y’all didn’t nct once say they wanted to go to somewhere tropical to film a music video like girls’ generation did for “party” and now part of the team is going to hawaii


One of my fonder memories of Doctor Who is this video.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder


James had been gone for six weeks this time. He was supposed to be back a week ago, but he’d not been able to make any contact with anyone in over 3 weeks now. They’d gotten captured and it’d been too risky for Lily, if he’d sent a patronus.  He couldn’t lead them to her, or the Order. But, he’d finally gotten home and their flat was empty. He’d not been expecting her to wait at home, but he was dying to see her. 

He noticed a parchment with a invite to a Halloween Party Marlene was throwing, so he decided to go there. He took a shower first, before finally apparating there.  He’d ran into Sirius right away, who’d practically attacked him and said Lily was around. He went looking for her.  Sirius apparently decided he’d help and yelled out of  the room. “Lily, James is here!”

Lui tornerà ad essere un estraneo dopo che avrete fuso le vostre vite in una sola, vi sarete confidati i segreti più nascosti e avrete abbattuto il muro di qualunque pudore.
Sarete due estranei anche se conoscete il ritmo del vostro sonno, i vostri odori, le vostre abitudini.
Due estranei che si conoscono meglio di chiunque altro e le cui vite non si incroceranno mai più se non per caso.
—  Alessandro Baricco.
I stopped talking to you because I wanted you to realize that you needed me.
They say  “You never know what you have until its gone” and that “absence makes the heart grow fonder” and I believed that.
I believed that maybe If I stopped being there, you would realize how much you need me there. maybe just maybe, you would realize how good you have it with me and you would realize how much you cared about me.
They do it in movies all the time, The girl and the guy stop talking for a bit and then the guy realizes how much he needs the girl and theres this big romantic scene at the end where he tells her he loves her and how its always been her.
I guess I was hoping for that.
But this isn’t a movie and I was never the star of the show.
the cold hard truth is for me it will always be you, but for you that big flash of clarity is her. It will always be her.
and I’m not sure how to deal with that other than to turn the fucking tv off but this isn’t a tv. this is my life and I  am living it everyday and I don’t know how to explain the physical hurt I feel when I see you looking at her the way I look at you. like she is the universe, like she can move mountains.
—  i wish it was me

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I want to say THANK you for being one of the rare blogs to love and support Harry and Louis equally. It's very rare and as a Harrie it's often a bit difficult to not feel left out tbh. I am not into solo Harry and I don't want to secretly date him - I know our reputation is a bit like that. Which is sad cause there are exceptions. So thank you again for spreading your own love equally. It means a lot 💙💚💜❤️💛

Thank you, anon, it means a lot to me, too. Really! :)

I love them the same and I feel about them exactly the same, even if I’m pulled in by different aspects in both their personalities and manners. Some days I’m endlessy endeared by Louis’ preciousness, some others by Harry’s playfulness; some days it’s Louis’ eyes, some others it’s Harry’s nose; every single day it’s their love and commitment and stubborn, admirable endurance. 

I don’t care about categories, about Harries supposedly being a certain way and Louies supposedly being another, I’m perfectly aware that common places exist and often deny justice to very lovely people. You’re very very welcome here with your love for the boys, particularly for Harry, and I hope this will always be a safe, nice space for you. A big Larrie Hug xx

Stalking Makes the Heart Grow Fonder....

Rachel stood in the little coffee shop just outside of Times Square. She had just finished her first day at her new job, where she is the personal assistant to Gideon Cross. Her feet hurt, since she was not used to wearing heels all day. She really just wanted to get home, but she knew she had to stay up late to finish all these jobs her boss had for her. She grabbed her coffee and walked out, heading down the road to her little apartment just over looking Central Park. As she walked she had the constant need to look around her. She just could not shake the feeling that she was being followed. 


Roommates || Suga || Part 5

Summary: Part 5. It’s been a few years. But you know what they say; distance makes the heart grow fonder. Maybe.

