KenHina Week: Distance Headcanons

KenHina Week 2016- Day 1: Distance / Movies

  1. They have long-distance Netflix dates. They pick a movie or a show. They start watching it at the same time while they Skype. If someone has to pause, so does the other one. They want to make it seem like they’re together physically when doing this. 
  2. The night before Shouyou has a huge exam, Kenma never fails to call him. He tells him how amazing he is and that he’ll do amazingly. He just spends 10 minutes showering him with praise before Kenma tells him that he loves him and knows in his heart that Shouyou will be fine.
  3. Every Golden Week, Kenma plans a special trip to see Shouyou. The first time he did this was a surprise. He shows up at his door and Shouyou just throws himself into Kenma’s arms. From then on, both started believing in the concept of “distance makes the heart grow fonder.“ 
  4. They have formal Skype dates. Both of them dress up in their Sunday best. They both cook themselves each other’s favorites as well as their own. They eat while they chat on camera. Each time saying, “this’ll be better when you’re here." 
  5. On Valentines Day,  Kenma likes to send  Shouyou a bouquet of orange and yellow roses because it reminds him of the sun and Shouyou is his sun. On White Day, Shouyou sends Kenma a huge delivery of chocolate, And a vase of sunflowers because Kenma reminds him of them. 
  6. Friday night is game night. The only time Kenma will play multiplayer. This is something they thoroughly enjoy doing together. And one thing Shouyou really loves is how enthusiastic Kenma gets. He learns something new every time they play.
  7. Shouyou finds it nearly impossible to sleep if he’s not on the phone with Kenma. So Kenma, though he’s really shy about his voice, sings Shouyou to sleep. Kenma has the voice of an angel and it lulls Shouyou to sleep within a couple of minutes. 
  8. On Shouyou’s birthday, Kenma sends him a playlist of songs he wrote and recorded himself with a special message at the beginning of each song. At the end of the final song he says, "No matter where you are, your sun never fails to reach me. The sun hasn’t set once since you’ve walked into my life.”
  9. In an attempt to get Kenma to get out of his room, Shouyou has them work out together. They video chat while they run and stretch. Every time Kenma improves his run time, Shouyou sends him a new video game as a reward. 
  10. Kenma and Shouyou watch the sunrise and sunset together. Whether they’re on the phone or not, they know the other is watching. Because despite how much distance is between them, they know that they’re under the same sky. 


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Prompt: Distance

Title: Je m’imagine à tes côtés

Summary: Distance might make the heart grow fonder, but technology helps the distance feel smaller

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Lui tornerà ad essere un estraneo dopo che avrete fuso le vostre vite in una sola, vi sarete confidati i segreti più nascosti e avrete abbattuto il muro di qualunque pudore.
Sarete due estranei anche se conoscete il ritmo del vostro sonno, i vostri odori, le vostre abitudini.
Due estranei che si conoscono meglio di chiunque altro e le cui vite non si incroceranno mai più se non per caso.
—  Alessandro Baricco.

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Or maybe one day something just changed inside you in the way you saw that good friend, causing you to want them to be more than just a friend.

Impulsa Córdoba proyectos ante Prologyca y Fondere 2016

Impulsa Córdoba proyectos ante Prologyca y Fondere 2016

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El Gobierno municipal buscará recursos del Programa de Competitividad en Logística y Centrales de Abasto (Prologyca) así como recursos del Fondo para Proyectores de Desarrollo Regional y Fortalecimiento de la Infraestructura Estatal y Municipal 2016, cuyos lineamientos cambian para el presente ejercicio.

A través de los diputados federales, a finales del año pasado se etiquetaron 23.3 millones de…

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Migliaia di fogli e palline accartocciate si fondono per creare ricordi e delusioni. Scrivo senza una fine, ma per un fine. Conservo i ricordi sotto forma di parole e versi che si intersecano con l'inchiostro che brucia e rinvigorisce il dolore e le emozioni.
—  EmysXe

A thought I had the other day that won’t leave me alone: 

What if, in the 6-8 months between when Daniel asked Peggy out in 1x08 and when he moved to L.A., they dated?

And it was fun, right?  Not super serious, because they were both still heartbroken in one way or another, but they really liked each other.  

But then Daniel gets promoted, which is undeniably too good an opportunity to pass up, and so one of them panics and goes “I really like you but I don’t see how this can work if we’re on opposite ends of the country.”  

They break up, but they both still really really like each other, and for Peggy, at least, absence makes the heart grow fonder.  She calls and calls, wanting to maintain at least a friendship, but he doesn’t return her calls and she misses him terribly.  He’s more heartbroken than he’d ever let on, so he tries to solely move forward, and then he meets Violet, and it feels easier than acknowledging the fact that he still has feelings for a woman who he now lives nearly three thousand miles away from.

Jack knows what he’s doing when he sends Peggy out to L.A.  He’s not trying to set them up or anything, but he does want Peggy out of his hair on the Underwood case, and he knows that if he says “Sousa asked for you and nobody else” she’ll hop a plane to L.A. in a heartbeat.  And Sousa did ask for someone.  

We know how the rest plays out, but I do feel like this could be a plausible scenario - people often break up when they move, and it would explain some of their behavior and comments (and that of their colleagues) in the early episodes of season two.

[No Peeking! #12]

Series: Fairy Tail.
Pairing: Gajevy.
AU: Modern; Neighbours.
Rating: M - for future sexual content and language.
Genre: Romance, Comedy.
Updates: Weekly.
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Other chapters: here.
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Summary: Having recently graduated University, Levy McGarden is more than excited about starting her new life in the big, scary world. That is, until she finds a hole in the wall of her new apartment. One curious glance into the room next door will change Levy’s life forever.

A/N: I do love me some serious pining. xD

;If I could change the world overnight – there’d be no such thing as goodbye. You’d be standing right where you were and we’d get the chance we deserve.

Chapter Twelve: Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Levy’s squeal echoed through the lobby long after it was over – long after she realised, while pounding on Gajeel’s door, that no one was going to answer. The remnants of her excitement washed away with the sound, ghosting through her mind to leave a temporary stain on her heart. How many times had she found herself talking to his empty apartment now? Just like the amount of insults he’d used on her in the past, Levy had lost count.

“Right,” she whispered, lowering her gaze to the folded letter in her hand. “He’s not here.”

Retreating to her apartment, embarrassed and ashamed of herself for losing her composure, Levy spread the letter out on the counter and weighed it down with her half-empty mug. Lily scampered up onto the counter to get a look at the paper, mewling his approval when she leaned over to scratch under his chin.

“We got an interview, Lily,” she said, the excitement returning in little bubbles that popped and spluttered their way through her body. “You and me, we’re finally going to make it big.”

Lily seemed content with her words and more-so when she moved to scratch behind his ears. It had been a lonely two weeks without Gajeel but, after grieving for a good fourteen days, Levy was finally ready to face the future without him. Besides, it wasn’t as though she’d never see him again. Not only did he have to return for Lily, well, he’d promised her that they’d reunite again someday.

“I wonder if Gajeel is working hard,” she hummed, lifting Lily off the counter so she could clean the plates from breakfast. “Do you think he’s made any new friends, Lily?”

Lily hissed in a way that reminded Levy of quiet laughter.

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