaded his fingers through Baekhyun’s brown locks and tugged on it, his hips bucking ever so slightly that had Baekhyun’s eyes watering.

1 minute left and Yixing was panting softly, eyes screwed shut and hissing whenever Baekhyun would work his member down his throat. It became harder as Baekhyun relentlessly bobbed up and down.

“Ah-fuck. Baek…” He didn’t even care anymore, it spilled from his mouth shamelessly and Baekhyun came off with a pop, devouring the sight of a flushed Yixing with his pink lips parted and his dick an angry shade of red.

“Not so fast. You lost.”  Yixing stared at his best friend for a split second before taking Baekhyun’s face into his hands to pull the latter closer for a heated kiss. Baekhyun groaned, grinding up against Yixing’s crotch.

“Fuck it.” Yixing muttered, moving down to kiss Baekhyun’s jaw, nuzzling into the younger’s scent. Standing up, Baekhyun kicked off his sweats and rested his calves on the space of the sofa, straddling Yixing. He shuddered, feeling the latter’s length stroke his behind.

“You bastard…you watched me finger myself open this morning, didn’t you?” Baekhyun laughed shallowly, lathering the lube onto Yixing’s cock “Yet you did nothing…” He whispered and lowered himself onto his girth.

Baekhyun let out a shaky breath, head falling back as he was fully seated. Yixing moaned, the tautness of Baekhyun’s heat making his mind go hazy

“Shit- you’re tighter than a girl.” Yixing groaned, grabbing Baekhyun’s hips with gritted teeth.

“And you’re so fucking big. Fuck.” Baekhyun choked, the intrusion was painful, Baekhyun had completely underestimated Yixing’s girth and knew he didn’t prepare enough; but the dull pain made it more exciting.

Baekhyun pushed himself up and slammed back down, earning a strained grunt from Yixing who was lost amidst the tightness of his best friend. Baekhyun wrapped an arm around the latter, his thighs trembling at the feeling of being so full.

“You have no idea how long I’ve been wanting to ride your fat cock.” Baekhyun uttered through breaths into the crook of Yixing’s shoulder, barely holding on.

“You should have tried sooner- ah fuck.” Yixing grunted, digging his nails in the latter’s hips, feeling the hot coil of an orgasm pooling in the pit of his stomach and he usually had great stamina. Baekhyun rolled his hips upwards and went slack when he felt the blunt head hit his sweetest spot. The melodic moans that Yixing had shamelessly heard many times spilled from Baekhyun’s swollen lips and Yixing pistons into his best friend’s tight heat, greedy for more friction.

Baekhyun hiked up, the constant pounding of his prostate had his mind going blank as the burning orgasm made his stomach convulse; he had slept with many people, but none ever felt this big and good.

“Y-Yixing-shit. I’m- I’m so close,” Baekhyun clawed into the elder’s back, needing more purchase as Yixing hardens his pace without stuttering. 3 more thrusts and the sensation exploded inside of him like fireworks made from pure bliss. Baekhyun came with a cry, perspiration running down his temple as Yixing is still chasing his own orgasm, relentlessly driving into Baekhyun.

His body was shaking as the over stimulation, his nerves on end as Yixing was still ploughing his prostate although he’s sensitive from the release. With such stamina, Yixing stuttered and came inside the latter who was a drooling mess.

“F-fuck you’re ruthless.” Baekhyun panted, collapsing onto his best friend’s chest, Yixing chuckled planting a soft kiss on Baekhyun’s neck.

“You fucking asked for it.” He grumbled, nibbling on Baekhyun’s lobe who had pushed back with a look of daze.

“Aw aren’t you so cute.” Baekhyun grabbed Yixing’s face and laughed breathlessly, Yixing cocked an eyebrow

“I’m manly.”

“Prove it.” Baekhyun grinned

“Don’t worry baby, I will.”

By sunrise, Baekhyun couldn’t walk, nor could he remember his own name. But he did remember one thing; don’t challenge Zhang Yixing.

😘Now or Never [Part 3] (Ethan x Reader)

Summary:  girl okay I need an ethan smut where him and the reader build a cute ass pillow fort together and it’s all fluffy then ethan starts teasing her and yeah, i trust you! - your fav ethan hoe, sam 😇

Warnings: Daddy kink/Boner mentioned

A/N: God bless Sam. This is my first daddy kink thing so please bare with me! Requests are OPEN

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Part 1 and Part 2

“Don’t.” Was all he said before he pressed his lips against mine hard before everything went dark. I felt the back of my knees press against the arm of the couch before I realized what was happening. Ethan was kissing me right now. I was kissing him back before I felt his hands grip my hips as my arms locked around his neck pulling me closer to him. I pulled away and looked to a dazed looking Ethan. “What’s wrong?” He asks biting his lip. I pecked his nose before running away from him and crawling into the fort. Ethan was hot on my trail which made me squeal and he broke out in laughter. I rolled onto my back while Ethan toppled me with his lips on mine. He used one arm to prop himself up while the other one slipped under my body grazing right above my butt. I kissed back passionately while he did the same with a little more force. Ethan and I were making out in my nephews pillow fort they had made. I could feel him lightening up on his kiss.