Word Count: 1,726

A/N: Happy 500 Followers! Here’s the long awaited next part for Roommates! Let me know what you all think! Part 6 will be up soon, I promised

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

The elevator dinged monotonously as it ceased, door sliding open as you emerged. Your hand filtered through your bag as you looked for your keys, and once your fingers clasped themselves around the smooth cold key ring you fished it out. Stopping at your front door, you scratched a bit of peeling wood before unlocking the door, sighing as the perpetual warmth of your apartment hit you.

Just as you were about to close the door, you felt someone tap you on the shoulder.

“[Y/N], hey.” You smiled, turning on your heel to face them.

Your neighbour stood there, his hair neatly strewn about his head as he smiled. The sleeves of his beige sweater were pushed up to his elbows and there was a faint spattering of flour across his track pants. It had to have been a little past 9, and yet he still looked ridiculously good.

“Seokjin, hey, what’s up?” You asked, moving to lean against your door frame.

“Nothing really,” he answered as he folded his arms over his broad chest, “I just wanted to let you know that someone came by earlier today about the roommate offer. I let them know you’d be home all day tomorrow so they could swing by then.”

You sighed gratefully, “Thanks Seokjin… I owe you one.”

He shook his head, wearing his own grin. “Don’t mention it, think of it as my repayment for distracting my ex last month.”

You fought back your own laugh at the incredible impromptu escape plan when Seokjin’s ex girlfriend had come to ask for him back; a detailed improvised story of Seokjin having moved to Incheon and there being an old blind man living in the apartment across from yours while he left through the fire escape, all while the girl in question barged the door open to find it empty.

“How about we call it even?” You asked, noting the way Seokjin’s lips twitched up into their own subtle smile. You could only presume he had thought of the event too.

“Sounds about right.” He agreed with a firm nod. “Make sure you’re up early too, I have no idea when they’re coming around and, knowing you, you’ll sleep through most of prospective roommates.”

You rolled your eyes, sending him a somewhat sarcastic salute. You made a mental reminder to set your alarm, since Seokjin was always right about these things.

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A Little Something About Distance

This is a little different than the last one shot I posted. Music has always played a significant part in my life and when I decided to write more regularly, it was something I knew straight away that I wanted to include. Here is the song that inspired this story.


Maps stretched out- 
Too many miles to count. 
Let’s just say we’re inches apart, 
Even closer at heart, 
And we’ll be just fine.

5,440. That was the number of miles that separated you from your best friend. Not even forty-eight hours ago you were holding each other like you’d never have to let go, tangled, sweaty, and needy, your bodies unable to pull away. But like all sacred moments, it had to come to an end.

They said that distance makes the heart grow fonder but what they didn’t say was that the ache in your chest would reach its epitome. You thought this would get easier as your relationship with Harry progressed. This wasn’t the first tour that One Direction has done since you and Harry have been together and you both knew that it wouldn’t be easy, it never was, but at the end of it all you’d end up right back where you belonged. You’d be side-by-side, living life with your best friend.

That ache had reared its ugly head in, though, and no matter where you went, whether it was to the market down the street or the drugstore on the corner, there was a void. There was a constant reminder in the back of your head that you wouldn’t be coming home to him, you wouldn’t have to buy groceries for two for a while, movie nights would be spent by yourself and you’d probably end up falling asleep halfway through.  This was the longest tour they had done so far and the first show hadn’t even happened yet.

Harry You

Miss you already, mister. x

I miss you too, love. You would love Los Angeles this time of year xx

That’s really not helping

Did you have a good flight?

It was as good as it could’ve been, I guess. Wasn’t the same without you falling asleep on my shoulder for ten hours though

Again! Not. Helping. You make a very nice pillow, you know

I tried to take a nap earlier but I couldn’t because the pillow was too squishy

Remind me how that’s a problem exactly…?

Well you see, you’re soft and firm, not squishy. Plus you smell good and keep me warm

I see. What else of mine do you like that’s soft yet firm?

You’re naughty. Cheekiness will get you nowhere. It was a good try though

Am not! You’re the one whose mind is in the gutter

Enlighten me Styles, what could you possibly be referring to that’s soft yet firm? I know how your brain works…

Okay you caught me.

