I made a new cake dummy for our window at work!

I love the fall and absolutely adore this design! I’ve done it a few times now but this is by far my favorite execution. I also have a new found love for luster dust, if you couldn’t tell. ;D

I used jalapeño, super gold, russet, and Aztec gold luster dust for the leaves. Bronze and imperial gold (a total must have!) for the pumpkins, and plain gold disco dust on the swirls.

Sorry I haven’t been keeping up with content as well as I should- things have been insane at work. Lots of stress, lots of coworker drama. But I promise to get it back on track and updating tags this week!

Do you have your own cakes, cupcakes, cookies, or edible art you’d like to see on this blog? Submissions as welcome!

And if you have any questions about anything and everything cake decorating wise, Ask away!

Happy decorating!