“Is everything okay?” I asked confused at Ethan’s moves.

“Yeah, but I’m a little turned on to be honest. Is that wrong?” Ethan chuckles which makes me giggle.

“No not at all, but how can I get you more turned on? Asking for a friend.” We laughed as I slid his one arm that was under me down on my butt. Ethan bit his bottom lip with an eyebrow raised as his smile grew on his face.

“This is a little embarrassing.” Ethan says closing his eyes and looking down my body. My arms were still wrapped around his neck. I tilted my head to the side sucking my bottom lip in between my teeth.

“Hmmm?” I smirked and he started laughing which made me laugh. “What E?” I giggled.

“Remember when we first met? Call me what you did when we first met.” He says and I turned my head confused, but then I remembered.

“Okay daddy.” I said and he crashed his lips to mine again this time with a little more force. I felt his tongue graze my bottom lip. I decided to tease him a little bit and keep my mouth closed tightly. He pulled away to where his lips were just centimeters above me. He propped himself up on his elbows so his head and chest were held above me, but the rest of his body was on top of me, his legs in between mine.

“So that’s what you want to do is it?” He asks huskily. I giggled. His grin fades away while he’s watching me. Studying me.

“Yes daddy.” I responded in a mocking tone. He cocks an eyebrow at me and licks his lips. I look in his lust clouded eyes realizing who Ethan Dolan really was. This was a side I was seeing. A side he has never showed me or anyone before.

“Ooo baby girl you’re going to regret that.” He says and he slams his lips against mine hard. His hand slid down my waist and he squeezes my butt hard which makes me gasp and he takes advantage of the opportunity. He slides his tongue against mine which deepened our kiss. I wrapped my arms tight around his neck pulling him closer into me. I could feel him smirking. “See daddy knows what you want.” Ethan says and he starts kissing and sucking on my neck. I clawed against his back while I moaned. He moved his head down leaving soft kisses and hickeys from my neck down my chest. He pulled my shirt down a little so he could see the top of my bra which he proceeded to leave kisses along the silky fabric.

“Ethann.” I moaned which made him stop and he looked up at me. I snapped my gaze to him.

“Who?” He asks gruffly and pulled his hands away from me. Oh man he was serious about this whole daddy thing. It was kinda hot.

“Daddy your kisses feel so good.” I moaned which caused him to smirk at me. He held himself up with one arm while his other hand pressed firmly against my waist pushing me into the floor.

“I would have also accepted daddy E just so you know.” He says before kissing against my bra again and back up my chest, along my jawline, and finally back to my lips. His lips weren’t as hard as before, but more gentle. Of course the kiss was still filled with such tension. I could feel his boner pressing against my thigh as his hand slid in between my thighs teasing me a little but he quickly moved it to my side not messing up our kiss at all. I start to lightly grind into him, which he did the same thing.

“Daddy Ethan how many other girls have you done this with?” I asked which caused him to stop kissing me.

“Honestly, you’re the first. I’ve never felt this bond with anyone before. I do actually like you Y/N.” He says and starts giving my cheek gentle quick kisses which causes me to giggle. He stops to look at me. “I really like you Y/N. Don’t think just because we’re doing this that this is all I want from us. I want the cute Starbucks dates. I want us to go hiking and snowboarding. I want the cuddling when you’re sick and the playful kisses. I want us.” He answers as he brushes a strand of hair from my face. He places a soft gentle kiss on my lips and he stays there. I feel as if time stands still. He pulls away and we look each other in the eye, only to be interrupted by some unwanted company.

“Y/N? Why is there a fort in the living room?” I heard my mom ask which Ethan and I quickly scramble out of the fort. This scene was not a good one presented.

“Y/N where are the boys?” My sister asked looking around.

“Why were you two in there? We’re you two having sex? Y/N what the hell were you thinking? I just met this boy today and now you’re fondling him under the sheets!” My mom screeched which caused Ethan to chuckle for some reason.

“No Mrs. Y/L/N we were just talking I swear. I’m a gentleman and I would talk to you way before hand if I was thinking of anything like that with your daughter.” Ethan says standing straight. My oh my this boy. My mom looks thrown off by his attitude. It was safe to say I never brought home the greatest guys.

“Oh…well alright that’s good. Cause she is special and I would like her to stay that way.” My mom says which causes me to bury my head in my hand.

“It was nice meeting all of you, but I have to go get my truck from Starbucks since I walked Y/N home so she wouldn’t have to walk alone.” Ethan says as he starts towards the door. My mom and him share their goodbyes as I follow behind him. Once we are out of the door he smiles at me.

“You’re good.” I said which made him laugh.

“I really like you and I want to show I’m not like the other guys.” He says which makes me blush. “I really do need to go. Gray’s been texting for about an hour now wondering if I’m dead or not.” He pressed a kiss to my cheek before walking down the road. I debated on saying goodbye a special way. A Now or Never kind of way.

“Bye daddy!” I shouted smirking which stopped him in his tracks.

“Goodnight baby girl.” He says as he turns on his heels starting his walk to Starbucks.