But in my defense it misses you…

You’re gross. I’m leaving

You can deny it all you want, love, but I know you miss it too

Maybe just a bit…

Just a bit. Ha! That’s a good joke, love

I mean, it’s a better joke than most of yours, wouldn’t you say

Oi! No I would not say!

As much as I’m enjoying taking the piss out of you, I think it’s time I bid you farewell for now

You’re so sassy. Why do I put up with you?

Because you love me and if you know what’s best for you, you’ll continue to let me make jokes about you so I don’t think about how much I miss you. Got it, mister?

You got it, babe.

You need to get some sleep and I need to go to soundcheck. I’ll call you after the show yeah? I love you. x

Sounds like a plan. I love you xx

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Hello! Could you do a one shot where the reader is a young vampire whom Adam has taken in. Maybe the reader gets into some kind of trouble (Like, a lot of trouble. near death experience-ish ) and Adam steps in and saves the day then nurses them back to health. Not so much a romantic relationship but he’s more like an overprotective brother. Feel free to adjust it how you will. Thank you!! – Requested by @iwillbeinmynest

TITLE:  Adam Saves The Day
NOTES/WARNINGS: First Adam fanfiction. Thank you for the request! There’s a little violence in here, just so you know. Enjoy!

You were sitting at the kitchen table preparing today’s shot. You were living with Adam for about half a year now and he recently trusted you with preparing the daily shots. You had shown him you could restrain yourself and every day you could see he grew a little fonder of you. You heard him coming down the stairs and into the kitchen, “Evening Adam,” you couldn’t hide the smile in your voice. “Evening Y/N,” he said as he passed by you, pressed a small kiss on top of your head and took his seat opposite from you.

“I see you’ve already made us breakfast,” he looked at you with a grin, you could see a flash of his fangs. “Yes I have,” you handed him his glass, “bottoms up,” you winked at him. You both drank your shot and sat there for a few minutes, enjoying the ecstasy the blood gave you. “So want to go for a drive?” Adam asked. You looked at him with total shock, did he just ask you if you wanted to go outside? Finally outside? After months? “Uhm…” you said. “Come on Y/N, grab your coat, we’re going for a drive.”

He fired up the car and you both drove around town. Just driving in silence, enjoying the night. “Thank you for going out with me,” you whispered shyly. Adam chuckled, “I thought it was about time to let you go out. You’ve been the best student I’ve ever had, nothing like Ava, she’s a mess.” You smiled at him, this was one of the biggest compliments he could ever give you.

“Oh fuck!” you heard him say as he hit the brakes. You tore away your gaze from him and looked out of the front window of the car. There was a human in front of it, or rather a zombie as Adam would call them. He just stood there. You both got out of the car, you could see Adam was getting annoyed. “Would you mind getting of the road?” he asked. “I know who you are…,” the guy said, “Or rather, WHAT you are…,” he seemed very nervous.

“Is that so?” you asked him, one eyebrow cocked. “Y/N, shut it,” Adam said, “I’ll handle this.” He went up to the guy, who was taken aback a bit by this. “So you know,” Adam said with a cool voice. “Yes I do!” the guy said. You had to admit, this guy has some balls. You followed Adam, he shot a look at you but shifted his focus to the guy again. You were standing right beside Adam now, right in front of the guy. “So you know what we both are?” you asked him with your sweetest voice. “Y/N…” Adam mumbled as a warning. The guy had begun to sweat heavily, he looked from Adam to you and back. “Yes…” he said again, “and I plan on doing something about it.” He drew a sort of stake out of the back of his jeans and came at you. You were fast but he had taken you by surprise so the stake was driven through your chest, inches above your heart. You fell to the ground in agonizing pain.

Adam looked at you with a hint of panic and then turned to the guy who attacked you. In a moment of blind rage he tore the guy’s head off. He rushed to you, picked you up and put you in the car. After that he took the two parts that were one zombie once and put them in the trunk. As he rushed home you must’ve dozed off because when you woke you were at the house lying in the sofa. Adam saw you waking up, “Sssht, my love, do not move too much. I could pick all of the splinters out. Here drink this.” He gave you another shot of blood. “But…,” you started. “No,” he said, “Don’t. Just drink, you’ll heal faster.” You took the glass and drank.

