fondant cups


Circus Tent Cake

This is a cake my mom and I made as a gift.  It is the first big project we have ever done with cakes.  To make it, we took two cakes, one a cylinder, the other a bowl, and stacked them together like the picture in the lower left.  We then shaved the bowl cake on top to get it roughly pointed and smooth.  We covered it in white buttercream and then began to make fondant decorations.  We made red stripes and ruffles for the tent, and added blue poka dots.  The top of the cake was still a little flat, so we made a point/steeple out of gum paste, fondant and a cup with a skewer and straw through it to support it.  At the top of the skewer I made a gum paste flag.  The whole top can come off and is skewered through the cake below.  

It took about three days to make, though we could have done it in two.  My mom did most of the buttercream work and I did most of the fondant decorations.  We were very proud of it and it was a big hoot at the party.  I don’t know when or what our next project will be, but this was a fun start.