XxRequests are Open and thanks you guys!! Xx

Part 18 - Young Hearts

Hey guys ! its been awhile. Been pretty busy with studies and work, that I was just physically and mentally worn out.

Last week I was on my way to work, scrolling through JackD as usual, checking out hot guys nearby and I stumbled upon a very cute boy I just couldn’t resist initiating a conversation.

Me : Cute.

Hanson : Thanks. you’re cute too.

Me : So are you studying ?

Hanson : Ya. In design field.  You ?

Me : ( I didn’t reply him for 3 days) (busy working) 

well after the 3 days of course I did reply him saying sorry for late replying explaining etc and both of us were pretty chatty and eventually end up texting on Whatsapp instead. In between the time of us texting each other I felt something to be honest, as we’re both replying our messages the moment we sent, tell about hows your day etc. Getting to know each other.

on Friday night. we were texting the whole night after we both came back from classes. We kinda talk about relationships and he was kinda emotional when we talk about it and I felt sorry for bringing up his unpleasant memories with his past relationships experience so I called his number : 

Hanson : (Sniffing)

Me : Hey… you okay ?

(In silence)

Hanson : yeah. Im okay

Me : Sorry to bring that up.

Hanson : nah dont worry. Its fine

Me : just wanna call to check if you’re okay

Hanson : aw..

and we continue talking over the phone for the next few hours.

Hanson : Hey. Thanks for calling.

Me : anytime Hanson.

Hanson : See ya tomorrow ?

Me : sure. Our bubble tea date.

Got myself a haircut and drove to his place. He was standing there with a black t-shirt, dark brown long sleeves shirt on top, white shorts, his cute face and perfect jawline. As he got into my car. We greeted each other (I like his British accent) and drowning in our own world talking non-stop despite the bad traffic.

Hanson : Sorry if I talked too much

Me : Its fine. I love talking too. I told you I’m all ears for you today.

Hanson : You’re very cute you know ?

Me : (just smiled at him)

As we reach The Gardens Mall, we had our lunch and of course our promised Bubble Tea at Gongcha. We both love bubble tea and he’s favorite was Gongcha while I prefer Koi and I’ve never tried Gongcha before. 

Me : (taking the first sip of my Gongcha)

Hanson : How was it How was it ? (excited)

Me : Erm its good. 

Hanson : (look down and frowned a little) 

Me : No no its good. The pearls is chewy but I prefer Koi’s but the tea here is better !

Hanson : (Smiled) the tea is better ? 

                                                      He’s cute.

While on our way home at 6. I drove him back to my place since its empty. I took a shower, put on my singlet and tight boxers. We were laying on the bed watching some video clips I promised him to watch together. Halfway through the videos I got carried away by the look on his face, just staring at him

Hanson : (Looking at me) What ? (Laughing)

Me : Nothing. (smiling)

Me : Do you wanna watch another one ?

Hanson : I’m a little tired. Do you want to rest awhile ?

Me : Sure.

Covered ourselves in blanket and staring at each other without physical contacts. This is the kind of silence I enjoy being in. As I put my hands on his face fondling his cheeks and ears to the back of his head touching his hair.

Hanson : Do you want to cuddle ? (smiling)

I open my arms wide as he dives into my embrace. Its really been awhile I felt so happy and comfortable, same goes to him. With his head resting on my shoulder. His hands holding my back tightly, smelling me.

Hanson : You’re so nice to hug…

On and off we let out very deep breath as a sign of feeling comfortable hugging each other. My fingers were running across his hair.

Hanson : You smell so good…

Gently. I gave him a kiss on his forehead. 

Me : let me switch off the lights.

I woke up and switched off the lights. Put on my favorite music and lay back down on the bed with him laying right next to me.

Me : (Whispering next to his ears) thank you for coming.

Hanson : Thanks for asking me out too. 

   “The Lumineers : I belong with you. You belong with me in my sweet hut”

Hanson : where do you wanna go for dinner later ? 

Me : (Whispering softly next to him) Anywhere as long as I’m with you.

Hanson : Aww. (Got on top of me and gave me a quick kiss on my lips)

as he lay back down and hide his face into the pillow.

Hanson : (Mumbling) I hope you don’t mind that (Shyly laughing with his face still hiding in the pillow) 

I got ahold of his chin and remove his face from hiding under the pillow and gave him a proper kiss this time. It felt like it lasted forever. Detaching our lips from each other. We were smiling and my hands fondling his face, bring him closer to me as he rest on my shoulders. 

On and off we kissed, hugged, laughed as he burps halfway kissing, laughed as he tried very hard to flirt (he’s nerdy but cute.) and showering me in compliments. 

In the midst of cuddling with the lights off. My eyes were open and doubts were swimming across my mind. In that moment, I felt so vulnerable. As if my heart just turned to glass that it could shatter in any second. But I closed my eyes just enjoying his presence for now. 

Hanson : I wish I could stay..I can do this all night (resting on me) 

It was almost 1am and I said : 

Me : Hey..its late do you wanna go home ?

Hanson : I don’t want to leave…

I smiled at him, woke up from laying down. His hand reaches mine and pull me back down to the bed. 

As we’re really about to leave. My hands reaches for the door knob. He was hugging me from behind tightly whispering : 

Hanson : Can I see you again ?

turns around and hugged him.

