Eevee Cupcakes! buttercream swirl with fondant ears/details!  prolly been about 6 months since I have done anything fondant. I also ended up cleaning out my tool box and I threw out all my died up gels so I had only 3 primary colors and black to dye the buttercream on these guys. Hence why leafeon ended up camo instead of liek a sandy/tan sort of brown. sorry leafy. Who’s everyones fave?


Cinderella cake in Hazard, Kentucky with sugar figures! The flying birds and mice are making Cinderella’s cake in my version. It mimics the dress the mice are making her in the movie.

The birds defy gravity in this one. Pictures by Natasha Raichel Photography .

This gingerbread house replica of The Overlook Hotel from ‘The Shining’ is nearly 4 feet long, has a hedge maze made of Rice Krispies, and famous scenes from the film that can be seen in the windows.

The impressive display was hand made by Redditor eudicotyledon and her family as part of an annual tradition.

It’s made entirely out of gingerbread, icing, fondant, candy, and Rice Krispie Treats!

Everything from the wallpaper, carpet, and paintings to the ghosts and the bloody elevator is edible.

Basically, it’s perfect.


DIY Devil’s Food Devil Cupcake Recipe from Ambrosia.

The horns are made out of black fondant and there is also a recommendation for a no-taste red food coloring. I love this site and there are lots of tips, tricks and history to go along with the recipe. 

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