fondant design cakes


So, I was watching a lot of cake boss and got really inspired to make a cake (rainbow tye dye cake!!) for my past co workers on Uncle Grandpa who I miss a lot! Some details obviously changed from my original design, but overall I’m glad it all came together for my first fondant cake. It felt like it looked like a first grader did it but whatever, it’s decent for my first time haha! I’m no pro!

Anyway, happy birthday again to Bill Flores, Pete Browngardt, and Amanda Li! You guys are the best and I’m glad you all enjoyed the cake so much!

Mom, thanks for the help with baking, covering the cake, and helping paste on the details! ingvy08 thanks for making the UG head and Mr. Gus’s arms and tail! We made a good team!

So remember a few weeks ago when I posted that pretty picture of the cake that my coworker made and got 1st place in the entire company at a cake competition? (The best of 500+ decorators!)

Yeah, well, this is three weeks of being poked and prodded by dumb as fuck customers and children with parents who didn’t teach them manners.

The very first day the gold cake was on displace I watched a kid poke it, and then the little brother didn’t believe it was real icing so he put his ENTIRE HAND IN IT AND SQUEEZED ICING THROUGH HIS FINGERS.

I’m surprised the candy melt birds only managed to loose one tail feather, considering the owl cake was decimated.

You’d think that a customer would see that someone else had poked their finger into it and think “Yeah, I guess it is real icing. I can see where someone else tested it.” but NO, they HAVE TO POKE IT THEMSELVES. FUCKING IDIOTS. THESE ARE BEAUTIFUL CAKES, WORKS OF ART, AND YOU RUIN THEM. IT MAKES ME SO FUCKING MAD. I’M GLAD I DON’T EVER HAVE A DISPLAY CAKE UP THERE OR I WOULD PUNCH EVERY SINGLE CUSTOMER THAT TOUCHED IT.

And no, our store director won’t let us put up “Please don’t touch the cakes!” signs.


Ladybug Cupcakes

My friend who is an event/party planner - asked me to make cupcakes for a 5th birthday party she was organising :)  24 cupcakes all together, 12 Vanilla, 12 Chocolate.  The theme was ladybug & everything looked so cool all set up :)
Love the striking bright colours :) these were super fun to make! 
kez* x