Me : Yes you will.

In the midst of silence, all that left heard was our heartbeat, the warmth of our bodies, smell of his that was left on my singlet, the love of his that fills up my tank, the smiled left on my face. 

Hanson : Thanks for spending time with me today (hugging me tightly) I hope I am not draining your energy.

Me : I’m recharging. ( in my most sincere tone)

Hanson : aww. (Look up to me and gave me a kiss)

Me : now let’s go and fill up your tummy !

Despite his small body he could eat big portions even at this ungodly hour. On our way back, I stared at him for a few seconds.

Hanson : eyes on the road boy !

I just smiled

              “Coldplay : Lights will guide you home. I will try to fix you.”

Its hard to not admit that I don’t feel a thing. I’m human after all.  

But we’ll see where this ship will sail this time. 

Come what may. xo

A tape labelled “The Fireside Tape” was shown during the trial phase of Paul Bernardo’s conviction for murder. It was discovered in the attic of the couples home, and was shot by Bernardo shortly after the pair murdered Karla’s sister Tammy Lyn.

In the video Karla and Paul lie naked by a roaring hearth, and Karla is clearly happy and content. She fondles Pauls penis, saying “I loved it when you fucked my little sister. I loved it when you fucked Tammy. I loved it when you took her virginity.”

While Bernardo moans, Karla continues to fondle him, muttering “hail to the king”.

For a few minutes Karla stimulates Paul and speaks about having sex with her sister and finding more virgins for him to rape. She pulls out items of Tammy’s clothing and rubs Paul’s body with them, saying to the camera “I want to rub Tammy’s underwear all over your body. It will make you feel so good. Im so glad you took her virginity Paul… does the king like that?”

The rest of the tape consists of Karla speaking to Paul as if she is Tammy, giving him oral sex, and promising to give him more virgins. The tape ends with the pair of them wandering around in Tammy’s bedroom and remembering the night she died.

iKON Touches Your Boobs for the First Time

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Hanbin/B.I: Is actually really excited to touch your boobs. When he asked the first time, you told him no. He did all he could to persuade you and it worked. He was now feeling you up while getting a hard on. His hands on your boobs lead to them being somewhere else. 

Bobby: You’re in bed with him, cuddling. Your back is pressed against his chest and you couldn’t be more comfortable. That is until Bobby decides to drape his arm over you and slowly sneaks his hand up your shirt. You’re startled by his cold touch but you don’t stop him. “Can I keep going?” He whispers into your with a deep and husky voice. You nod your head against his chest and the night consists of him fondling your chest.

Donghyuk: A day at the beach with you is exactly what Donghyuk needed to help him keep his mind off work. You’re both in the water when a giant wave comes and covers you, engulfing you in water. Donghyuk laughs until you come back up for air. A light blush covers his cheeks as he sees your twins on display. Your top must have came undone. He can’t stop staring and you take his hands, placing them on your chest and he squeezes them. “Wow.” Is all he says before you have a heated make out session. your bare chest pressed against his doesn’t help the rising state of his member.

Yunhyeong: You and your boyfriend, Yunhyeong are playfully wrestling on the floor. You’re on top of him but he keeps rocking his hips and it’s causing you to lose balance. You fall forward and he catches you by placing his hands on your boobs, trying to steady you. You blush and he slowly pulls them away. You’re both flustered but you eventually tell him it was okay and that you wanted to do it again. 

Chanwoo: Chanwoo is sleeping peacefully until you jump on him, “Wake up! It’s 2 in the afternoon!” you should really let him sleep since it was his day off, but it was his only day with you. He groaned but he wouldn’t get up or open his eyes for the life of him. You sighed and almost gave up until you thought of something, “If you open your eyes, you can touch my boobs.” He instantly looks like a deer in headlights (Luhan). He doesn’t even say anything, he just goes straight to your chest, cupping your breasts in his hands. 

“So..big, jagi.” his husky voice was turning you on and making you wet.

“If you get up, I’ll give you a whole lot more, oppa.” 

Junhoe: Your date with Junhoe didn’t go so well. The waiter flirted with you the whole night and it caused him to be in a pissed off mood. When you get home, the first thing he does is push you up against the door. he’s clearly angry so you don’t say anything that could make it worse. 

“I knew letting you go out in this dress was a bad idea.” Your cleavage was slightly showing but not a lot, but the dress was also tight, “Everything under this dress belongs to me.” His strong hands pull down your dress and your left with your chest exposed to him. Despite his angry demeanor, he kneads them in his hand softly and you let him. You also let him punish you that night, letting him know that you were always going to be his. 

Jinhwan: “No, I don’t like this one.” Jinhwan sighed when he heard your response, he was stuck bra shopping with you and you’ve already tried out 8 different ones! He was growing bored and he told you he was going to help you figure it out. He snuck into the dressing room with you and you gasped quietly, “You can’t be in here.” He ignores you as he picks up a bra.

“Buy this one, it’s sexy.” Your chest is covered by your hands but he pulls your arms down and he’s surprised when you don’t stop him. “I might have to feel them, you know, to get your cup size.” He smirks as your perky breasts overpower his hands. The thrill of getting caught makes you even more turned on by his hands caressing you softly.