You wiped your mouth and settled down into the couch again, enjoying that feel of blood. “What?” you asked still confused. “You were staked, you got lucky it was inches away from your heart,” Adam clearly wasn’t all too pleased with this. You started sobbing, “I’m so sorry. You… You trusted me to go out with you. And that, that jerk wanted to pick a fight with you and I couldn’t bear it. I just… you mean too much to me.” Adam came to sit next to you and took you in his arms, planted a kiss on your head. “Don’t apologize, I was so scared you were gone. I’m glad I could pick every last piece of wood out of there.” He gave a little squeeze, pulling you a little tighter.

You weren’t lovers, you never would be, but you both came to love each other so deeply in the past few months. It’s as if your souls were a match of some kind. “Yes…,” you said, “about that. So… You saw me naked?” He chuckled, “Well half-naked. But yes. Not to worry, I’ve seen people naked before and you look quite nice actually.” “Gosh Adam, that only makes it more awkward. So you’re not mad at me?” you asked hopefully. “No not mad, a little annoyed maybe yes, I don’t like to feel what I felt. I want you by my side forever. So for now, no more trips outside.” He said as he stroked your hair. “Ok,” you answered, you knew this was only fair. “Rest my love, you’ll be all better by tomorrow, the sun’s coming up already,” Adam said. “Will you stay here with me?” you asked. “Of course,” he whispered. You snuggled closer to him and fell into a blissful sleep.

My Girl {Rilaya Oneshot}

Rilaya+ Jealous Maya over Riley and Evan fanfic

“You want me to help you up the stairs, Riles?” Maya inquired offering to carry the brunette. “No, but thanks Maya, I think I’ll look outside from the window for a while.”

Maya nodded and walked away, going up the stairs, but stopping right around the corner. She sat down right out of sight, watching Riley walk over to the lodge’s bay window. I’ll just watch her for a little, I don’t want her hurting her other foot.

To be honest, even Maya knew that was a total lie. She had grown fonder of the brunette since the beginning of high school. The triangle was a huge bluff too, well, in a way.

Both Maya and Lucas liked Riley, it was a triangle, but not what Riley thought. As of now, she did wanted the “triangle” over with so that she could tell Riley what she felt. Or at least try.

Maya peered around the edge of the staircase to see a teen around Riley’s age walk into the lodge. Maya watched the brunette perk up and curiously look over at the stranger. The stranger had dark brown hair, and was somewhat tall.


Maya was seething, this guy, Evan. He was trying to steal Riley’s heart. I have to stay undetected, but I really hate this guy. She watched Riley listening intently to what Evan was talking about.

Maya grit her teeth as Evan had scooted closer to the brunette. Oh, how tempted she was to yell at him how that’s her girl. She of course would then out herself to Riley, and who knows how that would end.

Maya continued to listen to their murmurs, then heard, “I should check on Maya.” She watched as the brunette attempted to get up but was pushed back onto the seat by Evan. “I don’t thinks so, we have more to do Riley.” “What do you mean?”

Maya couldn’t stand it anymore, Evan leaned closer to Riley who could no longer lean away from him. “Back off, she’s my girl!” I said it, great. Maya tackled the boy, knocking him off the seat, then taking his seat.

“Why are you making a move on my best friend!?” Maya said, more so yelled. She watched as a smile appeared on his face, then escalated to a laugh. Riley smiled and eventually giggled as well.

“Why are you guys laughing?” Maya watched Riley rub her eyes before saying, “he was pretending to like me.” Maya couldn’t help but laugh as well, “wow, I thought he was going to kiss you.”

“Why would that matter Peaches?” Riley said while raising an eyebrow. Maya had completely forgotten that she had said, “my girl.” Maya laughed awkwardly, “well, ya see-” Before she could finish, Riley had pulled her close, and kissed her.

When they pulled away Riley said, “I already know.” “So what are we?” “Will you be my girl?” “Of course Riles.”

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About your inquisitor ask prompt: #24

24. what is their opinion on blood magic? would they ever use it, if given the chance?

