A Very Fondarific Day with LorAnn Oils and Fondarific Fondants.

A few weeks ago we were Invited to experience baking in a whole new level. We covered cakes using Fondarific fondant and buttercream infused with LorAnn oils variety of flavors which is very easy to use and can be handled even at home. We also made cake pops and covered it with Make n’ Mold candy Wafers. 

We were handed buttercream and were asked to choose any flavors from LorAnn Oils, I opted to use the Rhum flavored oils and added about two tablespoons of it into our buttercream. I tasted the buttercream and it tasted like real rhum and smelled like one, too! I liked it so much I would’ve ate the buttercream on it’s own. 

Next, we dirty iced the cake which is a term for covering the cake with butter cream so when you apply the fondant it would be flat.

Yes, I wasn’t very good at dirty icing, don’t judge. But see how pretty my cakes are below :)

It was all because Fondarific fondants are so easy to use! Your moms or you yourself would enjoy making very beautiful designs on your cakes with it. It’s very affordable as well. So, I think I’d at least make a cake each month or whenever. I just need a little practice with more fondant.

Next we made cake pops with spare or shavings of cake from the previous cake. You just need to mash it with a little buttercream and you can add more LorAnn Oil flavorings in it if you want. Put it in the fridge for 15 mins just for it to hold it’s shape.

The chef melted Make n’ Mold Candy wafers in a double broiler to prevent the chocolate from burning and the coco oil to separate from the chocolate. Get your cake balls from the fridge and some sticks. Before you put the sticks in the cakes, dip it first in chocolate so it wouldn’t fall off when the chocolate cools down inside. Now you can dip your cake pops in the chocolate and just wait for it to cool down :)

Try it out yourself you guise out there! make fun with baking and making some really yummy cake pops. We all know that the Holidays are coming and as a teenager we can barely save up for gifts for our parents or someone you want to give a gift to. This is a very very economical way to make and give away.