That was hard to write, just focusing on boobs, I couldn’t do it lol. 

For anon~ thank you for requesting. 


He Started It (NamjoonXReader Smut)

Pairing: Namjoon X Reader
Rating: M
Genre: Smut

Warnings: oral, kissing, etc.

Summary: Namjoon is stressed out, and in hindsight maybe telling him that he needs to get laid isn’t the best idea…

A/N: Reblogs/favs/comments always appreciated~ <3

Honestly, you’re not sure how this conversation has started, but currently you’re beginning to think you should really shut up. You’d come to the studio with pure intentions, honestly. You had no classes today and knew the boys were working hard on choreo and producing, so you’d decided to be a kind soul. You brought them all snacks—lunch—and they’d been ecstatic. Everyone had been gathered in the practice room except for Namjoon, who Yoongi informed you was cooped up in the recording booth, trying to produce a new song from scratch. So, sighing, you’d gone to see him.

And now here you are, yelling at him things that should never come out of your mouth—but he’d started it! Really!

“Kim Namjoon, what the fuck!” you hiss at him from the sofa pressed against the back wall. You pick up a pillow and chuck it at him. It misses, hitting the back of his chair, and, scowling, he picks it up and throws it back.

“What?” he questions, angry for some reason. You figure it’s because he’d been stressed out all day, and maybe joking that he ‘needed to get laid’ wasn’t the best idea, but…

“You honestly can’t tell me you’ve been getting any more than I have.”

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Teaser for Shklance Vampire porn. Inspired by @hardlynotnever and their amazing arm (check it out if you have’t. Such quality Lance action, my goodness.)  

Shklance, but some non-con Zarkon/Lance touching and Lance/Nyma kissing. 

One of Lance’s college goals was to get laid, often and in glorious fashion. And, yeah, so far it hadn’t worked out for him but that didn’t change his goal any. And striking out didn’t bug him any, he’d been shot down a ton in high school and if nothing else he’d learned that persistence and hitting on as many people as possible was the key.

He’d gotten a few quality make outs for his efforts and given a sloppy hand job in the bathroom near his Drawing and Composition class. So, if he thought about it in terms of progression, he was really going places. It was only a matter of time before he had a parade of lovely ladies and gentlemen gracing his dorm room bed.

So when a tall leggy blond calling herself Nyma actually responded to him at the house party he drug Hunk to? He didn’t think it was weird at all. Not the way she smiled brightly, touched his hands, arms, rubbed his shoulders, how she always seemed to be looking him in the eye, the way she laughed loudly at all his jokes. He didn’t even notice the way she kept going to the kitchen to get him drinks but never touched her own. And yeah, her skin was chilly but it was October and after a while they moved outside and he was warm and tingling and feeling more than a little drunk and…

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You and Niall try 69ing (sorry I've had this on my mind for a bit and I need someone to do it justice)

Wine Me, Dine Me….

The night air was cool and damp as you and Niall stumbled drunkenly out of the restaurant. A bottle of wine each had gone to your head and you were warm and tingly, giggling as you swayed against your boyfriend. Tripping over your feet, you pressed your weight into him. He was warm and solid against you. His arm was slung over your shoulder as he led you to the car waiting for you at the corner to take you home. Tilting your head up, his lips met yours and you smiled into the swift kiss. It had been a great date night, reconnecting after one of your long separations. Happy, drunk and in love, you didn’t even notice the woman appearing out of the dark shadows approaching you.

She tripped and stumbled towards you and you stiffened, bracing yourself for an awkward fan encounter. However, as she got closer, it was apparent that this lady wasn’t a fan. She stopped in front of you, her eyes blurry and unfocused. She was swaying where she stood and Niall quirked up an eyebrow at her.

“You okay?” he asked, confused and alarmed.

“Wine me, dine me, sixty nine me,” she slurred, the alcohol on her breath evident.

You stared silently and just as quickly as she appeared, she stepped around you, bumping your shoulder as she pushed past to continue down the sidewalk. You looked up at Niall, your confusion matched by the expression on his face. After a moment of stunned silence, you both burst out laughing, leaning on each other as the situation finally sank in. You continued your journey to the waiting car, singing out your new favorite saying, “wine me, dine me, sixty nine me.”

“It is pretty catchy,” Niall said as he opened the door and climbed in. You slid in behind him, settling in close and cuddling against his side.

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His Privilege

Minato x Reader

There were definite perks of being a member of the Seasonelle team, one of which included you lounging on a beach in Hawaii on your day off. You and the rest of the team were to meet with famous surfers for interviews, which would start tomorrow. For the day, however, you had time to do what you wanted. You had explored as much as you could with the guys, so you were looking forward to some down time on the stretch of beach just outside your rooms, which lined the back of the hotel. It was pretty private, so you had no qualms about sunbathing nude.