I know the ask is supposed to be just Evie but this happened so…
Thank you for the prompt! (Even though it’s not really a prompt but I treat asks as prompts because I can’t be stopped.)

Cullen Rutherford x Evie Trevelyan (Hurt/Comfort - 839 words)

Growing up in the Circle, Evie was taught what blood mages are. The vile maleficarum that consorted with demons and bled the innocent dry to fuel their monstrous and selfish acts. The idea of blood magic – making deals with demons, harming the innocent, betraying the Maker – had always been unfathomable to her. But now it was downright abhorrent.

Cullen had always been willing to talk about certain aspects of his past: his childhood, his Templar training. There had been days where he had spoken of fonder memories from Kinloch Hold and even the Gallows, as well. But there was one part of his past that he rarely spoke of and when he did, it was in very broad strokes. So one afternoon as they sat side by side at his desk and, seemingly out of no where, he began telling her about his experience during the Fifth Blight, Evie had pushed aside her paperwork to give him her undivided attention.

Cullen’s voice had been strong and steady as he started to tell her about the monotonous hours leading up to Uldrid’s rise to power. He began to half-whisper as he recalled the mages turning on him and the other Templars. When he spoke of the mages opening their veins to fell his brothers and sisters, Evie had to strain just to hear the sorrowful words slipping from his mumbling lips. Then his voice turned venomous as he spoke of being dragged into the stairwell below the Harrowing chamber. But when he recalled watching one of his brothers being bled dry to erect a cage of magic around him, his cadence fell into a melancholy like she had never heard before.

Evie clutched his hands in hers as Cullen told his story, hoping to keep him anchored in the present so that he didn’t drown in his past. He kept his eyes locked on their intertwined fingers while hers stayed fixed on his down-turned face. She wanted to ask him to look at her, wanted to be able to read his eyes, know if he needed to stop. She kept silent though, trusting him to know his limit. She wasn’t going to take the control from him. Not in this. He didn’t need her or anyone else to tell him how to heal the wounds of his past.

So Evie listened. She learned the details of the torment he had endured, watched him relive every torturous moment. Fear, sadness, and even anger filled her as she heard Cullen’s voice crack to fight back his tears. She watched his shoulders shake under the weight of his burdensome past, felt his fingers tighten around hers every time he mentioned the loneliness of his blood-fuelled prison, and constrict further when he recalled the more trying moments when he was visited by his vile captors.

While Cullen spoke and Evie listened, she made a silent vow to herself. Seeing the agony that he had endured, was still suffering, gave rise to a fervor like nothing before it. To sin against the Maker was unspeakable enough, but to harm a good man who devoted his life to the protection of others above all else – a man she loved, who completed her heart and soul so thoroughly – was not something Evie could stand for. The promise she made was one that she would keep even if it meant her life would have to end to do so.

As Cullen’s harrowing tale came to an end he lifted his tear-brimmed eyes to meet Evie’s. She did her best to hide her own feelings – this was not about her – and kept her gaze locked on his. She couldn’t allow him to think there was shame in what he had survived. However, there must have been something in Evie’s eyes that she could not mask. Cullen’s expression hardened into fierce protectiveness instantly. He freed one of his hands from Evie’s grip and cradled her round cheek in his palm.

“I would never let that happen to you, Evie. Never.” He vowed emphatically.

The ghost of a smile pulled at Evie’s lips as he peered into Cullen’s determined amber eyes. He never put himself before anyone, especially her. Not even when he was the one who needed to be first. Lifting her own hand to rest over his on her cheek while the other moved to his stubbled jaw, she shook her head shallowly.

Coaxing Cullen forward, Evie pressed their foreheads together while holding his bewildered gaze. Guiding his hand from her cheek to her lips, she laid a gentle kiss to his palm before giving voice to her ardent vow. “No blood mage will ever lay their hands on you again, Cullen. Not so long as there is air in my lungs and a beat in my heart. I swear to the Maker.” Pulling Cullen the rest of the way into her arms, Evie held him in a tight embrace and covered his temple with a loving kiss. “And I swear to you.”