You dropped the bottoms of your tiny bikini on the towel next to you, coverage at the ready in case someone should come by. It was quiet, and you were positive you could hear anyone approaching. Which is why it was so shocking when strong hands wrenched you up off your lounger with no warning. The sun was just warming up your skin when it happened, and you barely had time to open your eyes before your toes were digging into the hot sand, being dragged back towards the private cabana that each of your rooms had. It was on the small side with four wooden posts, white sheets draped around it to form four “walls.” It was sparse, a changing/relaxation area between your rooms and the beach, and in the middle sat a raised mattress littered with pillows.

You looked down to see not only your towel wrapped around your front, but the pieces of your bathing suit gripped in whoever’s fingers were holding your coverage. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” You knew that voice anywhere, low and growling in your ear. "I’m getting a tan, Minato. What are you doing?” You stopped walking, and you finally turned to face him. He was before you in nothing but a pair of blue board shorts, red-faced, forehead sweaty. He was also seething with anger. “You can’t just lay out here naked,” he hissed. “Someone could see you. And then I’d have to beat the shit out of the stupid idiot for even laying their eyes on you!” You shook your head and offered him a smile. Minato was forever looking out for you and…well…he was possessive.

"What’s the point of tanning naked, anyway?” he shot at you. He took your arm back up in his grip and continued your walk to the cabana, pressing the towel towards you so you’d hold it to your front on your own. One of the sheets whipped to the side by his hand as he held it open to give you entrance. Once you passed him he tossed your bikini onto the bed, then stood with his hands on his hips waiting for your answer. You just shrugged your shoulders and said to him, “I don’t like tan lines.” He let out a sound of disbelief and shook his head. “There’s nothing wrong with tan lines. Now get that damn bikini back on.” You tilted your head and pursed your lips, then shook your head no slowly. You reached backward and swiped the suit off the mattress onto the wooden floor. “I like having no tan lines. I’m keeping it off.” You told him. “Like hell! You need some coverage!” he growled.

You giggled and slowly extended the hand holding the towel outwards, away from your body. His eyes went wide and his hand unconsciously started traveling towards his crotch when he realized what you were doing. You dropped the material, making a quiet, “Oh!” sound as it hit the ground, mouth hanging in an “o” in feigned surprise. It shifted into a smirk, and you said, “Well, cover me then.” His eyes scanned your naked form unabashedly. "You have no idea what you’re asking for,” he replied, voice husky. He took a step forward and licked his lips. You let out an actual sound of surprise, simultaneously shocked and turned on. “Ooh, now she gets it,” he said with a chuckle. “Well?” His eyes met yours. "Well, what?” You asked quietly. You were the one turning red now, under his lascivious gaze. He came to rest in front of you and you could feel his breath on your face. “You know,” he said lowly. “Get on your knees and apologize to your master for being a bad girl today.”

You looked down between the two of you and saw a large swell pushing against his tight shorts. You whimpered without thinking, imagining what it might feel like stretching you out. There was no material to hide the wetness that was forming between your legs, threatening to drip down. His lips skimmed your cheek. His hand roughly came up to cup your face and turn your head to the side. His breath traced your ear lobe lightly before his tongue darted out in the same pattern, ending in a nibble just below it. You let out a shaky breath and reached for his cock over his shorts, rubbing it up and down gently. He sighed when you undid the ties and pushed the material off of him, the whole of it pooling at his feet. When you looked down again his dick was jutting out proudly, long, thick..the tip of it resting on your stomach. You backed up to get a better look and saw pre-cum glistening on your skin.

The first part of his body your own lips met was the crown of his cock as you dropped to your knees before him. You fondled his balls gently, licked circles around the head before sliding your wet mouth around his shaft. He groaned, hips jerking back at you as you deep throated him. “That’s my girl,” he said. You mmmed with him in your mouth, eliciting a gasp. The pads of his fingers traced the back of your neck lightly as you sucked, his moans getting louder with each pass until he couldn’t take any more. "Get up,” he said gruffly. You started to stand, but he shoved you onto your back on the bed, covering the length of your body in an instant. He ground his cock into your inner thigh as he finally kissed you, hands reaching for your nipples, trailing down your stomach, stopping right above your sex.

Minato’s mouth lingered over yours as he spoke. “Not everyone should have the privilege of seeing your beautiful body.” He bowed his head low and bit your nipple with blunt teeth. “These gorgeous tits.” His hand ran around your side to hold your ass. “This fantastic ass.” It made its way back to where it started, and his fingers danced lower, ever closer to your clit. “This pretty pussy.” He parted your folds with two digits, snaking them down to your dripping entrance. They went in easily and you gasped against his touch, picking your hips up. “You want more?” he asked. He was lightly kissing you, pulling your lips up in little bites as he did. You whimpered and nodded yes, and he responded with, “How much more?” You gasped, "All of it!” You squeaked out. "You’re forgetting something…” he smirked. "All of it, Master, please,” You moaned, grabbing his face. “Please give me your cock, I promise I’ll be good.” He continued kissing you, "No more naked tanning?” he asked. You shook your head. "No more putting your gorgeous body on display for the world to see?” he asked between kisses. "No, Minato, only you! Please, just, please….” He curled his fingers and you moaned. "Please what?” He looked down at you. "Fuck me! Please fuck me!” You begged. He kissed you hard one last time before getting up on his knees. "Turn around,” he commanded, and you followed direction.

He pulled your upper body so you were kneeling, too, one of his hands grabbing a breast while his other rubbed at your clit. You let your head roll back onto his shoulder, breathing ragged. If he wasn’t inside you soon you were going to burst. The hand on your chest disappeared and you felt the head of his cock snuggle into your entrance. You sat down the slightest and he stilled you with a hand to your lower back. “Easy,” he whispered. “I want to enjoy this.” You leaned forward on your hands and he leaned back, your pussy descending on his cock in full view. He moaned lowly and said, “You’re so damn tight.” You took in a deep breath as your walls opened for him. “A little more, princess,” he continued, and with a sigh you finally rested your ass on his lap, his dick buried deep.

He pulled out and slammed back in once. “Oooh, shit, Minato!” You cried out, your words only egging him on. He fucked you furiously, grunting with each thrust, wrapping his hands in your hair as your body jolted back and forth. “Gonna come!” You spat out, tension building in your core. He reached around and strummed your clit, the sensation sending you past the breaking point. You came with his encouragement, his whisperings of, “Come for me, there you go, let me feel how wet you are, how much you love this dick.” You pulled away from him and turned, pouncing and knocking him to his back. Your hands pressed down on his chest as you aligned yourself with his cock and sunk low, needing to feel him deep inside again. You held him against the mattress as you bounced, selfishly working towards another orgasm. He didn’t mind one bit. "Yeah, fuckin’ ride it,” he said before letting out a guttural cry. “Shit, you feel so good!” You reached down and toyed with yourself, your body convulsing over him as you came again. You watched his eyes roll up before he squeezed them shut and cried out, “Ah, fuck!” His grip on your hips tightened as he emptied himself inside of you.

You crawled off him and scooped up your bikini, sliding it on your body. There wasn’t much to it to begin with: bright yellow, small triangles covering each breast and your mound. He sat up, looking dazed, eyes turned to you. You pivoted slowly, and when you faced him again you asked innocently, “Is this better?”

Mr. Tutor: WinWin (NCT U) (SMUT)

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Request: Hi! I would like to request a WinWin smut where he’s a nerd at your school and you’re failing so he offers to tutor you but it results in him losing his virginity to y/n. I hope it’s not too long!


“I don’t understand, Miss Y/LN. This is your senior year and you’re flunking. Your freshman, sophomore, and junior year were good. Your grades were good enough to get you a few scholarships. Now you’re messing up and…” You tuned your nagging teacher out as you examined your maroon colored nails. She was always trying to tell you what was best for you.

You knew she was looking out for you, but you were stubborn and you didn’t care as much as you should have. You hated school, the teachers, the students, and the work. You just wanted to it to be over and done. 

“Look at you, zoning out again!” You gave her a blank face and blinked slowly. It wasn’t that you didn’t care, you just wanted to go home and get in bed already.

“Are you done yet?” 

“Since you’re not focusing now, or ever for that matter. I’m going to find you a tutor. And if you don’t work with him, I’m going to make sure you have detention for the rest of your high school life.” You frowned at that, she was basically saying she was going to keep you at school later and away from your bed. You wouldn’t let her come in between your sleep, so you agreed.


“So you find the square root of…” You were in your tutoring session with another senior by the name of Dong Si Cheng. He was tall with broad shoulders and almond shaped eyes, to you he was simply gorgeous. Even if he was the nerdiest guy you’d ever met. The math equations rolled off his tongue as if he was Einstein himself and it turned you on. What? If a hot guy who’s smart as well is helping you tutor, wouldn’t you be feeling the same way?

“Uh..miss…you’re not paying attention.” His voice was hasty and he avoided your gaze, awkwardly looking at anything but you.

“I don’t like math.” You crossed your legs and noticed how his eyes darted to them then back up again, a faint blush adorning his cheeks.

“Y-yes I understand, but I have to tutor you.”

“But I don’t like math, Si Cheng.” The way you said his name left his neck red, his ears too. You were now aware of the reason he was acting the way he was. You made him flustered.

‘Maybe I could use this to my advantage.’

“Should we study something else?” He pulled out various textbooks but you didn’t want to study anything but his body.

“How about we study the human body and how it reacts to certain things.” Your hand lands on his shoulder and he tenses slightly.

“But…I didn’t bring my anatomy book.” You wanted to laugh at his naiveness.

“It’s alright honey,” You moved your hand slowly down his chest, “I think I can be of assistance.” Si Cheng’s eyes were glued to your hand that was trailing down towards his thigh. He wanted to stop you but your other hand was massaging his scalp with your acrylic nails, sending tingles down his spine.

He moaned softly when you gave his thigh a squeeze, feeling it flex under your fingers. “Ooh, you’re a big boy aren’t you? Tell me, honey, have you ever had a girl touch you like this before?” He instantly shakes his head when your hand brushes against his aching member.

You giggled triumphantly, this is the most fun you had at school all year. “Miss Y/LN.. we should stop before someone finds us.” He tried desperately to control his breathing but when your tongue worked around his earlobe, leaving him breathless. “Please…”

You chuckle and let go of him completely, “I think you’re right. I think I’ve had enough studying for the day.” He’s trying to regain his composure as you pack your things back into your backpack. “Thanks for the lesson, Si Cheng.”

You continued tutoring with Si Cheng, everyday you would tease him and get him all riled up, but today was different. You never thought he would retaliate but he did. You were walking to the very back of the library, passing a few students who either looked you up and down or drooled over you. You had went to get water, leaving Si Cheng in his seat with a hard on. You teased him just like any other day and it caused a tent to form in his pants.

Before you could sit down, he abruptly stood up and slammed you into the wall. The water fell from your hands and landed next to your feet with a thud.

“Hey…who the fuck do you think you are?” His voice was calm, like it always was but his words were the exact opposite of kind. His hands held your biceps and his gaze was hard and icy. Not once have you ever seen him act so…hot. You had to admit, he was incredibly sexy at the moment and your womanhood definitely agreed with you.

“Si Ch-” You started to say but stopped when his face came closer to yours. Now you were the one blushing.

“Shut up. Every day you come in here with these short skirts on,” His hand slid under your skirt and gripped your ass. “Teasing me and making me hard. Do you know how hard it is for me to keep my cool. Especially when you’re asking for a good fucking,” He smirks when you’re unable to look into his eyes, just like he had been the first time he met you. “What should I do with you?” He asked, more to himself than to you. He unbuttoned your uniform shirt and it’s thrown on the floor next to you.

“In public?” You place your hands on his shoulders as he tugs your skirt down, looking up at you.

“You weren’t complaining about it when you were rubbing my dick yesterday, were you?” You shake your head no and he pinches your thigh, “That’s what I thought.”

When your panties are off, he gives you the hungriest look and doesn’t leave you room to protest. His tongue is already lapping at your clit. The sudden wetness against your sensitive numb was enough to have you tangling your hand in his hair and tugging on it.

His arms wrap around your thighs and he pulls your pussy into his face, sliding his tongue past your wet folds. The back of your hand wasn’t doing anything to keep the whimpers from coming out of your mouth. His tongue moved inside of you so quickly, you were sure you were going to cum in mere seconds.

He hums against you and you bite your lip, trying with all your might to keep your moans quiet. Your knees start to shake when he focus on just your clit, flicking it rapidly with his tongue. Lewd moans left your mouth and he stopped.

“Look at you, I’ve barely started and you’re already about to cum. Maybe I’m the one who has control over you.” His pants fall to the ground after he unzips them. A week of fondling him through his boxers was not enough to prepare you for the size of his dick.

The tip was red, like a cherry and it leaked precum. Your attention was taken away from it when he lifted your leg. He slid into you slowly, his girth spread you out more than you ever were before, It hurt but the pleasure outweighed the pain.

“You don’t know how bad I want to fuck you into this wall and let everybody know who it is that’s making you scream.” It sounded like a damn good idea to you, but the chances of you two being caught was extremely high.

When he started, it wasn’t slow like regular Si Cheng would be, it was fast paced like horny Si Cheng is. You were almost completely naked, except for your bra that he left on. He pulled down the cups of it and squeezed your tit, taking the nipple into his mouth. He swirled his tongue around it and the very thought of it made you go wild. The cute and shy Si Cheng was not present anymore. You liked both sides of him, but this was the one that left you wanting more.

His pace never faltered. He kept pounded into you and it was so fast you could hear his skin connecting with yours. In a silent place like the library, this was not good.

His grunts are low and throaty, probably trying hard not to finish too quickly. But the way your walls gripped his cock made him dizzy with lust. He wanted nothing more than to fill you up with his fresh cum.

You wrapped your arms around his as your moans spilled from your mouth. You had to be more quiet or you were going to get caught. You brought his lips to your as he continued to plunge in and out of you. Your tongues tangled together in a hot makeout session.

He must have let you win because you were easily able to suck his tongue into your mouth. You break away at the same time to catch air. When he does, his lips are sucking on your neck, leaving hickeys. No, marking you.

“If people ask, you tell them it was Dong Si Cheng who left those on your neck, got it?” You moan and he closes his eyes, satisfied your answer. Your nails scratched at his clothed back and you came without warning.

Your pussy throbbed around his length and he followed suit, it twitched inside of you which only added to your pleasure and he pulled out, his cum slipped past your folds and onto the floor and you blushed.

In less than two seconds, Si Cheng is back to his old self. His whole face was red with embarrassment and he put his pants back on, readjusting them, “I’m so sorry, I don’t know what came over me and I just lost my virginity and please I d-” You cut him off with a kiss so passionate, it leaves him stunned, staring at you with wide eyes.

“Don’t apologize. I liked every single part of it. I kind of figured you were a virgin, you’re too kind. I just hope I was good enough for your first time.”

“Better than anyone I’ve ever had sex with!” You giggle at his joke.

“I’m the only one you’ve had sex with.”  Blushing, he helps you gather your clothes and put them back on, “I guess I could tell the teacher that I’m doing well in my studies.” You joked and he blushed again.

Si Cheng was shy, kind, and smart. Not the type you would consider to be in good in bed, but remember:

Never judge a book by its cover because one day that book might end up fucking you against a wall in your school’s library.